Madden 09 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition Details

EA Sports has announced that the 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition of Madden 09 will include the upcoming NFL Head Coach 09, classic Madden gameplay, and bonus video content all for $89.99

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pwnsause3737d ago

its EA, what did you expect? EA sports: its in the rip-offs.

crazy250003737d ago

EA wont get my money for a long time. I will wait for new football IP's. I cant believe that their games are just so terrible.

TheExecutive3737d ago

lol @ the idiot who buys this.

FCOLitsjustagame3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

So you pay more so you can get:
-A copy of a game that doesnt sell because no one wants it.
-Some even OLDER gameplay then that which they have been shoveling to the fans since the "next gen" came out
-Some footage of them probably talking about how great their franchise is.

Hey, will it actually contain a good NFL game or will it be the same crp from the last two years? My money is on that. So basically its Head Coach 09 with a bunch of crp thrown in and called Madden so it sells a boatload.

Sorry, EA has made me bitter toward them since I used to love their games. Love and hate are oppiste sides of the same coin.

EDIT: Or does "classic Madden gameplay" mean just regular madden gameplay along with Head Coach 09...meaning it has even less in it then I thought. So its just a marketing ploy to try to sell Head Coach and to put out videos saying how great they are.

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