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Submitted by NatureOfLogic 969d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One $499 Cost Not A ‘Ridiculous Price Point,’ But A PS4 Hardware Comparison Says Otherwise

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the announcement of the Xbox One $499 price point after all the other Microsoft stumbles had some critics claiming Sony has already won the latest console war with the PlayStation 4. (PS4, Xbox One)

MariaHelFutura  +   969d ago | Well said
There is basically nothing that's more appealing on the Xbox One than the Playstation 4 to justify it being more expensive than Playstation. The Playstation is literally better in basically every single way, hardware and price to policies . Pre-orders and internet polls proved that w/ perfection.
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-Mika-  +   969d ago
The kinect is what justify it being more expensive. It seems like you and alot of other people are forgetting how advance the kinect really is.
MariaHelFutura  +   969d ago | Well said
90% of Xbox fans don't even want Kinect and don't care how advanced Microsoft says it is.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   969d ago
I have a 360 with Kinect and even with the Forza 4 head tracking and all of the features it does, I still do not want it. I would rather MS take it OUT of the combo. Why can't they make a no kinect combo like the same with the 360? Oh wait I forgot... Kinect is MANDATORY. When you compare the hardware in the PS4 with the X1, the X1 should be at the same price. The PS4 is more powerful, and has more features than the X1.
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-Mika-  +   969d ago
@Maria and Gam3r

You guys are core gamers so of course you're not going to like the kinect. Casuals on the other hand do. The features in kinect will be really amazing to casuals and it will get alot of those casuals to tell their friends to pick up the xbox 1. You guys need to stop thinking things from your core perspective and you need to start thinking things from a casual or business perspective.
PirateThom  +   969d ago

You need to understand that Microsoft have already rode the Kinect wave to it's natural conclusion.

Kinect will NOT sell this console, they already sold a console with Kinect casuals don't work like that.

What they will see is a console that is significantly cheaper, even if they buy the camera separately.
HammadTheBeast  +   969d ago
It's so advanced that the Xbox Head had to use a remote control in his pocket to show it off at E3.
Wagz22  +   969d ago
The playstation camera is $59, so its still $499 versus $459...
jmc8888  +   969d ago
Yep a real futuristic spying device.

But people are interested in gaming, not being watched.

I don't want to live in a real life version of The Truman Show.
Godmars290  +   969d ago
You've forgotten - or ignored/forgiven - how unproven Kinect is. That two key titles which were suppose to prove it, Ryse and Crimson Dragon, now use physical controllers.

"You guys are core gamers so of course you're not going to like the kinect. Casuals on the other hand do."

As many times as I've been accused of speaking for others, like with FF13, its odd to hear someone speak for people who've yet to even try Kinect.
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zeroskie  +   969d ago
hhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha hahaahahahahahahahahahahaha.

omg. let me catch my breath.
ShwankyShpanky  +   969d ago
Ah Kinect... Israeli spy technology at its finest.

So I'm supposed to subsidize its development with my tax dollars, and still pay an extra $100 for something I don't want? I'll pass.
MysticStrummer  +   969d ago
"It seems like you and alot of other people are forgetting how advance the kinect really is."

It seems like you and lot of other people are overestimating how desirable the kinect really is.
kohlgamer  +   969d ago
The wii was really popular with casuals as well, how did that work out with the wii U?
The_Infected  +   969d ago

"The kinect is what justify it being more expensive. It seems like you and alot of other people are forgetting how advance the kinect really"

You're right core gamers don't want Kinect but not all casuals want it either also another factors is whether you even have space to use the thing or not. It should be optional! They're is no reason why it should be mandatory and everyone fork out another $100 making the Xbox One price to hit $499.


"You guys need to stop thinking things from your core perspective and you need to start thinking things from a casual or business perspective."

Brilliant idea Mika think from a business prospective yet lock the whole system down with DRM and then not launch it in all countries at launch. /s
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maniacmayhem  +   969d ago
The Kinect 2 is an upgraded version of the original. Who knows what developers might do now that this thing actually works the way it was intended.

A lot of you are condemning things before even seeing it in action. Who knows what might come out of this device.
KarrBOMB  +   969d ago

PirateThom said it best... The Kinect has been available w/ the 360 for a long time now, it's not making any great sells goals or doing anything wonderful. Not to mention that your thinking is backwards. Casuals don't purchase the sheer amount of games that hardcore gamers do, so the casual audience should not be the focus. Why is MS' business model to ditch their hardcore base they already have? The trade in focus is not the way for them to be successful.

Mika, you are obviously in the casual column. So why pay $499 for a few Kinect games when you can get the wii U with far better games and a way better price? Since you're taking the stance of casual gamers, then you don't care about Halo, Gears of War or the other big titles. So why spend more for less with ridiculous amounts of restrictions? Your perspective makes no sense when playing the casual card, because it's not a casual price.

Nintendo has the perfect business model and market for the casual realm, not to mention the nostalgic factor as well. So can you explain why a casual gamer would choose a pricier, more restrictive and anti-consumer system over a better option like the wii U?
wastedcells  +   969d ago
It's so advanced yet its useless. There are something's gamers just don't need. Kinect is one of them. Power glove was another lol.
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Destrania  +   969d ago
The new PSEye is very advanced too (did you see the PlayRoom demo @ E3?), and oh, it's not required. If you want it, great! If you don'g, great! Everybody wins. Sony, I love you.
Foliage  +   969d ago
Get ready for Kinect +
Eddie20101  +   969d ago
I just don't want to wave my hands to go through menus or talk to my TV (it's easier to and more practical to use a controller or remote)and they haven't come up with anything that makes a game any better with kinect. It is an impractical device for gaming or watching TV period. I will not be forced to buy it.

I did not buy it for my 360 and I will not buy an Xbox One partly because they made kinect a mandatory purchase.
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aceitman  +   969d ago
@ mika the Kinect is not the only thing that cost so much on the xboxone the fact that they have so many in and outputs and dvr in the system is whats making it a higher price , its not the 8 gigs of gdrr3 ram that's 8 year old hardware. they do not just want casual gamers they want people who like tv stuff to be part of this too , casual gamers will look at xboxone like Kinect , already did that , even though they may not understand that its inproved over the 1st one , just like the wii to wii u casual gamers think its a hd wii , they don't understand that its different like hardcore gamers do . and that's where Nintendo went wrong on advertising it. I like my wii u looking forward to Nintendo 1st party games , but I will not buy into ms xboxone for many reasons. but I wont get into that.
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rainslacker  +   968d ago
I'm not forgetting how advanced it is. I just don't care about it, nor would I want to buy one for a console. So, from my point of view, I'm being asked to buy something I don't care anything about.


I'm condemning it based on my general feelings of motion controls in general. It's not up to me to give it a chance. It's up to MS to prove to me that it is worth the money. Until then, it is a useless addon that adds nothing to my game experience. Now, I did notice that it wasn't featured in MS E3 conference. In fact I saw a smartglass more than anything, and that's disturbing because it means even Kinect may become useless if MS sees a new shiny device it can try to offload onto the public. Especially true now that they are forcing the Kinect onto the X1 in the first place. It won't stop at Kinect.

What's next, "Better with Kinect...but super awesome with Smart Glass". Two technologies which are completely counter intuitive to each other.
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mewhy32  +   968d ago
well it's a combination of price, restrictions, and checking in with Micro$oft that has turned me off completely. I waited until e3 press conferences were over then I preordered my killzone/ps4 bundle. Forget Micro$oft.
eclectified  +   968d ago
What made Wii so popular with casuals wasn't just the motion tech. The biggest selling point was the launch price of $250 usd. Casuals don't want to pay for a 'games machine' that costs $300+

Now, if the One could use that Windows kernel to run MS Office so kids can do their homework, parents would snatch those Ones up cause at that point, it wouldn't just be a console, but a cheap computer.
RAPCHAMP  +   968d ago
yeah but no one wants kinect in the box
Lulz_Boat  +   968d ago
cry moar
loulou  +   968d ago

what feature does the ps4 have that the xbox doesnt?
bviperz  +   968d ago

If Kinect was is the reason why not show it at E3? If XB1 is so freaking advanced with Kinect, why did they use HP desktop systems with GTX 700 cards instead of the real deal? This flip-flop defense you Microsoft die-hards keep using is getting ridiculous. Oh because E3 was for the hardcore. Oh the reveal was for the casual. DRM is built in, but it's up to the developers. I'm a hardcore gamer but HBO Go is so cool, but when the PS3 was touted as a multimedia device, that was lame, supposed to be a gaming console, duh. X1 is on par with PS4, but they were using HP desktops just to demo the controllers, so yeah. WTF?!
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mitchell1188  +   968d ago
Its so advanced I have no choice but to let it watch me naked making love in my bedroom. I'm good.
Biggest  +   968d ago
loulou asks:


what feature does the ps4 have that the xbox doesnt?"

Oh, that's an easy one! An instant $100 rebate.
Themba76  +   968d ago
the kinect is a useless annoying dancing gimmick. and im an xbox vet.
xtremeimport  +   968d ago
yeah, but the fact that they are forcing you to own one is what some people dont like.

You dont want to spend $100 for something you dont really care about ever using.
Gaming101  +   968d ago
lol Kinect is just expensive to produce, it doesn't mean people actually want it or derive any value from it, so great it can track your head so you can wander the camera around aimlessly at the screen in a racing game... *crickets*

PS4 is the least expensive top tier console ever to be released on day 1 (I say top tier, sorry Nintendo fanboys). I'm not surprised Msoft wants to make some money on the hardware, what I'm surprised at is how big a loss Sony is willing to take on hardware selling at just 399, that's going to be great for software profits but hardware losses will hopefully be minimal enough to stay afloat.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   968d ago
Casuals dont spend $600 on games... they buy games on the app store for 99 cents, kinect didn't move units this generation and it certainly wont next gen either.

The casuals that DID buy the wii (at more than half the cost), now have a little white dust collector at the house, if you think for one second these people are going to shell out 499 for a console, 50 for live and 60 for a game (plus tax) you are out of your fucking mind.
jadenkorri  +   968d ago
haven't we roled reversed. I swear I feel like I'm in bizarro world.. now everyone is defending the xbox 1 price point, when not too long ago, people complained about the ps3 price...
TKCMuzzer  +   968d ago
I'l stick to my remote thanks, when I'm lying on the couch I don't want to have to move or shout to change channels, I let my fingers do that.
Microsoft have created a solution to a problem that does not exist and should be forced on no one.
juanpi31  +   968d ago
No matter how advanced kinect keeps getting, gamers will not use it
Mystogan  +   969d ago
Kinect and TV functionality justifies the price whether you like it or not. If you don't,get a PS4. Don't try to stop us from enjoying the latest innovation.
xhi4  +   969d ago
It's really not innovation.

The TV stuff only works in America.

The Kinect, I didn't see ONE game at E3 that made me think the Kinect was awesome or even worthwhile.

It has DRM, always online and no indie support or free to play games etc.

True innovation I believe will be Gaikai with accessing the entire PS1/2 & 3 library of games on any device and PS4.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   969d ago
SUPER innovative.
Bathyj  +   969d ago
"Don't try to stop us from enjoying..."

God I wish you were here to say that 6 years ago.
Godmars290  +   969d ago
You know that you'll likely be paying more for TV functionality, right? That to some its actually going to be a downgrade?

In regards to what?
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kohlgamer  +   969d ago
Latest innovation? Kinect is a few years old. Buying an upgraded version is not the same as 'latest innovation'

samsung already makes tvs you can talk to
BABYLEG  +   969d ago
Ps4 supporters are a joke. Hope they enjoy their 8gigs because that's all ot has. 8gigs with no games to showcase it. Funny how the weaker Xbox one, had better looking games than the "stronger" ps4
Bathyj  +   969d ago
@ Godmars

Ps3 of course.

I didnt mind that Xbox fanboys thought 360 was better. I didnt mind if they wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

It bothered me they were just trying to spread FUD about PS3 all the time and wanted it to die before it was even born. They didnt even want it to compete. This gen all anyone talked about was Ps3, either praising it or pummeling it.

The irony now is, thats how I feel about Xbone. I been pretty vocal about it and I wish it would die to teach MS a lesson about how to treat its customers.

The difference between me now, and Xbox fanboys circa 07 is that Im not like this because Im scared of competition or I think the other guy will sell abit more than my guy, I'm like this now because I have genuine concerns over where Xbone will take this industry and what it will do to the hobby that I love.

God forbid this thing actually succeeds, or perish the thought, flourishes, and next gen all others have to follow suit.

We've seen what happens when success occurs thats not necessarily aimed at gamers. MS chasing casuals because of the Wii and Sony charging for online because of Xbox Live. What happens if Xbox takes off and all consoles go always online and telling what you can do with every aspect of you gaming experience?

I'll be in my 40's by then. Maybe it will be time to call it quits. The thing is but, I'd planed on gaming til I died.
airgangstarr  +   969d ago
kinect was cool when they first announced it then it didnt work as advertised the games were horrible an most people used it for other things outside of xbox the technology is great no one disputes that but also no one wants it an tthe fact there makin it madatory will jus make everyone want it less makes no sense forcin that thing on us jus so i can say xbox on instead of grabbin my controller what happens when it breaks from allways bein on 24 hrs a day then what ur screwed on playing games until u get a new one or its fixed no product has 100% failure rate so its jus one more thing to ruin ur experience i could go on for days about why its not wanted
Mystogan  +   969d ago
90%??? What are you ,high??

You're just pulling shit out of your ass. No wonder you lost so many bubbles.
r0b3r7_mac  +   969d ago
@ -Mika-

At the current price point, no casual gamer is going to be interested, regardless of Kinect or not. One of the reason the Wii sold so well to casual gamers was its relatively low price point... which if memory serves was half of what the Xbox One will retail for
Abdou23  +   969d ago
@ Mika

I actually think that a year from now Microsoft will release a Kinektless X1 to lower the price.
kohlgamer  +   969d ago
A year from now might be to late
andibandit  +   968d ago
Trust me theres no way, the problem with the original kinect was that only a certain percentage of xbox owners had one, which meant developers would be spending time on sw that targeted a submarket. The eye toys faces the same dilemma. Ms realized that you either go all in, or dont go at all, and altho im not particularly fond of ms atm, it`s one of those things i wish sony would do as well.
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nosferatuzodd  +   969d ago
lol indeed
Do you feel gamers are being xboned by the Xbox One $499 price point?

yes they're being shafted by microshaft they got shaft with DRM they got shaft with used games and now they're getting shaft in the pricing department how ppl cope with this microshatf shaft me once in 2000 with windows M-E my ass hurt i said never again
StoutBEER  +   969d ago
Except games. But thats just personal preference.
airgangstarr  +   969d ago
i wills ay xbox 1 games are looking better for sure but not many of us will know because we wont buy the damm console so its pointless
PS-Analog  +   968d ago
What MS said is true, you are getting a lot for your money hardware wise but consoles are different to other electronics. They are sold at bare minimum profit or loss and most of the profit is made through software.

What MS fail to see is that the PS4 has the better hardware and sells for less, a lot less. So in a sense its not value because you will always be compared to you competitors, thats the benchmark.

About the features its all subjective so I won't go into that on a personal view but if you think the features are better on the X1 then maybe you can justify the price tag.
iMixMasTer  +   968d ago
It is a ridiculous price point when I can get a superior system for cheaper/
3-4-5  +   968d ago
I love 360 the XB1 has that going for it, plus a few cool looking games.

Xbox live has always been solid in terms of connection so they have that going for them too.

They took 5 steps forward...which we need to recognize.

It's just that those steps get lost in the 19 giant leaps backwards they took.
Syntax-Error  +   968d ago
Maria you are clearly a fanboy.
Points have been made to why the system is priced the way it is and you seem to attack others when they explain them. The system is priced that way because of Kinect whether you want it or not. Kinect is an integral part of the consoles structure and cannot be separated. It's not a peripheral. If PS4 added an EYE the system would sell for $459.99, so it's not really a money standpoint. Hardware means nothing at this point. The PS3 was also more powerful than the 360 and we see how that went. Stop looking at meanless stats and look at the overall console. The X1 is clearly a next gen console and the PS4 is more of the same. I preordered a PS4 because of exclusives, but I will not trash the X1 as if it's junk because its not. Voice Activation is the future whether you want to believe or not. Ask any elderly person why they dont have a smart phone and you will hear the same excuses that Sony fanboys are saying. They will say "I dont need this and I dont need that. I want a phone that I can talk on." Sony fans keep saying they want a choice and they want to just play games. Well consoles aren't about games any longer. If Sony was all about games, why does the PS Store have movies, shows, and Apps? Bottom line, you people dont want change and it's going to happen whether you like it or not just like they FORCED you to pay if you want online play
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NameRemoved0017  +   969d ago
Neither console is worth the price tag, the "next gen hardware" is equal to a $50 PC cpu and a $100 GPU except the GDDR5 in the PS4 everything is very cheap compared to a mid-high end computer. But their is something bad about GDDR5 the reason they use ddr3 not gddr5 for PC is because it is horrible for everything that needs accuracy.

Haswell-E is coming next year with octa core i7s + DDR4 ram and the GPUs at the end of 2014 will have 4000 cores 22nm, start saving your $ now and skip the consoles a PC witht hose specs will run you $2000 and play everything maxed for this entire gen.
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PirateThom  +   969d ago
Build me a PC with PS4 specs that runs at 1080p, 60fps for the same price.
HammadTheBeast  +   969d ago
Please give me the specs of a PC that costs $400 and can run Planetside 2 on maximum/ultra settings.

Or that can run BF4 60 fps 1080 p. At medium-high settings.
Transporter47  +   969d ago
okay make me a computer that is going run those games for the same price as a PS4. I make computers for a living, but go ahead make me a computer as powerful as a ps4 for 399. Make sure you include a Bluray drive, usb 3.0/ N wifi/ 500gig hdd don't forget to include hdmi and then a controller to do my gaming on.
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Blachek  +   968d ago
Don't forget the proprietary OS lol
fattyuk  +   969d ago
As Somone who has no experience in PC gaming cost of console versus PC doesn't mean shit to me.

Plus you can't get Playstation exclusives on PC.
RiPPn  +   969d ago
Or play with friends and family in your living room.
NameRemoved0017  +   969d ago
"Plus you can't get Playstation exclusives on PC."

Its X86 it will be emulated in 2-3 years, so will the xbox one and Gaikai is supported on Pc/tablets so PS3 games will work.

"Or play with friends and family in your living room."

Yes you can, most games even have splitscreen mods to enable it and a lot of newer ones already have it enabled and all emulators support 4 players. Or if you wanted to be fancy you could run 2 copies of the game if you had a half decent PC.

Know your beloved wii? Dolphin can run every wii game at better settings than the console at native 1080p and supports every wii accessory and you could go set it up in your lviing game, same for the N64, gamecube, ps2, ps1, original xbox and all classic system like the sega and dreamcast.
#2.4.2 (Edited 969d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(15) | Report
fattyuk  +   967d ago
sorry but you have sincerely failed sweetheart,
Wagz22  +   969d ago
Yea its pretty much impossible to spend $399 building a pc that will run games like the PS4, even if you got every part on sale on newegg or something it will still be more expensive.
punisher99  +   969d ago
If your comment even gets 1 agree it will be a miracle. Because those are some of the most blasphemous statements I have ever read.
OrangePowerz  +   969d ago
The comparison doesn't work that way, not sure why PC people still don't get that after so many years.

First they use APUs, meaning you get a lot more power out of it compared to having separate chips somewhere on the motherboard.

Second of all build me a PC that has the same specs as the PS3 that runs anything close to The Last of Us.

Great to have 8 core CPUs on PC, but they are useless for games because PC games are not optimized for that. I have a quad core and no matter what game I play the CPU isn't fully used with most of the cores running somewhere in the region of 50%. Whats the point of having a 8 core CPU and SLI if the power isn't properly used? Console games will use the full power of the hardware and therefore beat any PC that you build with the same specs.
3-4-5  +   968d ago
Your not paying just for specs.

That is all PC gamers think about, when it rarely is the determining factor.

Your paying to play specific games with those specs using a controller.

You can't play 50% of those games on PC and using a controller vs mouse gives a different experience.

Stop being snobs people....nobody likes that person.
rezzah  +   969d ago
If Kinect2 wasn't forced the price could have been equally matched with the PS4.
RiPPn  +   969d ago
Microsoft is getting subsidies from the NSA so they don't mind the loss.
gameonbro   968d ago | Spam
RiPPn  +   968d ago
@gameonbro: The loss in customers for the higher price genius. And claiming everyone that is against Microsoft's draconian DRM policies and concerned about privacy is based upon fanboyism makes it look like you're the one suffering from this fanboyism disease.
S2Killinit  +   969d ago
the reason why its not ridiculous is that you are paying for the "capabilities" inside your kinect. That thing has technologies that have nothing to do with gaming and more to do with gathering information about your behavior. Microsoft is charging people at least $125-$150 for these to be included in the kincet, since PS4 is a more powerful machine and it still costs $100 dollars less, that means either MS is screwing people or they are charging for something that we simply don't know about (spy capabilities).
Blachek  +   968d ago
Microsoft isn't in the business of being an Advertising Company being compensated for generating qualified Ad Impressions. They don't want to be, their market lies in ancillary products, downloadable content, XB live, and AAA Titles. Why would they bother creating servers to house all the data to begin with... the NSA isn't going to get Microsoft government tax breaks to catch me picking my nose while my wife yells at me to pause Storage Wars so she won't miss anything.

The kinect is designed to enrich the gaming experience while enabling additional input from traditional methods... IE voice/motion vs. handheld controller. The kinect isn't going to record what I do, it doesn't need to. The previous version utilized different technology that relied upon image mapping, hence the cache of still shots found on hard drives in the 360. This kinect according to all reports utilizes a completely different method to catch motion. Take your conspiracy theories to a blog about the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll.

Also, your math makes my brain angry.
#4.1 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   967d ago
Microsoft isn't in the advertising business? They sure would like to be. Remember Bing? MS is spent millions trying to get in on Google's advertising pie. (and lets just give you a pass on all the advertising on Live) Why would they bother creating servers to collect data? I don't know why don't you ask them. It's not a big secret, they announced this info, I didn't just take them out of my magic hat. Conspiracy? Really? Why don't you go read a few stories about NSA and PRIZM before you come here and claim that MS doesn't collect people's info. Or maybe you should read up on how Skype is used for data collection. Also, Kinect is only designed to enrich casuals experience, not gamers. You know what makes my brain angry? The part about the AAA titles.
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Blachek  +   966d ago
Correct, they are not in the advertising business. Do they have a source of revenue that is generated from it... certainly. Bing is an attempt at the cash cow that google has with their search engine, the only form of capitol gain they get from it is for paid advertising and SEO. It's not a platform that can be purchased, rented, or resold. As for your "pass" on XB Live, everything they advertise on the hub are value adding content... nothing is there that cannot be used in conjunction with an XBox. They won't be slinging Baby-Powder on your hub next year because they heard you talking about changing the baby through your Kinect.

Every news release on this NSA intrusion on personal rights has been a bullying by the company on most accounts. The long list of powerful companies that have folded have stated that they weren't left with an option.

What company wouldn't build a consumer profile, which would be the purpose of processing data. Know your market, and how to appeal to them. The business model to create a popular product that offers a utility to consumer that can be tethered with a process by which to be more in-tune with said consumer is long practiced. I'm not saying that Microsoft doesn't have Ad space available, that they don't have an idea of who buys their products and where, or that they haven't been pulled into this NSA argument because they are a component of it. I am saying that they are focused on gaming. That is where their money is, that is where their audience is... that is where they can beat Sony. They are not charging a premium price to cover the costs of "spying" on me as I sit in my living room.

Kinect is an additional input for gamers, how developers utilize it is up to them... traditionally it has been as a gimmick for casuals. I don't believe that trend will continue, and with combining Kinect with every sale and implementing it into basic XB1 userface they can make it more predominant in the process.

AAA titles is where a large portion of revenue comes from for a console. Aside from PSN+ & XB Live the only other form of good money comes from the sales of games... how does this make you mad?
S2Killinit  +   964d ago
So if they have revenue from advertising, wouldn't that mean that they are in the advertising business? I would say so. Look you can twist the truth anyway you want to make it sound ordinary, but the fact is, we have not had this type of intrusion into people's homes before. The type of information being gathered is not like when xbox Live monitors your purchases and then caters you what you are most interested in. No, this is a different type of information. For example, Microsoft boasted about the ability to know how many poeple are sitting there in front of its kinect at an industry summit. They said this could potentially allow them to charge for a movie based on how many people are sitting there in front of the device. Microsoft even has the patents to go along with these types of innovations and they are only achievable with a device such as the kinect. But it doesn't stop there, who is to say that my information isn't being used elsewhere? Not on Live but in Bing for example, or sold to a 3rd party? This is common practice in the advertising business, and I don't think Microsoft or whoever else would be above doing this if it means more revenue and to think otherwise is naiive. You also mention that Microsoft was "bullied" into sharing information with the Government. Microsoft is a signatory to the Prizm initiative, they aren't "forced" they comply with the laws of the land. That doesn't mean that I should then be happy about them collecting my information. Also, you mention that they are not charging to "spy" on you, well, that is where we disagree. I believe that the cost of all the new tech (which I'm actually starting to think maybe you don't know about the full capabilities of the new kincet) such as monitoring your heart beat, what mood you are in, where you are looking, how long you look there, how many people sit in front of the kinect, whether that person is you or someone else, etc..., is included in the price point of the system. Do you think all that new technology was cheap? Do you think that Microsoft went through the trouble to produce such technology if it didn't have some sort of financial/or other benefit? I don't think so. On a lighter note, you asked why "AAA games" comment hurt my head, well because they haven't had a decent one since the second half of the current generation when they decided to focus on kinect and applications. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they don't make money on gaming, I just don't think that they are into gaming for gamings sake. Microsoft is too big a company to be satisfied with gaming, they are in this because it gives them an edge over companies like Google, and Apple. They've even mentioned this. Unfortunately for gamers, that means that should Microsoft get its way, gamers will have to take a backseat to the casuals, Microsoft's holly grail.
Foxgod  +   969d ago
I pay for the games i get to play on a console, not just the specs.
And when it comes to the games, the XB1 is worth the price to me, they look damn fine, and i love the franchises.

Whenever i feel like playing specs il sit behind my I7, which il shove an 770GTX into soon.
#5 (Edited 969d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(27) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   969d ago
yeh the games running on the far more powerful pc looked pretty good the xbone games alas wont .
gameonbro   968d ago | Spam
insertnamehurr  +   969d ago
Heres a video of what the ps4 camera can do at E3, everything you see is in real time, you can even see the light in the controller moving whatever is happening on the screen and its very responsive and looks funner than kinect.
Williamson  +   969d ago
Pretty cool video man! Nice find.
gameonbro   968d ago | Spam
MultiConsoleGamer  +   969d ago
The PS4 is definitely a better value for your money.
Blachek  +   968d ago
Unless Microsoft is closer to the capabilities of Cloud Computing that they are saying, and they can deliver on exclusives....

That would flip the table, and make their "value" much higher in my opinion.
unicron7  +   968d ago
Cloud computing is bullshit and depends entirely on your internet speed for processing. Also, alienating offline gamers, which are a good chunk of the population, is another thing they will wish they hadn't done. So many mistakes. If they can ditch the cloud computing hype and make an offline XB1 without a needless camera attached for $100 less, I'd be all over it.
edonus   969d ago | Spam
ballisticvoodoo  +   969d ago

Thanks for the memory man, lol. I'll never forget Xmas of 1989. Excited as hell to get the power glove. 3 days after Xmas I was finally able to convince my mother to exchange it for Bionic Commando. After that I've never fallen prey to gimmicky video game controllers. To me that's all the Kinect is.
TKChillin  +   969d ago
well this is stupid because if you want to get what you're getting out of the Xbox you have to buy the PlayStation Move and the Vita so now you're talking about 800 bucks at least. Xbox one has Kinect buildin plus a free tablet/ phone app everybody already has the phone or the tablet.
iceman06  +   969d ago
You don't need Move because the controller has the light that works just like move. You don't need the Vita because, as the E3 tech video shows (see GivesitToUharder comment for video), it can work with tablets...including the iPad that was used in a live demo. All that you really need is an extra $60 for the new Playstation Eye. Oh, and there is a leaked video of the PS4 features that includes messaging, purchasing, and even downloading using a smart phone.
TKChillin  +   969d ago
500.00 for XB1 with built in Kinect and free Smartglass App. or 800.00 for PS4 after you buy PS Move and a Vita. Still only gives you not even half the features of the new XBOX One.
Bowzabub  +   969d ago
So Smartglass is free then? Also, Move capabilities are built into the DS4. Hmmm...
#11.1 (Edited 969d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
gameonbro   968d ago | Spam
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airgangstarr  +   969d ago
to me the whole idea of a gaming console is meant to be a lower price an the fact u can play offline an play with others its not hard concept to understand ms took the easiest thing to follow up the xbox 360 an dropped the ball so bad on the xbox 1 that they jus might end up out of the industry which im predicting that if they dont change there policies on the xbox one they will probably be launching a new console within 5 years or they will go broke
gameonbro   968d ago | Spam
jay2  +   968d ago
X1 should be £300. I'd pay £430 for ps4
esemce  +   968d ago
They should both be £300 and Kinect be optional.
o-Sunny-o  +   968d ago
Looks like kids won't be getting a Xbox One with Kinect for Christmas because they have no internet to baby monitor them every 24 hrs.
esemce  +   968d ago
Microsoft are trying to force us to buy and use the Kinect camera that's the main reason for the price difference and as someone that hate Kinect I can't forgive them for that.
#16 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MontyQ  +   968d ago
Kinect is about as good as nintendos blood pressure monitor showen at e3 a few years back lol
unicron7  +   968d ago
I appreciate Sony giving me OPTIONS as a consumer. They are not forcing a camera on me or features that I don't want to use. Stronger specs under the hood and no DRM/offline capabilities. Already preordered. I wanted a next gen gaming console and that is what they delivered. I already have a DVR/cable box and I'm perfectly content with hitting the input button on my remote to switch devices.
#18 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iliimaster  +   968d ago
whats going on today in n4g its like xbots are trying to take over headlines trying to prove that the xbox has packaged thousands of dollars in this bulky box, id imagine playing with kinnect might be fun for the first few experiences but r u going to beat a kinnect game thats 14 chapters long? id imagine playing kinnect is like playing the WII without the controllers and a little more fancy but yeah it gets pretty old
isyourhouseonfire  +   968d ago
Keep in mind hardware specs only tell half the story. It's the underlying operating system and how it interfaces with the hardware that makes all the difference. Microsoft is the king in this area while Sony has always struggled. Throwing more sheer speed at a terribly designed operating system is not going to solve the problems.

Heed my warning: Pre-order your XBOX ONE while you still can because when the reviews start to roll in you'll with you did.
unicron7  +   968d ago
Actually, OS is the another area Sony is excelling in at the current moment with the PS4. In my opinion MS dedicated far too much RAM (3GB DDR3) to the system OS and it's media functions, which leaves 5GB DDR3 for games. I see PS4's multiplats being superior this generation. There honestly isn't any reason why they wouldn't be.
reko  +   968d ago
do you work for ms?
isyourhouseonfire  +   968d ago
I wouldn't feel right working for a company with such high standards. Maybe after I receive my doctorate then I will pursue it.
reko  +   967d ago
And i work for ms LOL
#20.3 (Edited 967d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   967d ago
High standards? Apparently, all you need is to be able to lie very well.

Not all that well, I guess, given how easily and frequently they've been caught in those lies recently.

You're right, though: it isn't just about the specs. It's about the games, the policies behind the system, the support the console will see, and so on.

Having a larger OS taking away from games isn't gonna solve the XBOne's problems, either.
maniacmayhem  +   967d ago
Hmmm, I wonder what you will complain about now with recent news...

Lets find out
Hicken  +   967d ago
I'm super happy to hear this news. Ecstatic, even.

The only thing I COULD complain about is that the price is still higher, but that's not nearly as big a concern.
maniacmayhem  +   967d ago
Lol, well played sir...well played...
MikeMyers  +   967d ago
Well played indeed. This new news still won't change some people's bad habits.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   968d ago
What about the Steambox? Any news? Come on, Gaby... under 499 and my money is yours... PS4 + Steambox = WIN!
isyourhouseonfire   967d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
AKS  +   968d ago
Maybe they could do a price drop with an NSA sponsorship. Kinect Special NSA Edition.
tnynll  +   968d ago
on fairness the ps4 is great value for money and has the best exclusive titles mgs anyone???
Lethal26  +   968d ago
I see this gen. Mirroring last gen.
Exclusives only for PS4 : (
Ps3 + Ps4 = 7" of dust.....

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