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Why Oddworld Is Coming To Every Platform Except Xbox

There’s no need to go through yet another laundry list of the Xbox One’s potential problems, but there is one that’s getting overlooked in favour of the larger issues of price and DRM. It’s the way Microsoft limiting indie game development on the Xbox One. (Indie, Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U)

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NYC_Gamer  +   890d ago
MS won't have any real kind of indie support
Tony-A  +   890d ago
The restrictions being put on the box only do more harm than good out of the gate. Some of it has to do with the fact that it is too much all at once, and most of it has to do with the clear message that it sends.

You USED to pay $60 to own a video game. We're trying to take that away from you. Plain and simple. It's done for the sake of Microsofts own agenda, whether it benefits the consumer or not.
hillsht  +   889d ago
Yep - people tend to not like having things taken away from them - particularly long established things that were previously the norm... I don't know why there isn't someone with a fucking brain at the Microsoft corporate office pointing out the obvious here...
Enemy  +   890d ago
This title will apply to 98% of indie games next gen.
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Rhaigun  +   890d ago
Another hash mark in the loser column.
I_am_Batman  +   890d ago
MS are dropping the ball over and over again. Someone should tell them that an indie dev with a publisher is not freaking indie anymore.
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cleft5  +   889d ago
But, but.... Minecraft is on Xbox One. That's an indie game right?
Psn800  +   889d ago
I used to love making Abe fart hehehehe .
redwin  +   889d ago
Everyone is putting MS down for putting all this restrictions but nobody is asking MS why are they doing this. There might be a legitimate reason. Can someone find out the reason why?
H3ADWOUND81  +   889d ago
Nobody's asking because subconsciously everybody knows ultimately it's down to greed..

Ms somehow think they are that big & important they can treat the consumers that put them where they are like shit.. A valuable lesson needs to be learnt when xbone falls flat on it's arse, hate to say it but they could learn a thing or two from Sony....
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BlackWolf  +   890d ago
Goddammit! MS even makes restrictions for indies. The main point of them being "indies" is they work independently (most of the cases). Forcing them to get a publisher... it's no surprise that Oddworld isn't coming to Xbox consoles.
HammadTheBeast  +   890d ago
Forced to get a publisher, and $10 000 for every update.
BlackWolf  +   890d ago
Well, it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info.
Blackdeath_663  +   889d ago
DayZ standalone dev was concerned about this. that game requires alot of updates and bug fixes and to pay $10,000 for that is nonsensical.
JamieL  +   889d ago
I have to admit I've been really open minded about the XBone, and even disgusted with the attitude on N4G, but man they are doing some dumb stuff this time around. It's like the beginning of last gen reversed its self this gen, only there's not as many people sticking up for the XBone, as the PS3. I understand 100% why, man anyone who wants to play it without internet is SOL? I understand why, it doesn't go along with there vision, but that’s still such a bad idea to me, and making it hard for the little guy after the success it brought the 360? I mean there were some good games on the 360 indie scene. It just doesn’t make since, and if the $10,000 an update is true then just damn.
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KarrBOMB  +   890d ago

Yeah, this was detailed awhile ago, even before E3. Why do you think there are so many pissed people. Hell Sony capitalized on this Indie ditching that M$ has done, and gave the creator of Minecraft a golden PS1 as an invite to their E3 conference. But yeah, this is just a piece of the problem puzzle that M$ just created for themselves.
PositiveEmotions  +   890d ago
I missed those games
matrixman92  +   890d ago
never played these games, really looking forward to trying it out
TongkatAli  +   890d ago
Get use to hearing fart sounds x D
Relientk77  +   890d ago
Oddworld is awesome, as long as its coming to PS3/PS4 I am ok, love that franchise, ever since PS1
SpiralTear  +   890d ago
Just a curious question: could an Oddworld remake signify a brand new Oddworld game for PS4/PC/WiiU? That would be especially good, and another great reason to check out the HD remake.
PopRocks359  +   890d ago
A friend told me that Stranger's Wrath HD would also be coming to Wii U. I have to assume they're prepping fans in some way if they plan on getting the Oddworld series in its entirety onto all of the new consoles.
fr0sty  +   889d ago
If enough people support the remake, Oddworld Inhabitants will have the budget needed to make a new game. So, buy it!

I'll never forget the instant nostalgia that hit me when I had the pleasant surprise of stumbling across their office while walking down the street one day in San Luis Obispo, CA. An already cool town got a lot cooler to me that day.
weekev15  +   890d ago
Microsoft in pro capatilist, dont give a crap wbout the little guy shocker. Are they going to make any moves that make sense this gen apart from the hardware specs? Thank God for Sony and Nintendo.
TheBossMan  +   890d ago
All of the big three are pro-capitalist. Sony is just making better capitalist moves at the moment by being more responsive to the people's wants. Being pro-capitalist doesn't mean overlooking the little guy, it means trying to make a lot of money, which coincidentally is only possible if you listen to the little guys.
fr0sty  +   889d ago
Couldn't agree more Bossman. Part of being good at capitalism is selling well, and you will not sell well if you release a product that your customers find to be restrictive. As such, Microsoft is actually being anti-capitalist with their new policies if anything at all. This is especially true when you consider they are restricting the free market trade of used games.
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lukeb4dunk  +   889d ago
Absolutely correct, fr0sty.

"Capitalism: 1.free-market system: an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit"

Does that definition sound like what M$ is doing with the X1?
weekev15  +   889d ago
But in restricting the used games they are trying to squeeze their own margins up by forcing consumers to buy new.

Its a calitalist strategy thats come from a boardroom that hasnt factored in consumer reaction to their very restrictive pllicies.

What worries me is that they are basing this strategy on exclusives and I wouldnt be surprised to see more studios sell out to the power of the mighty Microsoft dollar leaving us, the consumers, in a position where we may need to sacrifice some of our purchasing freedom in order to play every great game.

Personall I just hope Sony and Nintendo can keep me distracted with their stellar lineups so I dont need to give in to temptation to feed the beast that is Microsoft.

Previously id say support all games companies, its the only way the industry will survive but I just feel like ms is taking a gigantic dump on the industry.

Phew rant over, I feel better now
lukeb4dunk  +   889d ago
Yes and no, weekev15.

Capitalism is based off free market or free enterprise ideals, which is driven by private decision, as in consumers' wallets and the competition.

What I see M$ doing leans more to being monopolistic, which is anti-free market, anti-capitalistic. Something they have always done since windows first came out.
TheBossMan  +   889d ago
As a borderline AnCap I tend to go off on people when they misinterpret capitalism to be some horrendous beast that is responsible for all the world's problems. Futile? Maybe, but I'll be damned if I don't keep correcting people.
Tony-A  +   890d ago
I was never an Oddworld fan, but I would understand why the indie developers gravitate toward the PS4. Why go through the unnecessary hoops? It's simply easier and "friendlier" to develop on sonys console. It's a shame One owners won't be given the rare gems you can find within indie games.
GentlemenRUs  +   890d ago
Oddworld should come back to the good old days, PC and PS only :)
Williamson  +   890d ago
I've learned theses past couple of years how important indie developers are, they make games that give different experiences then the average fps we see quite a lot.
Felonycarclub8  +   890d ago
Yeah and am glad Sony is doing everything to help indies so they can share their vision with us gamers. What gamer is going to complain about having more games available to choose from, not me. Some people hate Sony but there is one thing they can't deny and that is that they care about their consumers especially the gamers.
yewles1  +   890d ago
This is getting kind of old now, people. This possibly the fourth time so far this subject has been repeated.
Bathyj  +   890d ago
And its its gonna keep being repeated until MS gets it.

The alarm keeps ringing until you wake up.
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RustedMan  +   890d ago
god these games pissed me off. love the atmosphere, love the artistic style, just hated the "tile based" movement, especially when trying to run and jump over things.
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Deathdeliverer  +   890d ago
Yeah, trying to get in that perfect spot for a jump was a bitch sometimes lol. It was all forgiven when you took over somethings mind and made it kill a friend and then itself.
Docknoss  +   890d ago
Zionists love money and to control everything
TheCopyNinja  +   890d ago
Daaayuuuuuum. Xbox fans are missing out on a classic game remade in HD son! That sucks for them, lmao.
jessupj  +   890d ago

How many negatives are there about the xbone and MS now? It just seems like one thing after another that MS seem to screw up because of their greed and short shortsightedness.

I wouldn't be surprised if next gen there is no 'console war', or at least it will be more like a 'console skirmish' because all the fanboys have flocked to the PS4.
Triforce079  +   890d ago
Sony and Nintendo will demolish xbox1 its a fact don't u know ??
MasterD919  +   890d ago
Oddworld is awesome. I remember playing it on PS1.

The sad part is this is a game with an already established loyal fanbase. There is plenty of money to be made off this, but to restrict it right out the gate? Ouch MS.

Add this to the laundry list of WRONGS they've done lately.
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GAMExxOVER  +   890d ago
You are supposed to put happiness in a box and sale it. That is the principle to a good product. You do not put a head ache in a box and expect people to throw their money at you and be grateful.

I am an xbox fan, gone through 3 360's, Even a Mod and content provider for a website that promotes xbox, Even the majority of our members are turning on the Xbox One and laughing at it. MS has made many converts the the new systems are not even out yet. never touched a PS3 other than a buddies. But the Xbox One has made me a convert to the PS4... I will still be gaming PC mostly but want a new console as well. Just let me buy the system and do what I like with it. Do not tell me to check in with you every day like a clingy wife or master. If I do not check in with you online every day you are going to shut down my gaming system I paid for and make it a paper weight until I come back so master can allow me another 24hrs of gaming. Sure, I have Internet, that is not the point, I do not need your permission to play my game every day. Well I guess I do, that is why I will not be purchasing Xbox One.
GAMExxOVER  +   890d ago
Microsoft does not require your approval, Only your obedience.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   890d ago
Is like MS digging they own grave
ZeekQuattro  +   890d ago
It is strange. I remember when Oddworld was synonymous with the Xbox brand for a while anyway. Microsoft pushed the series a lot on the original Xbox one.
Mozef  +   890d ago
FEZ would a nice game to play in PlayStation 3+4, it seems fun to play from youtube videos.
t3gamenews  +   890d ago
all of these devs that skipped wii u with there game with no explination, ita about time one skipped microsoft console instead.
not 1care shall be given.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   890d ago
Good to read that WiiU is getting love from the Indies.

(and in this case, the Indie game maker is a Legend).
urwifeminder  +   890d ago
Been there played that have moved on.
Kidmyst  +   889d ago
MSFT even said at E3 they support developers and indie developers. But they left out you need to have a publisher and not be self funded. More free games for Plus subscribers with the more indi games on PS4. Octodad looks like a fun play.
maniacmayhem  +   889d ago
This is so very strange of MS. It makes no sense whatsoever!

The fact that they have remained quiet is also baffling. There is no good reason at all that an indie developer who has self funded their game and can even release on PC couldn't release on the X1.

Very terrible MS.
xJumpManx  +   889d ago
As a Programmer I can say Sony and its self publish idea is an awful idea. Non coders just do not get how easy it is to screw stuff up with a publish without proper testing. I prefer the certification method Microsoft employs.
edgeofsins  +   889d ago
They test games first.
xJumpManx  +   889d ago
Its this kind of action that makes networks unsecure. You would think after the last Hack Sony would have learned to tighten the network not loosen it.
4me2  +   889d ago
You are just being funny..... ya?
thomasmiller  +   889d ago
well remember when everyone said wii u was the sega dream cast? looks like X BOX ONE IS THE NEW DREAMCAST!!! the next gen wars will be between the wii u and the ps4. I think nintendo can win it. but like the old saying goes, two's company, three's a crowd!! so long microsoft, you'll have some good friendws though, like the 3do, the jaguar, the dreamcast, the saturn, I'm sure while nintendo and sony battle it out for the future, you boys can talk about the good old days!!!
ThatsGaming  +   889d ago
Why is this news? MS has had this requirement through the entire 360 generation...

I guess a bunch of gamers just woke up yesterday and realized this...
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lucidity  +   889d ago
How the mighty have fallen.
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