[Updated Tutorial] - Upgrading Your PS3 Hard Drive

Changing the hard disk in your PS3 may sound like a tedious task but infact Sony have made this process very simple indeed, and there is even a section in your user manual, unlike changing your xbox 360 hard disk Wink. There are a few reasons for upgrading your disk; 2.5" SATA drives are now very cheap, 20, 60 and 80GB is not really enough space for a media box and you will soon run out of space or constantly have to delete your pictures, movies and music.

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jollygoodchap83764d ago

Guess somebody had to add this again, in light of the recent douchebag with no common sense complaining about how he screwed up, and decided to blamed Sony for his fu*k up.

Good tutorial though :) I was thinking of upgrading my HDD next month...Time to save in my favs.

Genesis53764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Yeah I have a couple a change hard disk web pages bookmaked. I'm just waiting for Play TV to do mine.

kewlkat0073764d ago

by the time I do they will be Cheapy Cheapy..

I think a lot of gamers are doing it just to prove that they could.

I save in the long-run, these drives keep getting bigger and cheaper.

King20083764d ago

for me to upgrade I put about 2500 songs on there to music videos and alot of pictures I have warhawk and DMC4 also I put FFXI that I cannot bring myself to delete seeing as how I put like 4 years of my life into that addictive game. This is a good tutorial..

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meepmoopmeep3764d ago

replacing it is easy enough for a monkey with no arms to do. anyone screwing it up is primitive. :P

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