Why Oddworld Is Coming To Every Platform Except Xbox

There’s no need to go through yet another laundry list of the Xbox One’s potential problems, but there is one that’s getting overlooked in favour of the larger issues of price and DRM. It’s the way Microsoft limiting indie game development on the Xbox One.

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NYC_Gamer1826d ago

MS won't have any real kind of indie support

Tony-A1826d ago

The restrictions being put on the box only do more harm than good out of the gate. Some of it has to do with the fact that it is too much all at once, and most of it has to do with the clear message that it sends.

You USED to pay $60 to own a video game. We're trying to take that away from you. Plain and simple. It's done for the sake of Microsofts own agenda, whether it benefits the consumer or not.

hillsht1825d ago

Yep - people tend to not like having things taken away from them - particularly long established things that were previously the norm... I don't know why there isn't someone with a fucking brain at the Microsoft corporate office pointing out the obvious here...

Enemy1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

This title will apply to 98% of indie games next gen.

Rhaigun1826d ago

Another hash mark in the loser column.

I_am_Batman1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

MS are dropping the ball over and over again. Someone should tell them that an indie dev with a publisher is not freaking indie anymore.

cleft51825d ago

But, but.... Minecraft is on Xbox One. That's an indie game right?

Psn8001825d ago

I used to love making Abe fart hehehehe .

redwin1825d ago

Everyone is putting MS down for putting all this restrictions but nobody is asking MS why are they doing this. There might be a legitimate reason. Can someone find out the reason why?

H3ADWOUND811825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Nobody's asking because subconsciously everybody knows ultimately it's down to greed..

Ms somehow think they are that big & important they can treat the consumers that put them where they are like shit.. A valuable lesson needs to be learnt when xbone falls flat on it's arse, hate to say it but they could learn a thing or two from Sony....

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BlackWolf1826d ago

Goddammit! MS even makes restrictions for indies. The main point of them being "indies" is they work independently (most of the cases). Forcing them to get a publisher... it's no surprise that Oddworld isn't coming to Xbox consoles.

HammadTheBeast1826d ago

Forced to get a publisher, and $10 000 for every update.

BlackWolf1826d ago

Well, it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info.

Blackdeath_6631825d ago

DayZ standalone dev was concerned about this. that game requires alot of updates and bug fixes and to pay $10,000 for that is nonsensical.

JamieL1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I have to admit I've been really open minded about the XBone, and even disgusted with the attitude on N4G, but man they are doing some dumb stuff this time around. It's like the beginning of last gen reversed its self this gen, only there's not as many people sticking up for the XBone, as the PS3. I understand 100% why, man anyone who wants to play it without internet is SOL? I understand why, it doesn't go along with there vision, but that’s still such a bad idea to me, and making it hard for the little guy after the success it brought the 360? I mean there were some good games on the 360 indie scene. It just doesn’t make since, and if the $10,000 an update is true then just damn.

KarrBOMB1826d ago


Yeah, this was detailed awhile ago, even before E3. Why do you think there are so many pissed people. Hell Sony capitalized on this Indie ditching that M$ has done, and gave the creator of Minecraft a golden PS1 as an invite to their E3 conference. But yeah, this is just a piece of the problem puzzle that M$ just created for themselves.

matrixman921826d ago

never played these games, really looking forward to trying it out

TongkatAli1826d ago

Get use to hearing fart sounds x D

Relientk771826d ago

Oddworld is awesome, as long as its coming to PS3/PS4 I am ok, love that franchise, ever since PS1

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