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New Footage For BeamNG’s Next-Generation Soft-body Physics Engine

DSOGaming writes: "BeamNG has released a new, mind-blowing video for its next generation Soft-body Physics Engine, showcasing a work-in-progress alpha build. The video presents a lap around the Industrial circuit, some donuts, and then an accurate simulation of driving on 'terrible roads'." (BeamNG, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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windblowsagain  +   402d ago
The pictures at the top right is Cryengine 3.
john2  +   402d ago
the picture on the top right is from an older video of BeamNG's physics engine that was running on CE3 ( http://www.youtube.com/watc... ). BeamNG's physics solution can be used by pretty much every engine (be it UE3, CryEngine 3, Unity, etc). Long story short; you cannot have this kind of deformation in vanilla CryEngine 3
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windblowsagain  +   402d ago
yeah i just remember the vid of the physics and it being cryengine 3.

Very nicely done though.
EaziG  +   402d ago
I love BeamNG's stuff, they said they will have more crash videos soon. Can't wait for those!
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Audiggity  +   402d ago
I've seen the crash videos - they were impressive. I'm confused regarding this video however, nothing stands out as being very modern. It was a suspension/traction demo and didn't appear to do much beyond what some games have had 7+ years ago.

Should I be combining the crash videos with this handling video using my imagination perhaps?
aliengmr  +   402d ago
Its the little things.

Its actually beyond everything that has been released.
NioRide  +   402d ago
That's nothing like any racing game I've seen in 10 years, And I've played from smash and bash arcade games to iRacing, PCars, and Rfactor 2 testing.

Something to this extent has never been done.
NioRide  +   402d ago
Make a baja game with this and I'm sold.

I could spend hours just watching that suspension travel.

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