New Infinite Undiscovery details and scans

Square Enix and Tri-Ace have been very quite about their Xbox 360 exclusive Infinite Undiscovery for quite a while, but Official Xbox Magazine's May issue has an exclusive preview of the game, which they call Infinite Possibilities. The magazine also claims the game is to be released this Summer.

The scans from the issue provide many new screenshots, artwork and finally, some fresh information:

· The world of Infinite Undiscovery has an obsession with the moon. The king has formed the Order of Chains, who "chained up the moon" and turned the planet's landscape into "nothing but a bleak wasteland".

· The Order of Chains have captured the heroine of the game, Capel, who they call "The Liberator". He is saved by the lovely, bow-and-arrow equipped Aya, which has taken him to a group of rebel warriors.

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Boldy3619d ago

Microsoft is really rollin out the JRPGs and WRPGs. Keep it up.

fenderputty3619d ago

has really done a great job of getting a wider variety of games out on their console this gen. Gotta give them props there.

I'm still waiting on White Knight Chronicles and FFXIII. Get on the ball Sony. This was supposed to be your schtick.

3619d ago
Harry1903619d ago

this was open zone stuff man,you're going to land into trouble.
anyway,beware,japan has gone rpg crazy again.
which is a very good thing for lovers of the genre.

kewlkat0073619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Looks like I have another Treat coming along.....this game and Last Remenant, Fallout, and that other RPG.

Not sure what it is but the 360 is where most of the RPGs are at. W or J RPGs. To think I bought my PS3 for such...(FF13 for the most part)

I seen that earlier video of this game, which is still on my HDD, I'll get it, I'm sure. Need to see/hear more though. "Tri-Ace" is all over the Place this Gen. Didn't they make Trusty Bell?

meepmoopmeep3619d ago

i want to see more about this game. sounds awesome so far. 360 is doing a good job at bringing in RPG's. and i agree with above, i bought a PS3 because i'm a bigger JRPG fan than any other genre... hopefully they start to concentrate on RPG's more.

Glad to be a gamer3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I love a good rpg western or japanese and my 360 has so far done a great job on this front. kudos to Ms for bringing it hard on the rpg front.

Eternal soanta,lost odyessy, mass effect, oblivion, blue dragon and now this on top of fable 2 this year. 360 owners are really being spoilt.

meepmoopmeep3619d ago

yeah, those games you listed are the reason i'm picking up a 360. they all look awesome.

Vito_corleone3619d ago

The name is really weird.

The game on the other hand looks good :)

Shadow Man3619d ago

I was surprise when I heard this game was Xbox360 Exclusive. This game is going to be big in Japan thanks to Square Enix.
Followed by:
Ninga Gaiden 2 (Big in Japan)
Banjo Kazooie 3 (Big in Japan)
Tales of Vesperia (Big in Japan)
Mobile Ops: The One Year War (Big in Japan)
Magna Carta 2 (Big in Japan)
I better run I hear heyheyhey, and TTSUP3R coming LOL. n_n

heyheyhey3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

nah its cool

this time your list isn't 95% BS, speculation and rumors.... well actually

what is Magna Carta 2?, when was it announced?, when were the platforms announced?

what the hell is mobile ops? and im pretty sure Tales of Vesperia will make it's way to PS3 sometime, it will probably follow Eternal Sonatas path

but it's cool man, i just don't like BS- and just for the record- i don't like the dude posting the PS3 list with GTA 5 and Far Cry 2 in it- i just don't like BS spreaders full stop- they plague humanity and it's industries

InMyOpinion3619d ago

I hope they get the attention they deserve elsewhere, cause Japan seems hellbent on sticking to their own consoles.

rosebowl233619d ago

How is it going to be big in Japan if the Xbox360 barely has any consoles sold in Japan?

GUNS N SWORDS3619d ago

hoping for some sort of an up date on that game.

it was to be released in 07 for japan, but i think the date was moved to 08.

SUP3R3619d ago

Shadow Man you back again with that list?
At least this time you cut it down, but it's all fun man you make me laugh lol.

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