GT5:P - 'Blows Away The Competition' ; 'Most Sophisticated Racing Game' - Digitalspy's Review

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is one of the most sophisticated racing games ever released for a console.

Yes, it may only have 71 cars (compared to 721 in Gran Turismo 4), and yes it may only include a stingy six tracks, but it also includes a ground-breaking graphics and handling system that simply blows away the competition.

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Rick Astley3762d ago

Of course but why did they compare it to the full version of Gran Turismo 4? What part of PROLOGUE do they not understand?

Reviewers these days.

fenderputty3762d ago

Everyone on here is acting as if the Prologue is a full game. I understand it's only a portion of what's to come but, people have been taking this stance to counter the, "it's only a demo" criticism.

The final score will be higher. If the Prologue is getting 8's, then you can expect the full polished game to receive 9's.

Amp3762d ago

" Never gonna give you up...." :)

Utalkin2me3762d ago

I have seen alot of stuff but never have a seen a publisher put half a game out and charge 40 bucks for it. Then continue working on the same game adding more stuff to it, People grip when EA does it so why should this be any different?

HowarthsNJ3762d ago

What is new though is that Prologue is being made available to a wider audience than ever before.


to answer that, you made a very, very good point.

i am one of those boycott EA people. The difference is in the quality of the product.

now i will be honest and you can check my posts, i am more of an xbox man and personally have not really played much of the GT games.

i have tried a few and always got lost with the customization ( i feel the same with forza ) so pgr has been my best racer, but props were props are due, even i am going to buy this game now.

EA puts out rubbish and then wants us to pay for extra rubbish that should have been included with the first load of rubbish anyway.. its their business model.

GT is a quality product by a quality dev, the time and effort that has gone into this game even as a " demo " is already better then most if not all racers that have been out so far.

like i said, i am a pgr man myself but ( fanboy aside) even i will give it recognition for that.

Sevir043762d ago

because unlike you the natural consensus here is that this game suck and is looked upon by fanbois as an over price demo with no feature, your one of the few that realize that this cant be compared to other offerings despite your clear liking and preferring in the PGR series. if only fankid had brains and reason like you but hey brains and reason aren't very apparent things in the world of fankids. and for what it's worth some times the simplicity of pure arcade racing is fun, which is why i also love PGR4. bubbles to you, bubbles to you

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gw4k3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Why play games when you can hack your system so the disk doesn't eject. That is what I call fun.....or PHUN!

PS. I could use some more bubbles!

Alvadr3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

"""Dear Customer,

Your copy of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue was received late to our warehouse from Sony and has now been despatched. As we have missed the release date we would like to offer you £3 off the price of Grand Theft Auto 4 coming to PlayStation 3 on April 29th. Your voucher code is"""

(oh and I already have a preorder fir GTA4 else where which is cheaper even when you take into account the £3 disc)


Man why are 360 owners full of hatred?

meepmoopmeep3762d ago

lol, they have last gen and this entire gen to lose. that's a long time to be losers.

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