DRM is the future so deal with it

TruTechNoid Writes

"People moaned then about Xbox live needing a broadband connection and they are moaning now about the 24 hour check in service needed by the XBOX ONE but Microsoft know what they are doing, they can see where the future of video games are going and they are not scared to be the first to kick it off in the home console ecosystem and they don’t care if they take you there kicking and screaming. It will happen and if you think SONY at some point wont latch on to this idea and implement this into their system in the future then you are hugely underestimating the way business works."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It probably is but not to the extint Microsoft is applying it. Microsoft is way overdoing it IMO.

liorishot1675d ago

I bought the game for full price it is mine, if I buy a car for full price I can sell it, put it on fire or anything but with xbox one your buying the permission to use the game and nothing else even though I have paid for the physicality of the disc.

GadgetGooch1675d ago

Regardless of what people think of the situation in the end physical based media is on it's way out and this is just another way of blending the two together, When you buy a digital version of a game you cant trade that in or lend it to a friend can you? People don't moan about that do they? This is basically the same this generation, Most likely by the end of this generation most games will be streamed or downloaded and physical media will start to become less and less available and TBH it will be a sad day when i can no longer buy a game from a shop and have it in a physical collection but the way things are going we won't have much oil left in the next ten years or so so how do you expect all these disc's and case's to be made? it's an impossibility, it's actually better for environment going digital and also publishers and developers get 100% of the profit which means more money for them to make bigger and better games for us the consumer, I don't understand why people can't see this. It's not the end of the world it's just a change in how things work, as long as you get to game on your favorite titles on your own or with your friends then whats the difference?

Death1674d ago


Grab any of your PS3 games and read the User Agreement that is printed in the owners manual. We do not own the software, we lease the experience. The User Agreement makes it clear we can not sell the game, rent it, lease it, etc. Until recently there really was no way to enforce the Agreement. Digital Downloads enforce it which is why we don't get an ISO to keep and make copies of.

The XboxOne has a very nice feature that allows us to store all of our games on the HDD and not have to keep the disc in the drive to verify we have the game. In order to do this, the system needs to make sure we didn't trade the games or sell them to someone else. This is the 24 hour check everyone is bitching about. Without it, game sharing and having a digital library are useless.

We are not selling "our rights" since we never had them to begin with. Our rights are outlined in the User Agreement that we all seem to convieniently choose not to read or believe.

mitchell11881674d ago

Then they can keep their games. I don't make bad investments willingly.

ArronC071674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

@Death you own the licence and should be able to trade that in, lend it or sell it to a third party. This is recognised in EU law.

@GadegtGooch- Physical media isn't on the way out. I can still buy CD's more than 10 years after they 'died.'

psyxon1674d ago

i used to let friends download my digital titles on psn all the time lol.



There's a difference between Hardware and Software. We own the hardware, read sony terms again, before it goes into that list it clearly says "Unless expressly authorised by us, you must not" We are authorize to be able to resell our games and stuff by law. Anyway those agreements only applies to the software, it's even in caps lock at the beginning of the terms. You have to realize that when we purchase something, we have a certain type of ownership license on that certain object, unless you agree to something that says something otherwise. I know this because I've took a Intellectual property/business class.

BattleAxe1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

To the author:

You're right, lets just throw our hands up in the air and wave them like we just don't care. To hell with consumer choice and consumer preference, lets just have Microsoft and others run rough shot over the general population.

If you want to sit there and do nothing, or support heavy DRM policies, then be my guest, but don't try to tell people to "just deal with it" and let it happen, You need to grab a frick'n brain. According to Hitler, Fascism was the future, and I'm sure that the people back then should have "just dealt with it", right?

ginsunuva1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

You can sell the disc. No problem.

But the software on it can come with whatever restrictions the creator places.

SonyPS41674d ago


"Grab any of your PS3 games and read the User Agreement that is printed in the owners manual. We do not own the software, we lease the experience."

I stopped reading after reading experience. I will assume you're a corporate shill or a MS lawyer.

JokesOnYou1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Death didn't say he like it, he's just telling you the law, its unpopular I get it but who didn't think for years now that devs were not eventually going to start enforcement. ...the writings been on the wall with online passes. Other than drm heres how I see the other things micro has fortunately influenced the market in positive ways:

Xbox made sony realize ps3 needed online.

360 made sony serious about a robust online environment where multiplayer has become almost standard.

X1 will show sony that the future is DD, being connected, maximizing social gaming in the digital age where convenience will be a key factor.

-Watch and see, ps4 this gen will adopt some of micros major strategies, well where ps4 design allows...then it will be OK.

DigitalRaptor1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Any company that doesn't respect that when in their consumer base, exists a large number of people who enjoy physical presentation and the desire to actually own a hard-copy of a piece of entertainment/art, well frankly they don't deserve to be in the business.

Microsoft are forcing the industry to place where they can manage and control everything on their end, and that is through the power of networking.

Back to the point: why do special packaged editions get produced for films and television releases, books, and games? It's the experience of owning and enjoying the presentation of a product. When you want to gift a friend or family member a TV box set or a game, do they get excited for a token to download it online? Unwrapping a present to open an envelope with "Download Halo 7" printed on a card. Consumers like and always will like physical goods, despite the industry opening more avenues and options to experience entertainment.

An all digital future destroys this culture that millions of people enjoy.

So it won't happen. Books are still going strong despite the tablet and e-book craze. CDs are still here despite iTunes and will be here for many, many years. Blu-rays are going strong despite Netflix. Physical games will be here for many, many years - at least as far as Sony and Nintendo are concerned.

I respect a company that gives people options rather than force their vision of the future whilst sacrificing your ownership status. There's no way I'll support such behavior, when there's demand for digital and physical.


@ JokesOnYou

PS4 will also demonstrate to Microsoft that the same can be done without them being restrictive, anti-consumer knobs.

DragonKnight1674d ago

"DRM is the future so #dealwithit."

Did Adam Orth right this garbage?

I hate this B.S. attitude.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, something is only the future if WE let it be, not because some losers say it's going to be. Companies can only exist on our money, no money, no B.S. tactics.

These blogs defending Micro$oft are becoming tiresome.

greenlantern28141674d ago

@GadgetGooch you must be joking it will 10 years till everything is digital only, if ever people are willing and some may even prefer to have the disc. think about some one who has no internet how can they buy if it is only digital. and by then there will be new consoles because there is no such thing as future prof consoles. unless the manufacturers start letting the people who buy them upgrade the hardware. so no need for their drm policies. and if you watched gametrailers tv coverage of e3 most of the big game devs where asked about making their games drm and all seemed to say they had not made the decision or said it was unlikely.

theaceh1674d ago

It just makes me sad to think that in the near future, new games will excite me as much as new music does today. I simply don't know (or care) who sings or plays what anymore.

ShinMaster1674d ago

We may be moving into an age of digitally downloaded games, but physical copies STILL exist.

PS2 already had online and so did the Dreamcast.
I played Socom II, Final Fantasy XI, Syphon Filter:OS and several other games which were broadband only + voice chat on the PS2.

SilentNegotiator1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


" ...the writings been on the wall with online passe"
The ones dropped by both Sony and EA? Riiiiight.

"Xbox made sony realize ps3 needed online"

+1 trolling. There's no way you don't know that ps2 had lots of games playable online.

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miyamoto1675d ago

Another FUD from M$ PR camp

here is the true fact about Sony's DRM

"Hollywood studios insisted that players be equipped with digital rights management before they would release movies for the new format, and they wanted a new DRM system that would be more secure than the failed Content Scramble System (CSS) used on DVDs."

That is as far as it would go for Sony DRM


rainslacker1674d ago

There will be those that don't understand the difference in your comparison.

CSS, and whatever they use on Blu-Ray, is to combat the piracy which is rampant in the movie industry. It is not meant as a means to prevent 2nd hand sales. With movies, you still have ownership of the discs you buy.

Saigon1674d ago

I am starting to wonder if people are actually reading this article. The author makes a claim that makes no sense or I must have read this wrong. He states:

"SONY stated that while the PS4 won’t have a strict need to connect to the internet to play games they did say that third-party publishers such as Ubisoft, EA and Activision could at any time implement DRM into their own games meaning that unless you have an internet connection there will be no chance of playing"

The first part of this statement was correct but the second part is incorrect. In order to validate the disc, you must have an internet connection. Unless there is some super programming that is applied on the disk that recognizes when it is played on different machines; which to my knowledge does not exist. Due to that fact it makes his whole argument mute.

rainslacker1674d ago


There actually is a way to individualize discs. Each disc can be coded with an individual serial number which is readable by the laser. I'm not aware of any commercially available Blu-Ray that does this however, for games or movies. I imagine X1 will implement something like this for their discs though, unless they plan on sending serial numbers with every retail game, which just cost money to include.

Otherwise, it wouldn't render the disc unplayable on a different system, but it could effect online play in the same way online passes effect it now.

I believe that Sony clarified their stance that any DRM the publisher implements would be on the online aspects of the game, not single player content. And they wouldn't allow restriction of a new game. Little fuzzy on the exact quote, and can't find it right now.

Saigon1674d ago


I see what you are saying but this author did not clarify that stance. Now that I recall there is something in the blu-ray disk that does allow each individualism but it still needs to be authenticated via the internet. It is one of the codes BRA uses to validate the authentification of the disk. Pretty much it cuts down on piracy. For single player games this addition is mute, because it wouldn't affect an off line console but for any online play, it is something different. This author pretty much stated that if you want to play the game, you need to be online, which is entirely wrong.

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wastedcells1675d ago

If DRM is the future then we all failed. Freedom should be the future. Not Corperations owning our freedom or them selling it back to us

AngelicIceDiamond1674d ago

It sucks that next gen consoles are opting to some of PC terrible features.

decrypt1674d ago

Well difference is PC gamers revolt and crack drms, hence forcing publishers to remove DRM.

Since consoles are closed platforms, there is no question of such a revolt happening. Console gamers have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to rights.

AznGaara1674d ago

Oh please even steam has an offline mode you can play for over 24 hours.

dedicatedtogamers1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I reject the notion that digital is the future. I flat-out reject it. Books, movies, and music are still alive and available in physical format, even though digital streaming/downloading has been available for many more years compared to console videogames. Music is actually a great example of this: iTunes has been out for a decade, but CDs still sell over 200 million per year, not to mention the recent popularity surge of vinyl records. Most alternative artists (i.e. not Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga) release their albums concurrently on CD, vinyl, and digital.

I love it when people bring up how PC is mostly digital as if that points to the future direction of gaming. First, PC gaming still isn't all digital. Plenty of PC games can be purchased on a disk. I have B:Infinite, Dishonored, and XCOM physical discs sitting on my shelf right now, just to name three recent PC games.

Second, and MORE importantly, PC went mostly-digital as a response to shrinking shelf space in the retail environment and the lose-lose problem of dealing with piracy. Consoles are not faced with a shrinking retail presence, and consoles are not faced with rampant piracy.


exactly. DRM exists in some form on even current gen consoles. thats why EA is allowed to charge us a fee for a new online pass on a used game. Just because online passes exist though, doesnt mean that were all ready to have 24 hour check ins and a one-time-borrow game policy.
its so pathetic to hear companies try and use this justification. "you werent ready for MS's broadband internet policy in 2002, but you adopted it sooner or later. same thing with MS's DRM policy."

No. back in 2002 the broadband-only thing was a huge pain, but broadband internet was absolutely the way of the future when it came to internet speeds. in a lot of ways, requiring broadband was actually a really positive step because it would be coming sooner or later with or without MS. MS's DRM policies are in no way a positive step for anyone aside from MS. broadband internet in 2002 was a pain for some. MS's DRM policies are an injustice. deal with that.

greenlantern28141674d ago

ea has said they are or may already have removed their online passes. but that is not the same thing. that is one game maker doing what it wants not forcing all game makers to do what the system maker wants or forcing people to have internet. and if you dont want to play the online or can not play the online aspects of a game you dont have to buy the online pass. if ms made this optional for game devs to use some would and then to take advantage of their games you would need online but you should not be forced to do something you dont want to. and that is just 1 reason people are pre ordering ps4 over xb1 at a huge rate. on amazon and at game stop and probably anywhere else you can pre order them

1674d ago
rainslacker1674d ago

This "digital is the future" crap is the exact reason why MS new policies irk me.

It's MS deciding it's the future, not the consumer. MS is not talking to the consumers to get their feedback on if digital is what they even want. It's not taking into account the negatives of a digital future, and instead only looks at the digital future in the most myopic of ways to benefit them and their partners. The consumer is just an afterthought. The consumer in this discussion is just, "Oh yeah, we should do something to try to make it appealing, but not enough to actually not benefit us. They will get it anyways because we've been saying it's the future for so long now". This mentality of them believing we'll just accept whatever bone they throw us is unbelievably insulting.

Digital only may be the future, but it is not my preferred future, and it certainly isn't the present for a majority of the people out there. I also don't believe it has to be the only future. The fact is...retail and DD can happily coexist, as is evidenced by every other entertainment medium today; movies, books, music, games, etc.

ArronC071674d ago

It's only true if people buy the XBONE and encourage it. Just like it was with day one DLC and micro-transactions in AAA games.

Its simple, don't reward it by buying it and then it really ISN'T inevitable.

mistecheese1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

let's face it, eventually the ENTIRETY of the urban world will one day be CONSTANTLY connected to the internet. :P (not that we aren't mindless zombies already, lol)

But the world isn't ready for that, YET.

I'm sure Microsoft is going to go down their own path, and SONY will go down theirs. And since they are both next generation consoles, they will both do well. Regardless of restrictions or lack there of.

But I like what SONY is doing, its smart! Letting the competition implement something first and getting the heat for it from the community; and then SONY implementing a perfected version of it in console generations to come.

;) Clever girl.

(EDIT: I mean the concept of connectivity, not the anti-consumer-kinect-stalking- bullsh*t)

ThatsGaming1674d ago

MS is not overdoing it. MS states that once you put the game in you X1 on your account you own it both on disc and in the cloud.

That means two things... First, they must keep validating that you own it (They have chosen 24 hrs.)... Second, that means you own the game according to MS marketplace. You no longer have to purchase the digital copy as well. Buy once and you own both the cloud and disc version.

If I buy a PS4 and the publishers implement DRM, then you only own the disc and not the cloud version (PS Store) according to how things are right now.

So if the publisher implements DRM across both consoles you actually are better off with an X1 because you own both the cloud version and disc version.

Bhai1674d ago

Haha, MS cloud is a fog actually, Gaikai is the true cloud service, tried and tested... Sony owns it. Your big 'if' is quite at rest with that Gaikai thing due out in 2014... and that is with that 'if' really hehe!

Also, no, you don't own a x1 disc as you purchase at retail, you only own the license to play it. If a server is down, or internet service in your area is down due to repairment and/or Katrina destruction, you CAN'T play any of your so called 'owned' games as you don't actually own them at all. Its MS' car, you can get to their office and drive it, and then have to park it back haha!.
Also, that in 5 or so years, your purchase will be obsolete, good luck playing it on an emulator :)

Bhai1674d ago

Haha, so is 3rd world war, so should we start preparing for it?

These articles are such nutjobs, even if the crappy DRM comes around in 4-5 years, why try to bring it now, Sony is on good side as they are fighting it, not supporting it!

meetajhu1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Let me tell you this way

1. You buy a movie ticket you cannot resell after watching movie. And the movie doesn't belong to you coz you paid that 10$
2.Same way you buy the game it costs 60$ and it doesn't belong to you. Heck even the ps3 console doesn't belong to you. Coz you cannot tamper your console. Or Sony file case on you like they did to geohot.

3hrs movie = 10$
8-16hr game = 60$

Deal with it.

And let the disagrees float!

BallsEye1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

You forgot the benefits like FAMILY SHARING which is huge, 10 people from ANYWHERE with library of 10 each can play 100 titles! (you only buy 10!) THIS IS HUGE and many people seem to overlook it. Being able to access your friends library and play it unlimited INSTANTLY is great (2 consoles can play same copy at once, the owner and the person who borrows). How is that not a benefit?

Another example. I just bought Fable 4 MMO , call my mate on skype through xbox n say Yo I just bought fable 4 just go to my library and check it out. He plays it, he likes it but would like to go multiplayer with me (unless 2 users can play multiplayer in the same time on one copy, not sure, single player confirmed tho) so all he does is purchace his lincence of the game through XBL in seconds and BAM he got the game of his own, no need to download or go buy the disc. That's pretty awesome .

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wishingW3L1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

then thank god that future is not now. ;)

Kanzes1675d ago

Sooner or later, Sony will implement DRM too.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1675d ago

Sooner or later, Sony will implement DRM too.

Well not this gen Kanzes so lets talk in about 7 years when ps5 is out.

miyamoto1675d ago Show
rainslacker1674d ago

Does that make it OK then?

Saints941675d ago

Nice title, not going to get any backlash at at all.

GadgetGooch1675d ago

I'm expecting backlash, It's about time people wake up and see what's coming and just embrace it instead of moaning about it.

Mr_Nuts1675d ago

Your the problem with the gaming industry today

People like you think that gamers standing up for their rights, freedom, opinions = Moaning, complaining, being a whiner etc

Honestly... <sigh>

Outside_ofthe_Box1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

lol you're saying that we should just bend over and let it happen?

We should embrace not being able to play offline whenever we want for as long as we want?

We should embrace not being able to sell or lend a game to whomever we want?

If it weren't for people "moaning" I bet the XB1 would be far more restrictive than it is now.

Thanks to people NOT "dealing with it" and NOT embracing DRM as the future publishers are now afraid to be pro DRM and anti-used games.

Prior to XB1 reveal there was a lot of talk about used games hurting the industry. After E3 we now have everyone except Cliffy saying used games aren't bad/are good for consumers to have.

If you don't mind bending over then fine, good for you, but you shouldn't have any issue with people that refuse to bend over. What does it matter to you? No matter how things turn out you'd have no problem with it so why do you care if people want their rights to remain the way it is today hmm?

HammadTheBeast1675d ago

Just stop.

SimCity says hi. Embrace that.

I for one, won't embrace throwing my rights out the window. But other people have lower standards.

blackmanone1674d ago

He's expecting hits. Plain and simple.

LordAtrocity1674d ago

As long as consumers stand up and make a stand against DRM then no it wont be the future. Even steam dont need you to be online to play and just because you can or because people have the internet doesn't mean they should. Their is a lot of examples of people not being able to access the internet all the time ( within 24 hours) whether their provider is crap and cuts out or in relation to where they live. If you look at consumers you can see a lot of people going for the PS, some will embrace it some won't. The amount of backlash games have got for implementing DRM is a clear indication to how consumers feel. We have the right to play our games, regardless of the services we have, what if MS decide to stop supporting it and just say nah I'm afraid you can't play your games, you can however go and rebuy them for our new console and pay a crazy amount for this. I'm not saying that more companies wont embrace it and maybe Sony will (eventually) but no people shouldnt have to stand by and let it happen and consumers are sending that message to sony. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the DRM Sony meant was in regards to companies having a code required to play online, in regards to buying 2nd hand games and or only online games, but single play games, is just a bad idea.

rainslacker1674d ago

Or we could tell them what it is we want so we get what we want, instead of what they want.

It's pretty apparent you only consider the corporate interest in all this. Your time would be much better spent on the consumer side, since I'm going to assume that's the category that you fall in to.

The future is what the customer makes it. Companies can influence the customer, but that doesn't mean the customer will accept everything blindly, smiling while lapping up what they see as an inevitability. It's that exact attitude that you have that makes it so corporations can so easily dictate to us what the future is.


your attempted justification for the coming of DRM such a weak use of fallacy.

"back in 2002, you didnt like the broadband only internet but you eventually got it anyway. same thing with xbox ones DRM."

so many things wrong with that i wouldnt even know where to start.

KingMe421674d ago

Your head is so far up your own arse

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Snakefist301675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

No Drm is not the Future!!

CaEsAr-1675d ago

He needs a ,

No, DRM is not the future.

SpideySpeakz1675d ago

No DRM is the future, you meant?

ion6661674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

There is a lot english majors in here correcting this guy. chill out.You knew what he meant.No one spell checks everything they write on this's not that serious.lolz

MegaMohsi1675d ago

PC has DRM yet it is the most pirated platform, so what good is DRM?

SpideySpeakz1675d ago

Its like my parents told me: If you treat people like animals and criminals, they will act like animals and criminals.