Top Five Playstation 2 Games of Spring 2008

AC writes: "The Playstation 2 will be going at it for eight strong years despite rampant competition and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 2008 is looking like another strong year starting with the games releasing this spring. To make Playstation 2 gamers even giddier, most of these games are sold below the standard $49.99. Here are the top five Playstation 2 games of the spring.

5. Singstar 90's

You can't beat the classic songs from the 90's, especially considering that some of them have aged quite well. This karaoke title will include songs from all genres from R&B to Grunge to Rock. Singstar 90's will also feature some of the greatest artist from the decade: Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, Nirvana and MC Hammer. Best of all, this spring title will be so at a budgeted price of $29.99 for the game only or $49.99 bundle with two microphones."

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