PS4′s RAM Means That inFamous: Second Son Destruction Lasts, Sucker Punch Reveals

inFamous: Second Son had a very good E3 2013, with Sony and Sucker Punch announcing that we’ll be able to play it in the first quarter of 2014 on PS4, while also being given a stunning gameplay video. In that video, you’ll have noticed quite a bit of destruction taking place, but when Delsin did his divebomb at 5:10, the dinosaur statue that was once standing crumbled into pieces. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1588d ago

I like my actions to have consequences.

Prcko1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

my apologies
on topic:
Is this something like just cause 2 system?

Koyes1588d ago

inFAMOUS: SS is already the first launch game I will buy and this news just makes me more happy of my future purchase :D I would love to see cars flung into buildings and leaving massive holes in them and then have workers fixing it

TrendyGamers1588d ago


Second Son is out Q1 2014. Are you waiting until then to get a PS4?

Koyes1588d ago

Looks like Watchdogs_ will be my launch title then

Kevin ButIer1588d ago

I'll spare time on GTAV and BF4 on holidays... and this baby will be mine in Q1 2014

GameSpawn1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


Considering the demand for the PS4, Second Son would be a launch game for some as they may not get a PS4 that they order AT launch until close to Second Son's release date (assuming Second Son is an early Q1 2014 release and not a late one).

I can say no one that gets a PS4 at or near launch will be starving for good games as Sony has a pretty decent line up. I'd advise anyone that is 100% on getting a next gen system to avoid the current gen versions of games like Watch Dogs and get the next gen versions as there will be more detail and better draw distances and maybe included downloadable content (as a preorder bonus most likely) that releases between the PS3/360 versions and the PS4/XB1 versions.

KumquatGOATBEEF1587d ago

I'm going to guess that Just Cause 2 could do it because they had two different states of each object: undamaged or destroyed. Once you destroyed it the game would then just load the destroyed state of that object and it wouldn't be taxing on the RAM.

From what I gather here, inFamous will render damage on everything no matter how little or small and the damage will be there permanently. To do this on, presumably, thousands of objects in inFamous would be an incredible feat.

I really don't know if that's the way it works, but showing damage on every little thing in inFamous would still be different than showing damage on selected objects (Just Cause 2).

Ritsujun1587d ago

This baby's frigging sexy.

Boody-Bandit1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Infamous is my 2nd favorite series this gen (PS3/360) only behind the Uncharted series. Second Son is going to be amazing! Everything I have seen on it is simply incredible. This just makes me want it all the more. It gives us soon to be PS4 consumers something to look forward to early next year. We will have plenty of games to hold us over until then.

I can't wait to see what else Sony's 1st party studios have in store for us gamers. Next gen is going to be one hell of a ride. All I want to know now is when will the PS4 hit store shelves. The sooner the better. Although I still have games yet to finish this gen. Yes Last of Us I'm looking at you. <- The adventure begins (for me) Thusday

kupomogli1587d ago

It's different, because on Just Cause 2, shortly after you destroy something the objects are no longer there. They quickly disappear. The ones that do remain are like KumquatGOATBEEF mentioned and there's an explosion and it changes from standing structure to destroyed structure.

In Infamous Second Son, everything that is damaged remains damaged. Now I don't know how this works after you save and reload. Maybe everything is no longer damaged then or if it's saved that way and once you reload it stays that way permanently. I'd personally rather have it so if I saved then reload it'd go back to normal, so if I wanted to I could cause destruction again to the normal areas.

We also don't know if it'll have a system like Just Cause where there are facilities you can blow up. If there are those, then yeah. Those should stay destroyed. But like buildings and such that you can damage. I'd like them repaired when I load my game.

jony_dols1587d ago

Red Faction Guerrilla's destruction remained on the 360 & PS3. Quite an achievement on 512mb RAM ...RIP THQ

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jujubee881588d ago

Really, when you think about it this kind of thing is next gen conceptual stuff realized.

ZodTheRipper1587d ago

The way it's being explained here makes it nothing special, we saw that stuff this gen already. But I'm sure it will be very noticeable while playing the game. One of my most-wanted games right now.

abzdine1588d ago

great news from a great game!

Greatness awaits

KwietStorm1588d ago

I don't. ..scratch scratch..

theaceh1588d ago

True, I miss the GAME OVER screens too!

madara0sama1587d ago

Consequences will never be the same!

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ftwrthtx1588d ago

The series will be awesome on the PS4

TrendyGamers1588d ago

This could lead to many hours of random destroying.

TheBossMan1587d ago

I'm gonna $*#% up a bunch of stuff and come back to make sure it's exactly the way I $#%$ed it up, just to be sure.

PockyKing1588d ago'd be so so sooo cool if they used the GeoMOD system in Red Faction. Just think about it. You choose the evil path and just completely level the city. Think I need to make that game...haha

Ashlen1588d ago

Red Factions destructible terrain was well done. I'm surprised and disappointed destructible terrain didn't become more popular.

Mr_Nuts1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I think destructible environments will become popular during the new gen.

Especially in open world games...I really want a GTA game where I could shoot a RPG into a skyscraper and a chunk of the building would be missing, then later on you would see people repairing it.

I_am_Batman1587d ago

That's maily because it gives you the option to go wherever you want at any time. It's hard to give players so much power without giving them the option to mess up the whole game. For example you could destroy a building that is important for the story later on. I'm not saying it is impossible for devs to prevent such problems but it results in a lot more work for them.

wishingW3L1588d ago

Ram is open-world game's best friend. ;)

despair1588d ago

Considering both consoles have blu-ray drives and massive amounts of ram I think this is the open world generation of gaming.

Foliage1588d ago

7GB of super fast PS4 RAM available to games; along with 5 GB of dated slow RAM for Xbox One.

It's definitely a step up from this last generation of gaming.

vickers5001588d ago

Yeah, that much was clear during E3.

Watch Dogs
The Division
inFamous Second Son
The Crew
Mirror's Edge 2
MGSV: The Phantom Pain
Dragon Age 3
Assassin's Creed IV
Elder Scrolls Online
Planetside 2 (does that count? not sure)
Dead Rising 3
Sunset Overdrive (I think it's open world)
Dying Light
Need for Speed Rivals (think this one is open)
Thief 4 (probably more open ended)
The Witness
The Witcher 3

Feel free to add more, I'm sure I missed some.

But yeah, lots of open world games for next gen, which is music to my ears as open world games are my favorite kind of games.

Irishguy951587d ago

Foliage...did you just say "Dated slow ram"? Do you even know what the difference between GDDR5 and DDR3 is? Doesn't seem like you do.

Convas1587d ago

@Foliage: DDR3 is dated now? When did DDR4 become the standard?

Even when it sounds good, it's trolling with you people.

Reverent1587d ago

Well technically guys, DDR3 is outdated and old. So is GDDR5 in that same respect. At least they will be soon. That doesn't change the fact that GDDR5 is still much better for gaming than DDR3 though.

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WeskerChildReborned1588d ago

Can't wait till we see a GTA game that takes advantage of the RAM :D

ZodTheRipper1587d ago

2018 that is. But waiting won't be as much of a problem with that many good games, including a next gen RDR or maybe even Agent.