100 Reasons Fanboys Hate PC Gaming

Now that Games Radar has honed your console hatred to laser intensity, they must turn their attention to the biggest snobs in gaming. You know, those guys and gals who think consoles are children's toys and pour every last dime into keeping their PCs upgraded with all the latest components...

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Marceles3678d ago

lol @ #38...Deer Hunter = Bestseller

Vito_corleone3678d ago

For some reason i find it hilarious to play deer hunter. :P

sonarus3678d ago

dat was pretty lame. Playstation had the funniest one. Riiiidge raaacer
Riiiidge raaacer lol

JsonHenry3678d ago

Lol, that was pretty funny. But I have to be honest - most of the reasons they said they hate PC gaming are reasons I like PC gaming. : )

LaChance3678d ago

used to the Mouse and Keyboard.
No matter how hard I try , I just hate it.
I started gaming on consoles and even FPS's are WAY better with a controller to me.
No matter how good a game is the mouse and keyboard just messes up all the fun.
Moreover I prefer sitting in front of my TV in a couch rather than on a chair in front of a small screen (compared to my TV).
And the rigs...Oh my...Dont know why some people pay SO MUCH money to play games in "bad" conditions (screen , comfort etc) to play on their PC the very same games they can play on console for far cheaper in better conditions.

LeonSKennedy4Life3678d ago





It looks like a SKELETON!

Kakkoii3678d ago

Good luck trying to get pinpoint accuracy headshot's in less then a second with a controller.

The mouse will always dominate controllers for FPS games. Due to the way a mouse works.

There's no way you can get the same kind of accuracy and reaction time with a controller like you can with a mouse.

Excalibur3678d ago

The biggest reason I stopped PC gaming is I was tired of updating my system every time a new game came out.
I also hate trying to find “Whatever move” on the key board.

Now that I’m console gaming I can add some reasons why I’ll never go back.

1.62” HD T.V.
2. killer surround sound system
3. My nice comfy lazyboy

I will admit I miss all the Mods/TC’s and other creative extras some of the very talented people out there would make.
I don’t how long extra I played Half Life, Duke Nuk’em , Max Payne and others thanks to that stuff.

solar3678d ago

why is the knock on pc gaming always "big screen tv and sitting on the couch" argument? never understood how that argument takes away from the game.

as for the expensive part. yeah :D it is expensive. as long as it gives me joy with great games and great ppl to play with online im not leaving pc gaming and is perfectly fine spending the cash. i got a comfy chair...right now a 46" lcd 1080p tv sitting 3 feet from my face :P (til i move and it goes back to my ps3 tv) and all the maps and mods i can download for my enjoyment.

VirusE3678d ago

1.62” HD T.V.
2. killer surround sound system
3. My nice comfy lazyboy

Odd my pc has an hdmi out, 7.1 dts out and my living room has power outlets and a comfy chair.

truncheon3678d ago

ass ergonomics. Sitting at a PC feels like work.

ar3678d ago

I would love to sit at my pc like I do at work. The chair and desk I got there rocks.

Jonelo3678d ago

I have a 120" screen with a videproyector , surround system , couch .. and with mouse and keyboard with my PC . And the 360 in the same videoproyector

The 95 % of console games at 1080p in a 1080p native screen , are pure crap , because the native rendering is at 720p , 640p and other resolutions. A 1080p screen + console output at 1080p or 720p = reescaling = disaster.

This not is a reason, or is a reason favourable to PC - native output up 2560 x 1920 etc ;)

Kakkoii3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Lol, Everyone always complains about needing to UPGRADE there computer regularly.

When the truth is, YOU DON'T!

You only need to sup-up your computer every 3-5 years if you want to play ALL NEW GAMES on HIGHEST FÜCKING GRAPHICS SETTINGS! lol

But if you play games without MAX FÜCKING ANTI-ALIASING, and max everything else all the time. Then you can play almost any new game that comes out without needing to upgrade so soon.

You can play Crysis even with a mere Pentium 4 processor and a graphics card that was made in the past 4 years. As long as everything's not on it's highest.

(Btw JONELO: That is a fücking hot setup man. I would kill for a wall that big in my small mobile home lol and a good projector like that.)

truncheon3678d ago

agreed - my work setup is much preferable to my home office too. but after 10-12 hours at work, and another 2 in the car commuting, i'm not about to sit in front of my PC at home for another few hours. all a matter of lifestyle and personal preference; my next home-entertainment goal is to build a theater in the basement complete with big cushy seats, HD projection, every console known to man and some kind of media-serving computer. it will pwn$$$!!!

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toughNAME3678d ago

Finally looks like even the Wii fanboys can get in on some hating.

PC gaming is on it's last legs, now make like HD DVD and die!

LeonSKennedy4Life3678d ago

I love PC gaming.

I just think consoles are way better...

eagle213678d ago

BORING! Moving right along....

carl ps33678d ago

Like xBox 360 games! :D
Most xBox360 games are 3rd rate P.C games anyway

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