PlayStation Store Preview – June 18th, 2013: Did Somebody Say PS4?

This week the PS Vita gets some retail on PSN content, while the PS3 gets some leftovers. But hey, we’re all still reeling from E3, right? And you’re probably still playing The Last of Us—do you agree with PSLS' ten out of ten score? - PSLS

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HammadTheBeast1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

What? No troll comment?



guitarded771886d ago

Yeah, I have it on PS, but will replay on PS3 for the trophies :D

ALSO, I thought Storm was already released for PSN. I remember the early trailers and thought it looked cool, but never played it. f it's just releasing, that would explain why I never played it.

Sev1886d ago

This is pretty much how all of E3 went:

xJumpManx1885d ago

LOL, Sony show would have been awful if not for the no drm and connection requirements. I love how Sony fans try to avoid how the Microsoft show showed off better exclusives and their were full fledged games not rinky dink indie titles. I do not think the crowd clapped once until that announcements after the show was 90% over.

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dbjj120881886d ago

Hell yes I agree with 10/10 for The Last of Us. Gonna open up my own site to give it another perfect score.

cleft51886d ago

Sony ain't messing around, PS+ is so damn good.

Xof1886d ago

Indeed, shame it's unlikely to be as good for PS4 since they're using a different business model. Hopefully, the PS3 and Vita side will stay awesome.

Speaking of the Vita: someone should really remind Sony that the Vita exists.

Speaking of the Vita and Playstation Plus: are there any Vita games worth buying in North America that haven't been distributed freely through PS+ yet?

pkb791886d ago

Another full game?! Please Sony I can't keep up. My family needs some attention to. And my HDD is so full, like it just came home from Red Lobster all you can eat shrimp night.

Robotronfiend1885d ago

Welcome to Cheddar Bay for video games! :-) (with less intestinal discomfort).

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