Exclusive WipEout HD footage

CVG writes: "All eyes are on WipEout HD for good reason - it's easily one of the most stunning-looking games on the PS3's upcoming list. Here's the proof!

"A few months back we posted videos of an extremely early version of the futuristic hover racer which looked pretty good back then. But since then, the game has literally come on leaps and bounds, and looks flipping incredible."

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Regret3552d ago

Firefox crashes when I'm trying to stream video from that page...

GrooveChampion3552d ago

Can't wait. The Gamersyde HD videos from last week were better, but this game looks great regardless.

athlon7703552d ago

of the wipeout series since the original PlayStation. Even got Wipeout Pure for the PSP. This is def going to be a purchase for me when it finally lands. For me this has always been a great game and those videos just make me anxious.

slowlearner3551d ago

it's definitely a game that's challenging enough to feel rewarding when you finally beat the hard tracks.

Tryst3551d ago

slowleaner - It has never been on the Sega Saturn. It started off on the PS1.

eagle213551d ago

On my long PS3 list! yep. :)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33551d ago

Oh WipEout HD footage! Sorry;)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33551d ago

Oh its WipEout HD footage!!! Sorry;)Got excited then!;-D

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