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9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (999) is developed by Chunsoft games, and part of the Zero Escape series. With a name like 999, there is so little telling what the game is about, it’s how that I was drawn into it’s mystery.

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Wagz221832d ago

I couldn't agree more with the score, its an amazing game!

Canary1832d ago

It's certainly an amazing story.

The game, itself though... was a very lacking. It's kind of like Planescape Torment in that respect, I suppose.

1832d ago
matrixman921832d ago

cant wait for the 3rd one

NukeDaHippies1832d ago

I honestly preferred this one over the second game (virtues last reward). And those per-rendered back grounds gave a really nice nostalgic feeling to the game.

Still both great games.