Assassin’s Creed III & Far Cry 3 Going to $19.99 at GameStop Starting on Wednesday, June 19th

It’s a modest week of deals over at GameStop when their new flyer period starts as both Assassin’s Creed III games will be dropping to $19.99, alongside fellow Ubisoft title, Far Cry 3. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1768d ago

Looks like I'll be picking up Far Cry 3.

dbjj120881768d ago

Same. Excellent price for that game, ACIII too.

Myst1768d ago

Yay time for me to get Far Cry 3!

Horny1768d ago

You guys will love far cry 3. Great game. Worth even 60$

Kalowest1768d ago

FC3 and ACIII got boring after awhile, I returned them!

Horny1768d ago

I agree with you about AC 3. FC3 on the other hand I enjoyed a lot.

ceballos77mx1768d ago

Couldn't finish AC3 kinda got boring so traded it but I still got that sweet steelbook that you got at gamestop for preordering.

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