Titanfall preview – respawning the first person shooter | Metro

Metro: "The hottest ticket at E3 sees the creators of Call Of Duty try to outdo their own creation, and redefine multiplayer game for the next gen."

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NewMonday1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

this will ether excite you more or kill your hype for the game:

so much for balance, those guys never stood a chance

Utalkin2me1524d ago

You didn't know that bullets curve? They have been curving around walls in COD for sometime. Have to keep with tradition.

Belking1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Sounds like some are jealous that this game is coming to the one.

Utalkin2me1524d ago

No you assume i am jealous, just so it can fit your fanboy intentions.

zerocrossing1524d ago

Looks to be some balance issues there.

kwyjibo1524d ago

That was merely a depiction of console auto-aim, you get that built into all FPS's nowadays.

NewMonday1524d ago

he wasn't even aiming, this is something you find in a hack, not a standard market game.

elhebbo161524d ago

no auto aim is something else, you still have to aim to some degree. this isnt even aiming, its like locked on missles.

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overrated441524d ago

This game actually does look pretty neat, I'll definitely pick it up...on PC.

jjb19811524d ago

I'm definitely picking this one up........... Over my ps4s dead body!

elhebbo161524d ago

Sad that Im not gonna be able to play it... BF4 and Killzone SF for me I guess.