Is The Last of Us’ Opening The Best Ever?

VideoGamer: "With Naughty Dog's latest cleaning up both critically and commercially, Steve looks at the game's opening to see what made it so good and what the developer could have done better. Spoilers within."

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Ezz20131803d ago

i would say it's Tie with God Of War 3 Opening for me

TongkatAli1803d ago

No way. Last Of Us tugs at the heartstrings. Made the beginning of Heavy Rain look like a comedy.

Thatguy-3101803d ago

Exactly! Though GOW 3 is still one of the best openings I believe The Last of us is at another level. Everything about it was simply amazing. It made you care for the characters within 10 mins. It's really hard for games to do that. It's just amazing how far games have come in the way they tell a story.

Lovable1803d ago


Oh no Spielberg disagrees with you.

But seriously, for someone to be invested in a character within 10 minutes of the game, is something not many games can do.

Septic1803d ago

Yeah the beginning was amazing. Just left you awe struck at the quality of the visuals, the sublime Hollywood voice acting, the emotional depth to the characters was apparent immediately and the whole set piece was really atmospheric. You knew you were going to experience something special from that opening scene.

alien6261803d ago

reminded me of heavy rain both are emotional and great start to a game

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creatchee1803d ago

God of War 3 is still my favorite opening due to the action that you pop in immediately and the fact that you are in control the whole time, getting wowed by the scale of the battle on Olympus.

That said, TLOU's is just as impressive, but on an immersion and emotion level. No spoilers here, but damn, they invested me immediately and haven't let go since.

grailly1803d ago

for me the top openings would be, the last of us, god of war 3, bioshock: infinite, uncharted 2 and brutal legend. I'm completely unable to choose between those.

fsfsxii1803d ago

IMO, no, its not, i still prefer MGS2's opening till this day

TheFinalEpisode1803d ago

MGS2's opening was badass, TLOU's is emotional and made players cry with intructory scene which is much harder to achieve than with a concluding scene.
Also TLOU's set the tone for the whole adventure perfectly.
MGS2's showed off what a badass Snake is to then make the player take control of Raiden.

Blacktric1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I've just saw the 15 minute long intro on YouTube and as someone who've played every single Metal Gear Solid game out there except for Peace Walker and Portable Ops, I can say that it was the best damn opening for any videogame ever.

The way that they tell the story alone is mindblowingly good. The way that the [SPOILERS FOR INTRO] character switch happens towards midpoint and the way everything ends makes YOU feel responsible for the fate of Sarah while giving you a clue of what will happen to the people and to the world in the following ten or so years. It's just the perfectly paced emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Snookies121803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I might not say the best, but we can definitely agree that it's a fantastic opening nonetheless!

My personal favorite is Kingdom Hearts 2's opening. Followed closely by Final Fantasy VIII's.

sobekflakmonkey1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Nah, sorry bro....The Last of Us takes that crown, it was the best by far.

CrossingEden1803d ago

nah sorry bro, no opinions allowed -_-

PockyKing1803d ago

The opening was done perfectly imo. Not even trying to be on the "oh the game's so perfect banwagon". It seriously gave me a rush of feelings once everything started going down. I didn't know what to do, where to go and just the way it was presented made it feel so intense. I wish they had spent more time allowing us to play through the opening events. But man, my heart rate was up for those first few.

ceballos77mx1803d ago

Felt the same carrying the kid and running for your life and daughters, and like you said not knowing where to turn or were to go, adding all that chaos and the screams of people and infected all around made it very realistic.

ceballos77mx1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Best ever? I doubt it, one of the best this year yes.

Before I get heat and hate pm Im not speaking badly of it on the contrary I loved it.

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