Would you buy an Assassin's Creed with this setting?

Do you think that a Reich III atmosphere would be a cool setting for Assassin's Creed?

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Shadonic1769d ago

Honestly I would it would be a good setting and it could fit in with say Hitler being the Templar's first direct approach of forced control or something IDK just throwing ideas.

LOL_WUT1768d ago

It would be interesting no doubt about it so I would ;)

Mutant-Spud1768d ago

The Nazis weren't as interesting as people think, when you strip away all the myths and propaganda they were basically a bunch of squares who did everything by the book and their society wasn't much fun for anyone, you'd have to embellish it so much that it'd just become something tacky and gratuitous. An AC game set in Weimar Germany, the Russian Revolution or the Chinese civil war would be awesome but I just can't see it working in the Third Reich era without degenerating into something ridiculous like a third person Wolfenstein.

Son_Lee1769d ago

Still holding out hope for an AC set in Ireland. Drinking games, exploring that vast green land, infiltration and raiding castles with an army or something like that. Would be quite epic!

Blackdeath_6631769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Japanese warrior sort of setting would be cool but honestly i have completely lost interest in the series. they are releasing them year after year when i havent even found the time to finish the game before. the story has been dragged out and milked and is no longer interesting.

b_one1768d ago

Feudal Japan? Yes. Also Nazi Germany, depends on who we will play

Dead_Cell1768d ago

It would be a fitting and incredibly awesome setting but no way in all hell are you getting it through international censorship laws and for an Assassins Creed game to limit sales well, that's just not happening is it.

CyberSentinel1768d ago

The thought is intriguing, if done right.

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