Surfer Girl: Admits she's wrong, new Ubisoft game, new Simpsons game and more

Surfer girl writes: "I learned a few days ago it was a sequel, not spiritual successor (yes, that information was wrong), coming to PS360, official announcement later this year, release next year. I chose to believe this and not believe the new Swordfish-developed UE3-powered 50 Cent game is set in the Middle East featuring gameplay similar to Gears of War. At least I did not believe this report as being fact. Finally, Ubisoft has a fashion design casual title and a team at EA RS is currently working away at a new Simpsons title"

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Violater3526d ago

Ahh Surfer girl
She/He is like the gaming world's Heidi Fleiss

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njd823526d ago

Why do we even bother with this person?

We have enough speculation, rumors and "words on the grape vine" from proper gaming websites and fanboys without the hack who makes a side career out of it.

Surfer Girl should be ignored.

Teh-Venom3526d ago

yeah i've asking myself "who the hell is surfer girl?"

novaIS3503526d ago

Surfer Girl is probably some fat guy.

creeping judas3526d ago

"surfer girl should be ignored"

that is true, but my question to you is? If you think she should be ignored, why are you posting in a news segment about her, instead of ignoring her?

gw4k3526d ago

Keep your stories to yourself....but share more pictures!

GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE....Oh crap, my wife is home!

Asurastrike3526d ago

That picture isn't her...

Farsendor13526d ago

wow theres a whole lot of users i haven't seen on the site anyways im just not sure about surfer girl. just don't trust him

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The story is too old to be commented.