45% of N4G users use Firefox

According to Sitemeter statistics, Firefox managed to secure 45% of N4G users while IE7 only has 29% of the N4G community using it. The remaining 26% is divided between IE6, Netscape and firefox 1.5 among others.

Hit the link to see the Pie Chart.


It should be noted that many Firefox users use AdBlockPlus which blocks web analytics websites like, this means that the actual number of Firefox users in N4G is way more than 45%.

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ChrisGTR13764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

how about fetching us the ammount of ps3 fanboys on this site. from what ive seen in agrees/dissagrees on most posts its somewhere in the 80%

and its not just here. if you want clear evidence go to forums. right there ul clearly see it as it has the number of users on each forum. ps3 section always has around 500 users. while 360 has 150. keep in mind gametrailers is known for being more on 360s side.

LeonSKennedy4Life3764d ago

It used to be the other way around, especially when it was

That was the WORST!

Me, LoveHateTragey(DJ at the time), MaddensRaiders, and many others had to fight off rabbid fanboys for hours upon HOURS!!!

It rocked!

ChrisGTR13764d ago

lol. well ive been here since it was called it was only 360 news. it was soo soo much better than it is now. no fighting no arguing , no stupid ass blueray news. it was paradise.

Bonsai12143764d ago

yeah, fighting off 360 fanboys was a good time back in the day. i still remember those days when Bill Gates, Nasim, etc would copy and paste responses.. hah

fenderputty3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

that had nothing to do with console fanboyism/flaming and turning it into one. Funny that you bring up arguing and such when you're clearly part of the cause.

What would be nice is to see is, people of both sides of the console divide getting along without pointing fingers and starting flames that don't need to be stared.

3764d ago
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decapitator3764d ago

Firefox is so full of win. I am part of that 45%..:)

Probotector3764d ago

Internet explorer kicks the sh1t out of FF.

m91058263764d ago

You have to REALLY love Microsoft to make a bold claim like that. And by love, I of course mean your have to REALLY be on their payroll.

gw4k3764d ago

We are getting closer to kicking IE out of here.
FireFox, I love you.
IE I really dislike you....a lot!
Flock, you rock as well (based on FireFox)
Opera, you are not bad as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.