UK Charts: The Last of US is No.1

Not only is it the third-biggest game of the year, it is believed to have grossed more than Man of Steel over the weekend.

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Lovable1799d ago

Well deserved! Unbelievable game

Crazyglues1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Yes Well deserved...

I'm in-love with this game, can't stop playing, campaign is Amazing...

I actually played a little multi-player too and it's awesome too, played with some friends and loved it...

Epic Game - Naughty Dog you guys are Amazing..

||.........___||............ ||

OhReginald1799d ago

I REALLY hope they continue Joel and Ellie's story. AHHHH so excited!!! Joel is my new favorite playstation character!

abzdine1799d ago

on PS4! i....can....Barely...imagine!

Greatness awaits

blitz06231799d ago

I saw Man of Steel and I will be honest. Even as a game that I haven't beaten yet, The Last of Us already has a better story and direction

guitarded771799d ago

The game is so amazing.

The opening level is set where I'm from, so many of my local friends and I were discussing how it's kinda eerie to see the onset of it all where we're at. Also adds a bit of emotional connection to Joel being a So-Cent Texas boy. No spoilers, but the opening had me hooked.

MidnytRain1799d ago


Thanks for the SPOILERS!! Now I know they DON'T die! >_<

linkenski1799d ago

After the ending i feel like i need more closure, but honestly i'd rather they leave Joel and Ellie's chapter where it ended rather than making up new contrived plots for 2 new games. That's disrespect to their own franchise imo.

da_2pacalypse1799d ago

I'm not sure if I want a sequel. I think the fact that Naughty Dog did something new like this was really amazing. Why not do something new again? That's just my opinion, but I would still buy a sequel.

trenso11799d ago

the ending was so grey like it a win or lose ending it was just in the middle and i need more closure for it game is amazing

Ritsujun1799d ago

Imagine what the top-notch NaughtyDog could achieve with PS4.

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mario191799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Wait just a minute there captain... Since when did Man of Steel even release. This is as fake as Johnny Appleseed sitting on a carcass. Why? Because he said so himself

"We shall not perish for all the wrong The Last of Us presented"

Well there you go, you heard it here first or maybe for the millionth time

unchartedxplorer1799d ago

It released on the same day as TLOU

devwan1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Friday 14th, same as TLOU

Bhuahahaha1799d ago

where you from? north korea i guess

B-radical1799d ago

Lol relax remember. Video game 78-90 dollars here in Australia Movie ticket about 14-17 dollars big difference

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3-4-51799d ago

Makes sense.

2 hours of entertainment vs 20+

B-radical1799d ago

And games cost more. Like when cod made more money then avatar i was smh at the comparison

dendenmooshi1799d ago

A win for the gaming industry!

miyamoto1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Hey i saw what you did there!

Movie execs are paying attention to these types of news.

Sony PlayStation FTW and congrats!

Hottest game on YouTube too.

The game is selling itself marvelously. And its not an FPS.

I know Sony and Activision are teaming up to make video games industry compete with movies in the highest level possible. Get ready boys!

Flipgeneral1799d ago

Great! I was worried this would not sell well

miyamoto1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Great Game > sales figures

sales obsessed fanboys are the cancer of gaming society, they take away the fun of enjoying the actual games themselves.

like Uncharted 2 TLOU sold itself by its quality not by huge advertising budget

About 13,570,000,000 results (0.21 seconds) @ Google

I remember the days when nerdy movies like The Matrix or TLOTRings found mainstream success

I hope the gaming society matures up and see greatness in the time of fabricated success pop stories

I hope many giant publishers follow Naughty Dog's lead again like they did Uncharted 2

“Uncharted 13: A Lush Movie, Justin Bieber as Drake.”

See this is the scenario Microsoft wants video games to be- the video game apocalypse.

TLOU is trying to destroy this negative trend. This is ND's relevant political social commentary about gaming.

jc485731799d ago

shhhh.....don't get too excited. Don't give the gov't any funny ideas because they will think about excising a tax on violent games........

showtimefolks1799d ago

Single player is 16-18 hours master piece

MP is really thought out and very balanced, it's not a run and gun but more of a wait and see, more of a thing man's game

I am very hopeful this goes on to sell at minimum 5 plus million, please tell all your friends on who a ps3, Sony has done some advertisement(I seen some ads on and superman movie also had LOU advertisement) but we need to get the word out and really make sure this game is experienced by as many gamers as possible

Out all your fanboys differences aside this is a masterpiece and deserves all the publicity and than some

RedHawkX1799d ago

one day this game will have to decide what game it wants to become and that day has arrived! greatness is here.

TLoUs stands for hope!!

vlonjati77vlonjati1798d ago

yeah,i beat it last i'm attempting it on hard.amazing game.

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wishingW3L1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

and TLOU's budget is not even half of that from the MoS's... This is why blocking used games is retarded. If you make good games then they are profitable just like Miyamoto said the other day.

ltachiUchiha1799d ago

Well said, mate & couldn't agree more.

rpd1231799d ago

And it also costs fifty dollars more to get than a ticket to Man of Steel, and I'm sure that has a lot to do with why it grossed more. Man of Steel was great, but The Last of Us is a lot more entertaining. Definitely worth the extra cash.

showtimefolks1799d ago

Like Nintendo said make great games and give people to buy new and keep the games as long as possible so make Great games with a lot of replay ability

LOU is a master piece and in my 23 years of gaming there are very few games that touch on the subject matter. This should be played by all gamers

LOU is just not a great game it's a experience that much be experienced by all gamers

RedHawkX1799d ago

bubbled for true facts. F xbox one it can burn in hell with the people who buy it.

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TheFallenAngel1799d ago

Great news! Picking up my copy today!

Old McGroin1799d ago

Enjoy, it's some game. You're in for a treat with the opening sequence as well ;)

xPhearR3dx1799d ago

The opening sequence (The Prologue I should say) was a total glitch fest for me. Anyone else have issues? I had missing audio, unloadable cut-scenes, 5+minute load times, the game automatically skipping cut-scenes and a few other issues. Once the game took off, I have't had any issues, I'm just hoping these don't continue. It's off to a bit of a slow start, but the gameplay is fantastic, can't wait to see what comes up next.

vitullo311799d ago

Well deserved.. Naughty Dog is in a league of their own