Free PSP PlayStation Plus Titles for Vita “Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon”

Earlier today when we told you about the new games entering PlayStation Plus on Tuesday, they included Gods Eater Burst, a PSP title that is replacing Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, also a PSP title. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1644d ago

Bring us another Final Fantasy title, please!

TheGrimOfDeath1643d ago

Man I loved Final Fantasy Core! I hope that comes on PS+!

dbjj120881644d ago

Guess I'll finally get around to downloading that Soul Calibur game.

Red_Devilz1644d ago

I hated when they removed Sleeping Dogs just after 3 weeks from PS+

admiralvic1644d ago

Why does it matter? People had 3 weeks to get it, the blog / several sites reported it was leaving, the store directly shows you which titles are expiring and everyone who grabbed it during its time for free can redownload it during their sub or during a new sub. The only aspect that might matter, is the trial for E3 not overlapping with it. Though even then, there are plenty of other awesome games for free at the moment, like Vanquish!

Red_Devilz1644d ago

I completely agree to everything you just said. Its just that I was hoping it to be on PS+ little longer. Like Infamous 2, for instance. Not a big issue.

Bowzabub1644d ago

Remember kids, always jump on the PS store and throw these titles into your download list. They won't be there forever. Just a heads up. Can I get an Oorah?

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