E3 2013: AMD Talks Next Gen and Doubles Down on PC

Hardcore Gamer You may be surprised to learn that AMD is in all three of the major consoles, and less surprised to find that they won't tell us crap about which one is more powerful than the other.

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gamernova1618d ago

Why not? I am a PC gamer and I wish to be informed about the future of my platform of choice.

Virtual_Reality1618d ago

AMD will release GDDR6 memory next year!

starchild1618d ago

And the march of progress on PCs coninues ever onward. Going to be great.

jamz41618d ago

looking forward to what GCN 2 can produce

PCpower1618d ago

They need to Hurry up with Kaveri CPU and the next iteration of their video cards. The Green team already released their 700 series and Intel released their Haswell CPU's. Come on AMD! You are letting your enemies get the foothold on you. I am tired of Intel and their prices and tired of Nvidia charging $1000 for a video card...We need some AMD goodness.

NioRide1618d ago

Umm, AMD has a $1000 video card as well, its the 7990.

TOSgamer1617d ago

Not to mention AMD were the ones who started the price increases upping the price of their top card the 6970 at $380 to $550 for the 7970. A 50% price increase.

Hazmat131618d ago

I've always loved AMD, I've been trying to piece together a Gaming PC and the cheapest one i got is using mostly AMD parts.

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