Joystiq Hands-On: Buzz! Quiz TV

Similarly to Singstar, the Buzz! series hasn't really hit its mark in the US. In Europe, however, the series is a big hit. With PS3 versions of both franchises heading to America this year, Sony plans on using the internet to expand the feature set into something much more appealing to American tastes.

At first glance, Buzz! Quiz TV looks just like any other Buzz game on the PS2, but watching the game on a 40 inch TV really shows off how much of a facelift the game has undergone. Due to the relatively simple nature of the scenes shown on screen, the game's transition to Hi-Def looks great. All the characters have been remodeled for their HD debut and as a result the game is much more pleasing to the eye. Not that it's what Buzz! is really about.

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