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Entertainium: "Namco Bandai wanted one thing very clear about Dark Souls 2: Nothing is changing. All that talk of accessibility and broadening the audience? Forget it. Easy mode? Not happening. If anything, Dark Souls 2 looks to be far harder than both its predecessors combined."

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eyeDEVOUR1555d ago

Can't wait to play this...I picked up dark souls a few weeks ago and already have around 100hrs between two different builds and it's awesome...

MWH1555d ago

200+ completed everything including Artorias of the Abyss.

1555d ago
edureboucas1555d ago

Im a huge fan of the original and loved what I played of this one at E3 last week. It'll rock our worlds!

JackVagina1555d ago

yeah, im very happy there using a different engine this time round

PositiveEmotions1555d ago

I never played part one but im loving the graphics in this sequal

DragonKnight1555d ago

I'm psyched about the Dual Swordsman and about this game in general.

MWH1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

dual wielding means more power but greater challenge at the same time which will require considerable skill to stay alive.

release date is too damn far man :-)

c_rakestraw1555d ago

Which makes the play-style really interesting. Love that they're encouraging something so different. Wish I had taken the time to check it out.

sedx1555d ago

im glad they fixed the fire spells and put it back to sorcery.the magic system was atrocious and completely unorganized in dark souls.

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