PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One vs. Steam: The Be-All, End-All DRM Comparison

"One of the most paramount issues involving video games in the next generation doesn't have to do with console power or variety of exclusives - in fact, it's about privacy, used games and DRM (or the lack of it). We've seen major publishers like EA and Ubisoft implement different DRM means for their games."

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liorishot1769d ago

steam destroys both of them, have you seen the steam sales? the steam summer sale is going to be awesome

JoGam1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I dont understand why the PS4 is being compared. Not the same type of console as the other two as far as DRM.

NewMonday1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

- Steam can be played off-line with no regular check-up

- Steam has regular sales for trending games and many new games start at $49

- Steam games can be modified by the community

- Steam has the biggest indy catalog.

liorishot1769d ago

even if you dont like the game on sale on steam you still buy it because its so cheap and when you play it most times its awesome

slayorofgods1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I know everyone is excited about the next console generation. But I think this is the most momentum the PC has ever had to start a new console generation, it's becoming awfully close to becoming a third option for playing AAA mainstream games right off the bat.

NameRemoved00171769d ago


Now that PC won't receive crappy ports and the hardware is basically a low end PC in the consoles its about to get a lot cheaper to be able to run PC games maxed.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1769d ago

No kidding. Witcher 1 and 2 were on sale for $7 and $4 only. That's a freaking sale. Not some 5% off garbage.

Typical-Guy1769d ago

Yeah I bought The Witcher 2 for $7... Although I already played it on Xbox360, I couldn't resist the sale :-D

mario191769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Slap yourself

Typical-Guy1769d ago

@ Mario 19... I wanted to play it again but I lost my Xbox360 copy. So when I saw the sale I said hell yes...

mario191769d ago

Lol I thought you bought a second copy just because it was on sale

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ABizzel11769d ago

When it comes to digital sales

Steam >>> PS+ > PSN > XB

PS+ is by far the best deal when it comes to console gaming.

Razputin1769d ago

Because Steam sales equate to DRM, you god damn moron.

Yes, the Steam sales are ridiculously amazing, but Steam DRM is pretty much like Microsofts.

You need an internet connection for the initial install of Steam and of each game you want to play.

Luckily this is only needed ever so often.

But picture this -- because this happened to me.

If you restore your computer, and you want to use your account you have to have an internet connection, and if you already some how have your account setup, you need to still be on the internet to install and play your games.

Steam has some fairly extreme DRM, and you can't trade or resell any of your games. Also you only hold licenses, you don't full own the game, look at the disclaimer.

Steam is what dumbass Microsoft should have done years ago with the PC

NameRemoved00171769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

No shit? You need internet to download steam and download games off steam? I though downloads were magic and worked without internet. /sarcasm

"If you restore your computer, and you want to use your account you have to have an internet connection, and if you already some how have your account setup, you need to still be on the internet to install and play your games. "

No you don't.

Steam DRM isn't the bad version of DRM, what you always here about is the DRM featured on things like Games for Windows Live and Rockstars stupid PC app that have on all their newer games. Not every game on steam has DRM, it is up to the developer to include it or not.

Atleast if you lose internet you can still play any game you own on steam in offline mode or if your hard drive dies steam has an automatic backup of your save files.

Razputin1769d ago

It is highly recommended that you create a backup of your SteamApps folder before attempting this process. If there is a problem in this process and you do not have a backup of your games or the SteamApps folder, it will be necessary to reinstall the games individually. Please see the Using the Steam Backup Feature topic.

ONLY IF YOU MAKE A BACKUP. I have over 400 Steam games, I can't back them all up.

My point is, if you restore your computer and don't have a backup, you have to reinstall Steam, log in, verify your account, and if you can't, you will not be able to download/install/play any game. Give it a try, I dare you.

Completely uninstall Steam, go offline, and see what happens.

Not saying its the worse, but it isn't the best either. Plus DRM never works.

Half the Steamworks titles get leaked days before release and cracked that same day.

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Polysix1769d ago

Don't drag PS4 into this debate of 'who's the least shit when it comes' to DRM' that is between XB1 and Steam alone (And steam is clearly less shit anyway)

Alos881769d ago

Steam has some amazing sales, for e.g I recently saw 90% off Alan Wake, and stuff like that isn't all that rare either.

iRocket1769d ago

As a PC gamer I think Steam is fantastic, but I have a feeling I'm becoming a rare breed of a hybrid gamer with PC/PS4. PS4 offers loads of interesting exclusives I can't play on my PC. But I will still remain a PC Gamer primarily. My current Steam account includes over hundred games :D As for the DRM, I'm happy to own all the games on my Steam library. It's a "Personal computer" for a reason.

Veni Vidi Vici1769d ago

You're not alone. I'm the same way.

NameRemoved00171769d ago

I also plan on picking a PS4 up.

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