The Last of Us Multiplayer Impressions and Tips

Junkie Monkeys: For the last couple of days The Last of Us multiplayer has consumed my soul. I recently decided to talk about my overall impressions of the multiplayer as well as share some tips for others struggling with the multiplayer mode.

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wishingW3L1734d ago

I still haven't touched the MP but it looks great.

princeofthabay1734d ago

I have really been enjoying it, you should try it.

Thatguy-3101734d ago

It's fun when you play with people that you talk too. There is a string emphasis on teamwork to win matches.

CharlesDCI1734d ago

I love this game so far but haven't touched the MP yet. I will soon though so thanks for this video!

Drabent1734d ago

Its like uncharted and max payne online, clucky, slow, chessy, fun-for-first-3-days-then-u-go -back-to-bf3....but atleast u can execute ppl-_-.

ddurand11734d ago

i agree. but ive only played it 2-3 times.

nothing compelling enough to stay on.

i was really hoping for co-op horde type mode ala cod zombies that I could play with a friend.

dcortz20271734d ago

Well, TLOU's single player is the big enchilada, the multi-player portion of the game is the sour cream on top, hmmm.. I'm hungry now :(

Riderz13371734d ago

clucky? Dafuq.

I enjoy the multi player, but only when I'm playing with friends. It's not the type of game where you can lone wolf it and just go rambo. Doesn't work like that. The game is much more enjoyable when you play with people you know and use tactics.

Healing each other/giving each other items is awesome and I love the fact that they brought the crafting system into the game.

I also enjoy that health does not regenerate but you have to actually bandage yourself up. It creates an element of tension, especially when it's a 1v1 situation and you're trying to heal as your enemy approaches you.

I think the one thing that I dislike is the lack of content. 2 game modes and very minimal amount of weapons/maps makes me feel that the multi player will get boring and dull in a couple of weeks. Was hoping for more variety in weapons and, as I said before, the 2 game modes is very disappointing.

The multi player isn't anything extraordinary but I can confidentially say that when you are playing with a party of 4, it sure is a hell of a lot of fun.

Sorry for the long message =P

Utalkin2me1734d ago

Well i actually disagree with you on most things. Sure it is fun to play with mates. But the problem is gets boring owning everyone, and repeatedly doing the same thing over and over. Cause the lack of maps and content. So i do try to play lone wolf to make it challenging.

I can have fun playing with mates in any game. Just the multiplayer in this is already getting old quick.

uncharted561734d ago

If you suck at it sure. Its meant to be played with friends and using voice chat. Think of a more fast paced socom but not nearly as tactical. I have been playing since Friday and its addicting specially in the moments when you are the only one left and u gotta take out four ppl. On a side not some guns are overpowered like the god damn hunting rifle

HammadTheBeast1734d ago

Lol BF3. The game is terrible cause the noobs who still play it ruined the whole game by begging Dice to kill vehicles and nerf pretty much every gun except the Premium ones.

Drabent1733d ago

Yep but must hold on til bf4 heheh.

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i just tried the mp today, its very interesting.

VsAssassin1734d ago

This game's MP has a strong emphasis on camaraderie. Having a headset to chat with your friends is also key to winning. The level system is very subtle too in that your level rank is based on your survival and not on earned currency. I love the MO so far - very different. That said, I know ND can improve upon this template. I would like to see random events happening in real time rather than text-based.

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