What’s Next: A Look at the PS4′s Upcoming Unannounced Exclusives

With E3 over, it’s easy to be sad and despondent that F5ing the internet no longer leads to game reveals. But while the biggest gaming event of the year is behind us, it doesn’t mean that we’ve seen everything there is to see. - PSLS

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raytraceme1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

2013, year of ps3. 2014, year of the ps4. I wonder if Sony will release something on 4/4/14 (A friday) :D

georgeenoob1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Whether announced with a small trailer or unannounced, don't expect it to release any time soon. Look at games like Last Guardian, Agent, and FF for christ sake. Doesn't this bother you guys? Or do you have to keep kissing Sony's 24/7?

kreate1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


If those are the only games ps3 have, than sure it will be irritating.

But that's not the case.

wastedcells1800d ago

PS4 will bring an amazing generation of games. It's going to put last gen to shame. Sony is firing on all cylinders.

shadow27971800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


Don't expect it to release anytime soon? Except, by Sony's own admission, there are 20 first party games releasing in the first year. You think the remaining 16 are all going to be delayed?

DonMingos1800d ago

@georgeenoob Don't you find irritating when you know that Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 are also coming to the PS4 later?

That is the problem with 3rd party exclusives, and we saw that last generation with Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden 2, Braid, Limbo, Deadly Premonition, the GTA dlc's, etc...

It must be irritating when you buy a console because you believe you can only play those games on that console and then they also come out on the other console that have the first party true exclusives.

grimmweisse1800d ago

Oh George your comments are thoroughly entertaining. Well what do you expect from "announced" exclusive? Do you expect them to magically just be announced and released.

Exclusives are exclusive for a reason, be it on a Sony, Nintendo or Xbox console. They need to make sure it's a system seller, in other words making a game as awesome as possible.

And so what if agent or the last guardian haven't been released yet, Sony is still producing and releasing other great titles. They will release those games when they feel its right, rather than a half arsed unfinished mess. You might not believe it but some developer strive for excellence.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1800d ago

Just mark georgeenoob as spam and move on.

andibandit1800d ago

I want to see more RPG, and none of that JRPG

reko1800d ago

George enjoy your kinect haha

3-4-51800d ago

ray....actually 2013 belonged to the 3DS but yea the PS3 is going on with a band considering all the good games they are releasing or have released in the past year.

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Mikelarry1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


2 questions

lottery numbers

who won eventually in the console war, please say its ouya :)

a08andan1801d ago

@Mikelarry: (Warning, a slightly immature comment for lolz)

It wasn't the Ouya. It was my penis. I, and everyone else played with it so much that it achieved total world domination.

Long live play!

MizTv1801d ago

UNCHARTED4 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr_Nuts1801d ago

I really don't see why they would call Uncharted 4 something different. Most people know the games don't really connect anyway, the only thing you will miss is the character development and the in game joke about past adventures.

I suppose Uncharted 1-3 could be classed as the Sir Francis Drake trilogy though since the first and last game revolves around him and even Drake himself in all games tries to live up to him.

MizTv1800d ago

whatever the hell you want to call it ok?

aceitman1800d ago

cant wait lbp3 reveal santa monica game reveals they have gamescon then Tokyo game show . more exclusives incoming.

soljah1800d ago

one of the big reasons to get a ps4. you just know there will be a steady stream of top notch exclusives from world wide studios for years to come.
actually at launch only 3 ofSony'ss studios will have games and there are close to 20 total worldwide?

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AznGaara1801d ago

Don't forget Sony's Studio Japan has a lot of teams as well. Heck this year they're giving us Rain, Puppeteer and Knack.

Sarobi1801d ago

Puppeteer is definitely one game I've had high on my list ever since they announced it.

Godmars2901801d ago

Definitely expecting more announcements at TGS.

imXify1801d ago

With Freedom Wars and the hidden Gravity Rush 2 :P

Sarobi1801d ago

I'm hoping that the tech demo thing MM showed off at the PS4 Reveal is a real game/app.. thje sculpting and building your own levels and stuff just seemed so cool.

TheLyonKing1801d ago

I would love a legacy of Kane game please.

Also wouldn't mind a couple new jrpgs!

skydragoonity1801d ago

Bright future with the ps4

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