Rare Confirms Banjo-Kazooie For 2008 Release

1UP writes:

"Do you remember Banjo-Kazooie? We could swear we this game got announced a while back, but it's been so long since we've received any new information about the 360 platformer that it may have all been some strange fever dream.

Or not! Rare community manager George Kelion stopped by NeoGAF in a thread regarding the new official site for their upcoming platformer, Banjo-Kazooie. He responded to a few concerns of forum-goers and confirmed that the game is still on track for a "Holidays 2008" release, as well as that Banjo-Kazooie creator Gregg Mayles is still the lead designer for the 360-bound title."

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decapitator3766d ago

Excellent news. I have been waiting for the right opportunity to try a Banjo game and this is going to be my first..cant wait.

Altis13766d ago

You are in for a treat. I want the first one to be on the arcade but I bet that Nintendo's greedy president may say otherwise.

decapitator3766d ago

This will be my first one, what should I expect ? I have heard nothing but great things about the previous ones so far...?

creeping judas3766d ago

It was a good platformer for its time. It game out shortly after mario64 which turned the platformer on a 360 axis by going into a 3D world. What B&K did was take and make it 10 times better. As mentioned below, the story, the graphics, the gameplay were all stellar back then.

Rare has to do something special here to make sure that this new one is as good as the original. big shoes to fill.

sonarus3766d ago

rare hasn't really shown their TRUE colors since they joined microsoft. Banjo Kazooie 3 is their chance to redeem themselves. I am still sort of skeptical on the release date though considering no footage has been shown. However even if it slips into 09 it is still ok

Xi3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

rare has doing consistantly better after joining ms.

near the end of their time with nintendo, rare was producing such games as star fox adventures. Now they're creating stellar titles like kameo and viva pinata.

edit for below
goldeneye, perfect dark ect. Were all made before the majority of the team left for other developers like radical games (maker of timesplitters). Towards the end of their career with nintendo they were actually producing some very mediocre titles due to problems between the developer and nintendo.

Most of their games towards the end were pretty bad titles for the gba. Not to mention they stopped producing games. After joing MS they have released more games for the Xbox then they did for the gamecube, including, grabbed by the ghoulies and conkers. (compared to just star fox adventures for the gamecube)

It seems like MS has actually given them a bit more freedom at the pressure of making games.

I agree, in rare's hay day on the N64 they were king, but that one part of their career isn't a good sample of all their work, they started to die during last gen, with the gamecube.

(it was fasa studios, maker of the mech warrior, crimson skies, and shadow run series, 3 of the greatest ever)

killax35633766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Before MS: Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazoie, Diddy Kong Racing, Conker's Bad Fur Day (Xbox version don't count bc/ thats same game, simple port; Rare did 95% of the work BEFOREMS bought them), Killr Insinct, donkey kong 64,

after MS: perfect dark zero and those two games u mentioned

Rare bf ms >>> Rare after ms

no contest. rare was MUCH MUCH more productive before ms.

game developers chaft under ms, bungie went indy, rare is much less productive, and a studeio folded (forgot thet name).

kevoncox3766d ago

I don't know why you doubt the release date.
Ms has told us time and time again. Tey are focus on showing games coming out the same year. It was the reason their E3 last year was Great but didn't show anything for 2008. People assumed it was because they had nothing for 2008. Wrong!Now we have:
3)Halo Wars
5)Alan Wake
6)Fable 2
7)Too Human

I think tis lineup is better than last years.
Again nothing against sony's lineup. Just talking about the positives in the 360 lineup. E3 08 is going to give alot of info.

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Massacre3766d ago

Yesssssssss this will be awesome. I will be picking this up along with LBP if they launch together.

green3766d ago

Great great news.I do need a next gen platformer badly.Hope they don't wait until E3 to show us more on the game.

ChrisGTR13766d ago

booo! i want a proper perfect dark sequel! not pdz as it was rushed and glitchy

Expy3766d ago

Need more information about this game, know nothing about it so far.

decapitator3766d ago

According to the community manager, more details will be revealed soon. Am thinking E3 or some Microsoft's own event.

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