Xbox One’s Dead Rising 3 Makes a Great Case to Own the Console

Microsoft had private screenings of a Dead Rising 3 demo for the Xbox One at their E3 media room, and I was able to get in on one of the intimate sessions (full voice recording of session can be found after the break). For never completing a Dead Rising game, or really being a fan of the series, I was instantly blown away by the strides made in Dead Rising 3.

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sak5001740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

"Xbox One’s Dead Rising 3 Makes a Great Case to Own the Console" .. But their f$%n DRM, Limited user ownership of games / games sharing / region locked IP / once 24 hours mandatory check / always online kinnect requirement make the above case look like a drop in a big bloody river reasons not to buy X1.

This coming from a hardcore MS/360 fanboy since 2006.

thePurpleTap31740d ago

Oh absolutely! I'm not the author but I do write for the website above. I'll just say it would take a lot of revisions from MS for me to buy their console in the fall.

sak5001740d ago

Sad thing was i was impressed at E3 by their showing and wanted to import XB1 in my region since it wasn't on their 27 country list. Similarly i had done with 360 when i bought it on ebay for $700 and got it in jan 2006, almost a year and half before the official launch in my region. However with their IP lock on console and making it not run games if out of the ip regions basically renders it useless for millions who most likely will switch to PS4 just to get into next gen.

pompombrum1740d ago

^^^ Lol @ the disagrees.. some bitter people around here. I know what you mean though, I'd feel betrayed if Microsoft done that to my country. And to think there are people trying to defend the console saying it isn't anti consumer.

NewMonday1740d ago


you can always move to another country


SockeyBoy1740d ago

I'm buying a X1 and this game is one of the reasons I'm buying the console, I'm very excited about what games MS showed off at E3.

Serg1740d ago

You're buying a turd pile because of the cherry on top?

dalibor1740d ago

Why support XB1 when you have the knowledge of the horrible things that comes with XB1. People outside of the internet/gaming websites/mags might not know everything about XB1 but you do...
I want to believe... that even fanboys can put their differences aside and support the gaming industry in a more positive way before it's to late.

EZMickey1740d ago

@dalibor "Horrible". No. If you have no internet and you really were looking forward to playing the next-gen Halo games, that could be horrible.

If you have an internet connection and are looking forward to playing next gen iterations of your favourite franchises, how is that horrible?

Microsoft is not doing anything "horrible". Go look up the word horrible and you'll find that the Xbox One isn't in line with that words definition. From a specific perspective, sure. But they've only added in requirements that aren't even new to the gaming industry.

SockeyBoy1740d ago

I'm supporting X1 because I'm a gamer and in my opinion they showed off some awesome freaking games, nearly all the games MS showed off interest me.

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Cueil1740d ago

so hardcore... I mean no one is more hard core Xbot then you were... 2006 was a long time ago -_-

Why o why1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Trust me. Its kinda saddening to see some of the 360 stalwarts stepping away from a brand they've supported for so long. Kudos to him for his honesty. Its a crappy situation that may of became the norm if others had followed suit. They chose not to. Its funny that the latest to the party wants to dictate the way the party goes. Now look at what they've done....they tried to make a grand entrance but slipped and fell on the way in, spilling the punch bucket all over the nearby onlookers.

Dead rising looks like fun though. The old ones could get old quick so it will be interesting what new mechanics they introduce or alter.

Cueil1739d ago

The games are what matters and in the end they showed me more then enought games to warrent a purchase

colonel1791740d ago

You will own the console, but not the game. So why bother?


Just add to that the fact that DR1 was suppose to be 360 exclusive, but it didn't stay exclusive.

Why should I think this case will be any different?

1739d ago
JsonHenry1739d ago

Hopefully they fix the cheesy and very badly done character animations before release. But I won't be playing it unless either releases for the PC or the Xbox does a U-turn on policy before release day.

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Saints941740d ago

The Devs actually admitted to making the game for more CoD players and removed some of the fun random stuff you can do.

thePurpleTap31740d ago

I found it kind of weird that it's more of a serious zombie killing title now. I thought what set it apart was the humor/ridiculousness. Though I guess you're still able to combine weapons and such which can lead to some hilarious combos.

Foxgod1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Watch the E3 gameplay trailer, they combined some crazy stuff :)

Cueil1740d ago

you can still do the stupid stuff, but they don't diliberitly try and make something funny they want the contrast to aid in the amusement... you can still dress up in dresses and what not

HammadTheBeast1740d ago

I agree, Dead Rising an its sequel were great in my opinion because they dared to be the only zombie games with bright colors, humor, and a lot of overall fun stuff.

Now all I see is grey and brown.

humbleopinion1739d ago

By making the game for the COD players they simply mean they added a mode with no time restrictions. But old fans can still play the game the way it was meant to be played... with the clock ticking and hard decisions to be made.

DarkBlood1740d ago

nope, im sure this will come to the ps4 unless microsoft fully funded the project i will think otherwise.

thePurpleTap31740d ago

Idk man. The first one was an exclusive sans the remake they did for Wii, so it's very possible this is the only place to play it for the foreseeable future.

Virtual_Reality1740d ago

I doubt it.

Dead Rising 3 is published by MS. And is one of strongest exclusives in the console.

sashimi1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Mass Effect was also published by MS but that came over to PS3 thanks to EA

Dead Rising may be published by MS but its owned by Capcom so ultimately it is up to Capcom whether to port the game or not.

So like darkblood says unless its a fully funded by MS the chances are high since these are 3rd party publishers we're talking about they will want all the money they can get from the boarder audience.

j-blaze1740d ago

good but not worth buying a console for

KillrateOmega1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Looks alright. Definitely worth buying an Xbox One though.

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