New Footage For BeamNG’s Next-Generation Soft-body Physics Engine

DSOGaming writes: "BeamNG has released a new, mind-blowing video for its next generation Soft-body Physics Engine, showcasing a work-in-progress alpha build. The video presents a lap around the Industrial circuit, some donuts, and then an accurate simulation of driving on 'terrible roads'."

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windblowsagain1645d ago

The pictures at the top right is Cryengine 3.

john21645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

the picture on the top right is from an older video of BeamNG's physics engine that was running on CE3 ( ). BeamNG's physics solution can be used by pretty much every engine (be it UE3, CryEngine 3, Unity, etc). Long story short; you cannot have this kind of deformation in vanilla CryEngine 3

windblowsagain1645d ago

yeah i just remember the vid of the physics and it being cryengine 3.

Very nicely done though.

EaziG1645d ago

I love BeamNG's stuff, they said they will have more crash videos soon. Can't wait for those!

1645d ago
Audiggity1645d ago

I've seen the crash videos - they were impressive. I'm confused regarding this video however, nothing stands out as being very modern. It was a suspension/traction demo and didn't appear to do much beyond what some games have had 7+ years ago.

Should I be combining the crash videos with this handling video using my imagination perhaps?

aliengmr1645d ago

Its the little things.

Its actually beyond everything that has been released.

NioRide1645d ago

That's nothing like any racing game I've seen in 10 years, And I've played from smash and bash arcade games to iRacing, PCars, and Rfactor 2 testing.

Something to this extent has never been done.

NioRide1645d ago

Make a baja game with this and I'm sold.

I could spend hours just watching that suspension travel.