Nintendo: We're tweaking, re-balancing the blue shell in Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has revealed that the infamous blue shell will return in Mario Kart 8 but they are looking at how they can change how it works and ask for fan feedback on it.

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deafdani1923d ago

It's simple, Nintendo: make the blue shell wreck EVERYONE in the race ahead of the player that shot it, not just the person in first place.

That way, the person that shot it has a chance to get into first place (along with any other player behind him).


Myst1923d ago

That'd be perfect rather than being hit by like 2 blue shells almost at the same time and watching everyone pass you >_>

mcstorm1922d ago

I think it should be like the blue shell from the N64 where it runs along the ground and will hit anyone in its path if they are near it.

GuruStarr781923d ago

Just make it slightly easier to avoid... still keep it difficult, but not nearly impossible... like it has been.

Damd_Bowsr1923d ago

I like your idea defdani, hopefully Nintendo is listening.

MNGamer-N1923d ago

What sucked is when you are about to win the race, then get blue shelled and end up in 8th place. That's what sucked about the KartWii.

linkenski1923d ago

I don't trust them. they said they did the same with MK7. It was still friggin annoying. What they need to fix is giving us manual drifting back again. It takes so much of the skill away when the drifting is based on how long you hold it.

ZeroX98761922d ago

I loved mario kart on the original DS, it's probably the lastest game in the series that I enjoyed that much (not that the other are bad).

hoping to see this feature come back, but there's little to no chance, since it's way more noob friendly without it and nintendo tends to go the casual gamer way (younger audience).

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The story is too old to be commented.