May NPD: 3DS steals top console spot

The Nintendo 3DS finally edged out the Xbox 360 in May 2013 as the best selling console across hardware and portables, according to the NPD's monthly report on the retail sector.

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Moonman1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Thank the gaming God's. M$ reign over!

Xof1805d ago

Right, because Microsoft has had such a huge presence in the handheld gaming market.

Not even Microsoft's home consoles have ever been dominant, in any market.

justastranger101805d ago

Xbox 360 still #1 console for 29 months. Incredible feat. I wonder if it will ever be matched.

Loadedklip1805d ago

@justastranger10 ... it doesn't have to be beat since it was never a record. Wii was number 1 for YEARS.

Canary1805d ago

@justastranger: that's only true for the North American market if you ignore the context of the data. The 360 had that sales lead because it was released BEFORE the Wii, and had a big head start.

If you look at the curve of the data, you'll see that the Wii sold at a much higher rate than the 360 in North America.

And, you know, everywhere else, too.

miyamoto1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

great games>sales figures

Kevlar0091805d ago

U mad?

Nintendo dominates the handheld market because they know the gams people play on them. Call them casual if you like, Nintendo knows what's up

3-4-51805d ago

TBH if you only play sports games and FPS, then YOU are the causual ( not intended at you kev..just in general )..

It's the gamers who play 20 different genres and games of all kinds that are the real hardcore gamers.

jcnba281804d ago

That's been your modo since the PS3, PSP, PS Vita launched right? lol

TongkatAli1805d ago

Who are the people disagreeing ? LOL, Nintendo won that month, props.

PopRocks3591805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Remember those times a couple months back when I said that people have bitter resentment toward companies (in this case Nintendo) based on brand name alone?

That's probably those people. :p

RankFTW1805d ago

The 3DS has had some amazing games come out in the last few months that would have boosted sales considerably. Monster Hunter, Donkey Kong, Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing to name a few.

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The story is too old to be commented.