Xbox 360 Sold 114,000 Units In May 2013 Making It Top Selling Console For 29 Months In A Row

Microsoft has recently announced the amount of Xbox 360 Units sold in the month of May 2013.

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Prcko1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

That figure is well below the 270,000 Xbox 360 units Microsoft sold during May 2012.
wow,what a drop :o

xtremexx1439d ago

i know right, but i think that they hope it increases since they released a new design for the 360.

RiPPn1439d ago

Not sure if it will help since there isn't a whole lot of difference to the old model and no price drop.

xtremexx1439d ago

the no price drop part is kinda stupid. even a slight price drop would be good.

Why o why1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

That number will be increasing. . . mattrick told a bag of people to grab one if they dont have net like whats needed remember

jcnba281439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Trying to turn a positive into a negative are we?

sovietsoldier1439d ago

what do you want from the play station crowd. even if people are not buying a xbox1 they still piss and moan like it will effect them even tho it wont since they are already getting a ps4.

Moonman1439d ago ShowReplies(2)
mediate-this1439d ago

Who cares, they are still selling and with the xbone announcement I would say that's still a good job.

eagle211439d ago

This is for May 2013. Not June 2013.

s8anicslayer1439d ago

So how did the PS3 overtake the lead in overall sales even with Microsoft having a whole year of being the only console of current gen being out? That is not an accurate statement to make on their part.

AngelicIceDiamond1438d ago

Unfortunately, That'll probably be different come next gen. PS4 will be on top in the U.S.

aceitman1438d ago

in America but yet it sold 360,000 world wide and sony sold 540,000 world wide making sony the top selling console world wide for 29 months in a row. y is ms trying to act like its at the top .u have to look at the whole picture not just a corner of it.

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HammadTheBeast1439d ago

Ah, but what a small kingdom. There's a whole world out there dominated by a sleek black box.

And looks like the PS4 seige has begun.

Belking1439d ago

yep, and that sleek black box is xbox-360. U.S. is the biggest and most important market or else E-3 would be elsewhere.

mediate-this1439d ago

yeah but they are almost neck n neck, just one is a global success and the other a north American success, great that they are both doing good

Tei7771439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


Worldwide the PS3 continues to outsells the 360 on a weekly basis, by about 40k. Xbox's lead in the US (which is about 10k now) means very little in the greater scheme of things. Sony is winning where sales are concerned.

darren_poolies1439d ago

"U.S. is the biggest and most important market or else E-3 would be elsewhere."


saint_seya1439d ago

After reading your comment i just can think one think, please BUY A Xbox one, ure the kind of costumer(?) MS is aiming with their new console..

Also it will help me to feel better knowing that people like u wont be playing in the same comunity as me. I like to think i play with people that can think.

1439d ago
YNWA961438d ago

Ok, 29 months in a row topping US and you say lead is down to 10,000 units? Is this proof all Sony users spew total crap everytime? Just be honest, and be glad there is competition in console market...

HammadTheBeast1438d ago

Now this is actually swayed in your favour because VGChartz under tracks PS3's they've even admitted it, but here:

Unless I'm mistaken.... WHOA PS3 > 360.

And competition means nothing. One of gamings best eras was PS2 one.

Any other things you want to argue?

Tei7771438d ago


I meant Xbox 360's lead on a weekly basis is about 10k in the US, which isn't that significant.

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RiPPn1439d ago

Come November it'll have been fun while it lasted.

Belking1439d ago

I know. My 360 will be sitting aside a brand new

NameRemoved00171439d ago


Just setup a camera and give the goverment a livestream to your house, its cheaper than spending $500.

justastranger101439d ago

Just preordered my Xbox One. Gonna have fun with Twitchtv and live broadcasting. Dead Rising 3. Hell yeah!

HammadTheBeast1439d ago

Not really. And no one gives an **** about Xbox outside of US. Come on, convert. Everyone else in the US is.

gamertk4211439d ago

US is the important one. 'Murrica!

nosferatuzodd1439d ago

sony sold 125,65 so how come they are the top selling i dont get it and 3ds is at 130,359
nintendo 130,359
sony 125,658
xbox 114,ooo

i guess third is the new first

testerg351439d ago

LOL.. you use vgcharts numbers. Seriously?

HammadTheBeast1439d ago

Yeah, VGCHARTZ severely under tracks PS3 sales, use something else lol.

WeAreLegion1439d ago

Who cares what market is most important?!? THE market is the world.

CernaML1439d ago

Youre totally right! Thats also why gamescom and TGS are only in the US right?

Lol Good lord, you are dumb.

hakesterman1439d ago

Yeah those are U.S. Sales numbers, in World wide sales they are actually trailing by over a million and a half consoles. In the end the PS3 Will totally destroy the Xbox360 in sales.

Belking1438d ago

They aren't trailing. The xbox is still ahead because sony hasn't announced anything about them passing xbox360.

hakesterman1434d ago

Yes they Have, Sony is 1.2 Million Units ahead of Xbox360 as of may 2013.

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GreenRanger1439d ago

Ah! Now there's a fine console.

It's sitting right next to my PS3 on my desk, but unlike my PS3, it won't ever get to see it's successor in my home.

Donnieboi1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

And unlike the PS3, the 360 doesn't ave any exclusives this year that are worth a damn. Also, the 360 hasn't had many exclusives at all for years. Why should I think things will change with the new Cable Box One? Also, yeah they had a lot of core games at E3, but most were 3rd party (paid to be displayed at MS's e3 conference) while Ryse was a QTE fest because the dev wants the game to be "easily accessible" -_- (blending casual experience under the guise of being a hardcore game).

I don't trust MS to reverse it's policies on making exclusive FIRST party games. Also, the box itself is such a mess as it is, so I'll have to pass on 720 too Told all my friends on Xbox Live to friend me on facebook, because I won't ever pay for Xbox Live ever again. Told them they can find me on PS3 and Ps4.

mediate-this1439d ago

I pre-ordered the xbone but im having thoughts of cancelling it, but im a gamer so I gotta get both.

True_Samurai1439d ago

That's how we do it. Can't wait for the Xbox one.. Oh no disagrees! Boohoo :-p

HammadTheBeast1439d ago

Only in US. And as it stands now, you're better off keeping that 360. At least you own what you pay for.

Transporter471439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

You're one of the tools that is buying a more expensive product for less :-P. Also sorry that i don't like to support an Anti-Consumer product but what do you care, lets just hope you never lose internet ;)

@talk bad about MS I think they have that cover for themselves lol.

True_Samurai1439d ago

:-) you're a shill that gets paid to talk bad about MS
See what I did there?

NameRemoved00171439d ago

Your paid buy Microsoft to call the Sony fanbase shills.

gamertk4211439d ago

@hdshatter. Does your name refer to someone who in the past has defecated in high def?

S2Killinit1439d ago

I'm guessing this is another PR trick? Yes microsoft? Is this only the U.S? Oh microsoft how low can you go? 29 months straight? Where? We know PS3 is now comfortably ahead of 360 in sales, so whats the statistical trick your pulling now?

testerg351439d ago

Umm.. if you read the article you would realize that they are responding to NPD numbers, which by the way, are US numbers. But I'm sure you knew that and I'm sure you knew that MS does dominate in the US.

S2Killinit1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

actually that's exactly what I mean.(and the reason why I don't have to read it) This title is, by all means, an attempt to mislead people. Why do they have to resort to this? They can easily say "29 months straight in the U.S." and even that would be hiding the fact that they are selling less than their competition each and every month on a global scale. But at least it wouldn't be a dishonest attempt to misguide people who don't read the article.

testerg351438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Exactly who is "they"? By your tone you are referring to MS. MS didn't make that statement. The website did. Again, it would help if you actually read the article.