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Submitted by DPAD Dave 964d ago | news

Sony details PS4 PlayStation Plus changes

Sony has detailed some of the changes due to be implemented to PlayStation Plus with the arrival of PlayStation 4, telling that both auto-updates and the "social features of PS4" will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to access. (PS4)

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THC CELL  +   964d ago | Well said
Paying for it anyways
Old McGroin  +   964d ago | Well said
Yup, same here and I don't mind paying for such an awesome service as it is. I don't even have the time to play all the games from Instant Game Collection! If someone had described the PS+ service to me 5 years ago I would have punched them in the face to try and clear out the stupid. Saying that though, I still don't like the fact that you have to pay to play online. Sure, personally I'm gonna be paying for PS+ anyway but the fact of the matter is the choice has been taken away from gamers, just doesn't sit right with me.
JAM_brz  +   964d ago
I don't like either, that we don't have a choice in pay or not and still be able to play online. Even knowing that I'll still be a member of Plus service, the best service in games in the world
Ilovetheps4  +   964d ago
I agree with what you said. I'm a PS+ member. I have been since they released PS+. I don't plan on letting my membership lapse, but I still don't agree with having to pay to play multiplayer. It's just a little disappointing. At least I have another 14 months left on my PS+ membership.
abzdine  +   964d ago
i'm on my 3rd year and it keeps getting better and better!
PS+ ftw! You get some of the last games every month and add to that an auto trophy sync, auto DL, online storage... and now they wanna make it even better so i am not complaining

Greatness awaits
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Yi-Long  +   964d ago
I agree PS+ is worth the 50-60 bucks a year...
... but MP Online shouldn't be charged.

And many of my friends don't game that often, but like to play a game of CoD or Battlefield or GT or FIFA or whatever, SOMETIMES, online.

And I'm not sure if they'll be willing to pay for online gaming, considering they bought the PS3 because of the free online MP.

I'm a member and think it's worth the money, but not everyone games almost every day. They could be losing those who only game (online) occasionally.

Also, purely on a principal level, I don't think online MP should ever be charged, considering you already bought a game that advertises online MPon the box. It should just be included.

I thought the system we have in place right now with PSN+, for PS3 and Vita, was just absolutely PERFECT. Online MP is free, but PSN+ gets you a whole lot of free games and benefits, and for many is worth the money.

I would have preferred it if they stuck with that.
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BattleAxe  +   964d ago

Well then it looks like it'll be the WiiU or the PC for your friends then. Personally, I just pre-ordered a PS4, which I am quite excited for, but I would probably have been fine just playing on my PC for next generation. I decided to bite the bullet and buy Battlefield 3 on Origin since I'm so excited for Battlefield 4, and basically what I am playing now with BF3 on PC is essentially what most games will look like next generation anyway, although I'm sure there will be some exceptions like Uncharted 4 and maybe The Last of Us 2.
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justastranger10  +   964d ago
Why do so many playstation fans love paying for online gaming now? WTF.
Ritsujun  +   964d ago
PS+, at the moment, offers 5 to 6 free games per month. That's 60+ free games per year.
Lots of discounts.
1GB cloud storage for PS3, 1GB cloud storage for PSVITA.
Auto firmware/gamepatch update. Auto gamesave upload.
Free themes, free avatars.
Access to closed betas and early demos.
Full game trials.

It seems that PS+ will be offering 3 PS4 games for free on PS+ at PS4 launch.
I'm expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS+ on PS4.
insomnium2  +   964d ago

All I see is people saying they would've preferred the online to stay free and that the desicion Sony made does not sit right with them but hey, let's not count them at all and just say everyone loves to pay online now for sh*ts and giggles right?

here are some actual quotes:

"but the fact of the matter is the choice has been taken away from gamers, just doesn't sit right with me"

"I don't like either, that we don't have a choice in pay or not and still be able to play online."

"but I still don't agree with having to pay to play multiplayer. It's just a little disappointing. "

"MP Online shouldn't be charged. "

But hey! You don't have to be correct to make claims right? You can say anything you want because you are a 10-day-old troll account.

Seriously N4G. It should be mandatory to be joined this site atleast a month before you can comment. It would weed out most of these BS accounts that pop up for the sole purpose of trolling.
brave27heart  +   964d ago
Im currently a plus member and have been from the start, however I dont agree with being charged for multiplayer. The console I buy is capable of online out of the box, the game I buy has multiplayer access on the disc, I pay for my internet service to my provider, where is the cost to Sony?

Plus is great value and I think if it had stayed the same more people would have bought it for the value it offers. Charging for multiplayer wasnt necessary, they saw that Microsoft got away with it and followed suit.

When my plus subscription runs out I wont be renewing, not because I dont think its worth the money but because I feel as consumers we should be taking a stand against this sort of thing.

At least it sounds like cross game chat is outside the paywall.
inveni0  +   963d ago
I didn't like the idea of paying to play online when the PS3 launched. But I never played online anyway. With the PS4, it appears just just about every game is going to blend solo play with multiplayer interaction, and that has to be hard on the networks making it happen. So I feel like it's perfectly fair to charge a fee. Those networks are an ongoing cost that a single game purchase doesn't cover.

Also, I'm good on PS+ until September of 2015. So this doesn't bother me at all. It's a great value. People would be stupid for not stacking up on it now.
SheenuTheLegend  +   963d ago
Xbox n people who supported their paid service is the reason for all this..
Now we all have to suffer. Damn
Saigon  +   964d ago
Man this PR campaign is ridiculous; they might as well just talk in blah blah because everything Sony is saying is positive. The choices they have given us with this system is phenomenon. I have the option to do what I want and how I want.

gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
MYSTERIO360  +   964d ago
@Old McGroin, I totally agree with you but if you had to blame someone blame MS their the ones that got the ball rolling.
gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
MYSTERIO360  +   964d ago
@gameonbro, I get your point but i was merely replying to what Old McGroin said. I totally understand the reasoning behind a pay service and its benefits but its the principle. I still be purchasing PS+ maybe just not at launch.
Old McGroin  +   964d ago

Don't worry buddy, I know where it started! I'm a Gold Subscriber as well as a PS+ subscriber but if it wasn't for the fact that I absolutely have no choice but to pay to play online with my 360 I wouldn't be a Gold Subscriber. IMHO the two services don't compare, PS+ blows Gold out of the water for the value it offers. But yeah, it's a pity that no matter what console we go for (except for the Wii U) we will now have to pay 3 different charges to play online; 1 the broadband bill, 2 the game itself and 3 the subscription for PS+/Gold.

I wouldn't put 100% of the blame at M$ door though, they may have gotten there first but it was gonna happen sooner or later anyway, unfortunately there's money to be made and servers don't fund themselves!
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pixelsword  +   964d ago
@ gameonbro:

If you set up your own servers, all you pay for is electricity; I should know, I used to (and will in the future, Lord willing) run a server out of my house.
RavageX  +   964d ago
I have Plus right now, and I like it. Having said that I don't like the fact you must have it for multiplayer.

It's one thing when it is a how it is now, and a different matter when you have to(in order to play online).
schlanz  +   964d ago
yup, had it over a year now, excellent service. I think 99% of people who end up getting it will find it's absolutely worth it and won't feel bitter about it.

Sony said themselves the satisfaction rate for the service is already 95%, I can only imagine it will get better especially with more people participating.
jessupj  +   964d ago

While it is a little disappointing that is required now to play online, it is an amazing service.

I've had it for 14 months now and I have gotten 108 free games. My 500 GB HHD is literally packed full of free PSN Plus games.

Hopefully this means Sony can invest more in PSN and maybe even offer more dedicated servers.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   964d ago
A man was subbed till late 2014 even before he knew it was required for PS4 MP. A man is also getting the KZ Shadofall + bundle on Amazon so he will be subbed till November of 2015 when he gets his PS4. A man already has gotten over $200 worth of content in less than a year subscribing to plus. The only inconvenience this causes him is needing to upgrade his HDD because of all the games he gets!
TAURUS-555  +   964d ago
so with the PP subscription we will have access to all games available for PS3 PP wow ¡¡¡¡ thats impressive.

thank you sono, you really know what we want.
Conzul  +   964d ago
It will be worth it, but Sony's gotta bring dem features up to par with XBL. Maybe even further.

I have faith. Sony is batting 1000 around now.
Sevir  +   964d ago
People who are plus members now wont even realize that they are paying
To play PS4 games online. It's fair in this since the PSN on PS3 and Vita are both free. There won't be some hike in price as it's the same value subscription service that nets you free games discount and special beta offers.

If you have plus for your PS3 and or Vita you will have it automatically on PS4.

Especially when what's only sitting behind the gate of this subscription is online play.
Bowzabub  +   964d ago
Agreed. As JT said in the interview with Geoff, the $ will go toward betterment of the infrastructure. I'll gladly take one yearly for my fellow gamers. I'm sure there are many many people that share this sentiment. Game on!
Dannycr  +   964d ago
I was really pissed off about the online thing. I know PS Plus is worth it. I'm willing to pay $100 for a year in order to keep online free, because I know, even if I pay $100 I will get the $100 back within the first 2-3 months.

However, I've been reading about the free to play games and how it is the devs the ones who choose whether you need PS Plus or not to play. Also, the launch SKU's have a 12 month plus subscription card inside, so I now I don't feel backstabbed and betrayed. I feel that they are doing the most they can to compensate for this.
Deadpool101  +   963d ago
"paying for it anyways". Makes sense, that's a good answer. People moan that you now have to play to play PS4 games online but, like you say, if you were already paying for it anyway then theres no problem.

My question is how many people moaning about having to connect the XboxOne online for the "check in" already have there present gen console hooked up to the net as soon as they turn it on? "Online anyways"?

Playstion Plus is great value, and if im honest, better value than i get with xbox live. I just hope that now more people will be paying Sony for this service they can use the addtional funds for a more stable and secure service as the content is already brilliant.
Octo1  +   964d ago
This should have been what MS should have done to Live a long time ago and the big reason why I don't have a 360. Holding other services that you already pay for separately behind a pay wall is just ridiculous.
A-laughing-horse  +   964d ago
My head repels eggs
Relientk77  +   964d ago
Is that like spanish for, "I'm getting a PS4"

edit @ below: ah, interesting, yea this is gonna be ridiclous
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A-laughing-horse  +   964d ago
Yeah. Actually getting both. Gonna see what all the fuss is about.
Relientk77  +   964d ago
I'm already getting it

I got the Killzone, PS+, PS4 bundle off Amazon

very excite
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LOGICWINS  +   964d ago
Congratulations! :-)
ZBlacktt  +   964d ago
Good choice!
Conzul  +   964d ago
Shadowfall - prettiest PS4 game shown thus far. Also liking the wide-linear game world.
Marry me, Sony.
MizTv  +   964d ago
Yeah I have been part of plus since day1
So nothing will change for me
ziggurcat  +   964d ago
so have i. i'm paid up through until april 2015.
Jeff257  +   964d ago
I have had Plus since day one too. I do hope that Gaikai will be covered under Plus or at least give us Plus members a discount. Seems like they have a plan to make Gaikai available for more than just PS3, PS4, and PS Vita as well. I see PC, mobile, and tablet connectivity in the future. Would be a great way to play many of the Playstation games.
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Typical-Guy  +   964d ago
His name is Gara! I bet he controls sand.... Lucky bastadrd.

On topic, that doesn't sound bad at all, you're benefiting from PS Plus in other ways. Don't complain because if I remember correctly, when PSN goes down for maintenance, people screaming foul. They did this for your own sake, to save you the emotional flood....
RiPPn  +   964d ago
Looks like the only thing paywalled will be multiplayer. Definitely makes a better console for those not interested in multiplayer games.
BabyTownFrolics  +   964d ago
I will be subscribing once I get my PS4
TongkatAli  +   964d ago
Trago1337  +   964d ago
Paying for online multiplayer is something that I will NOT do. I'll just play single player games on this system.
Eldyraen  +   964d ago
At least not a hypocrite that way. I subscribe to both but truth is many of those complaining about MS holding half your game hostage with the 360 seem perfectly fine now with PS4 doing the same.

It doesn't matter what other services you receive the principle is the same--it is a paywall that denies gamers half without subscribing. Sony may make it a better value than XBL gold but nonetheless true.

PS+ is still the better of the 2 and PS4>One but those that said "I will never" are all hypocrites no matter how they look at it. Those that use PS+ already are less of one though as zero reason to drop it (although still passively supporting it due to "principle" as so many use as an excuse lately).
#10.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Trago1337  +   964d ago
I agree that PlayStation plus is an over all better value, but at the end of the day it's the lesser of two evils.

And just about every PlayStation fan on this site looks like the biggest hypocrite in the world.

I already have a PC, so I've got multiplayer covered with steam lol.

The thing is, everything's staying the same in terms of used games policy, and PS+ sales, but they ADD the fact that you have to pay for multiplayer and it's fine for most of the people on this site. That's just wrong to me.
Irishguy95  +   963d ago
I've been fine with paying for them, I don't really care much. Ps+ has been an amazing deal so far, I was paying for Live for years before games stopped coming out. And I have a PC. Don't care either way, just gimme games :)
sAVAge_bEaST  +   963d ago
That is why Microsoft is a cancer, that must be cut from the industry.. Because microsoft,has nothing but bad, anti-consumer, money money money..ideas.
Campy da Camper  +   964d ago
Funny thing for me is I stopped mp gaming after the rainbow 6, splinter cell spy vs. Mercy days...yet I gladly pay for plus just for the goodies.
webeblazing  +   964d ago
i already paying for ps+ luv it but im not supporting a system that dont let you play mp for free and you shouldnt be surprise. fanboys are always flip flopping on this site. they do it on every subject. the type of games, gfx, paying for mp, dlc, i could go on it painful to watch and you point it out or respond to they statement defensive or just straight denial.
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ABizzel1  +   964d ago
"We're trying to be as balanced and as fair as we possibly can."

That's all any consumer ask for.
Angeljuice  +   964d ago
Can't play PlayStation on a mobile ( unless you have a joypad attached). Too many controls for a touch screen.
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Jeff257  +   964d ago
They could design some sort of app that would work as a controller interface to make it work. In fact they already have Crash Bandicoot and some other PS1 games working on tablets. So it wouldn't be impossible.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   964d ago
Even if I'm a Plus member I still can't accept that. Online gaming should stay free. But I admit that Plus totally worth the money.
#13 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Aceman18  +   964d ago
Yea it sucks but I see it has the best compromise they could come up with. They could have went the route Microsoft went and threw it all behind paywall, or drm the hell out of the system.

If paying to play online is the only thing I have to give up to keep everything else I have I can accept that.

Plus they explained why they had to do this and not just said this is the way its going to be period. 7-8 yrs of free online gaming has been wonderful and they should be giving kudos for holding out that long.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   964d ago
My opinion : if you pay a game full price, you must have full access.
brave27heart  +   963d ago
I agree. I can see why people like plus, Ive been a happy plus member from day one, but it should have stayed as it was and I cant support the practice of paying for online. Im not knocking those who will buy plus, if anything Im envious of them, but Im willing to make the online sacrifice for my beliefs.
Aceman18  +   964d ago
I understand I believe that also, but what would happen if they kept that free and then we get screw some other way like high price for the system, or full drm garbage like Xbox then what would you say to that?

I think if the only thing we have to give up is pay to play online over the other crap I'll take pay to play.

Again I know it sucks but its beats the alternative imo.
MWong  +   964d ago
Already a PS+ subscriber and have downloaded 10 games at least might as well keep it going on the PS4.

Hell, they give me a launch title for free right off the bat. Watered down or not it's a $60 for $50, plus a years subscription to download other free games. You can't lose.
shinrock  +   964d ago
You should keep it going, especially since you loss those games if ur sub runs out or you cancel it.the game are not free,they let you hold them for a while.
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MWong  +   964d ago
Of course and my subscription will carry over to the PS4. Now only if the games would also.
teemo  +   964d ago
what about p2p MMO?
Gamefan12  +   964d ago
That is an MMO. You have to pay when playing on the pc right?

They will have f2p mmos , but p2p is different. Though will wait to see if they say anything different.
wenaldy  +   964d ago

Planetside 2 and DC Universe won't require PS Plus to play.
Dlacy13g  +   964d ago
I am pretty sure the social features is reference to their tie-in's with Facebook they they made mention of back at their reveal but no specifics came about.
Eldyraen  +   964d ago
Probably also the basic PSN message system of today and the new and improved voice chat system they are introducing.
BitbyDeath  +   964d ago
Likely sharing pictures and videos will be covered as well since it is a selling point and on the controller.

Not to mention it helps advertise games at the same time.
Slysi  +   964d ago
I'm going to carry on supporting ps plus with my cash,great value for money...
Funky Town_TX  +   964d ago
I have plus now but Sony needs to improve on a few things. The PS store is so sluggish and slow compared to xbox live. Sony needs to speed it ip. They also need to improve on game downloads and installs. You still have to DL the game and then install. I also rented a ton of movies on XBox live and I hope Sony improves this.
Campy da Camper  +   964d ago
Its a system RAM thing with the slow store. Considering g the specs of ps4 I'm willing to bet lag will be non-existant.
Ilovetheps4  +   964d ago
Well I wish they would have just kept the old store. I saw nothing wrong with the old store. The new one was supposed to be an improvement, but in reality, it is much worse. I mean they tried to make it look good, but the functionality is awful. I even hate searching for things on the PS Store. The new setup is just strange.
BitbyDeath  +   964d ago
PS3 doesn't support wireless -n. PS4 does.
Speed should pickup with the PS4. (RAM will obviously help too)
b777conehead  +   963d ago
the ps 4 will let you pay as it down loads. they said that in febuary
NobleRed  +   964d ago
Hopefully we will see more dedicated servers in games.
Dlacy13g  +   964d ago
thats up to the developers as PS4 is taking the same model they did with PS3. Devs can use their own servers or make it peer to peer if desired.
wishingW3L  +   964d ago
"backwards-compatibility streaming", "next year"

that caught my eye. ;)
sAVAge_bEaST  +   963d ago
Rumor has it , we will be able to stream all ps1,ps2&ps3 games off gaikai... and then implement the "infinite power of the cloudz"-bwaa,hahahahaa
Tales RPG addict  +   964d ago
sAVAge_bEaST  +   963d ago
exactly,,.. (careful xbot trolls like to report you if you add a d, to one,.. I just got off a 2 day ban, for adding a d to one.
blackblades  +   964d ago
Keeping my ps+ sub forever no issues with me, except for people bsing about $50. Don't like it move to the WiiU and be bored.
Sarobi  +   964d ago
The way I've been looking at it (from a PS3 users aspect) is you can either drop 60 dollars on one game that you may or may not like.. or you can get PS+ and get a variety of games. It is a great service for people who don't have a lot of money to spend on games, but want to add more to their collection.
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Sarobi  +   964d ago
PS+ has been an amazing service thus far. They've given tons of great games already for PS3 and Vita, and the fact that they will continue giving you more games on PS3/VITA while the service carries over to PS4 is simply awesome.
blackblades  +   964d ago
That's just one point of it, and paying for it helps sony improve the online making it better than it is. You see people complaining the psn keep going down, and the store sucks that's what you going to get if you don't support sony. People just don't see that of the benifts of ps+ for some reason. Just get it and you mostly likely will like it, if no just stay offline.
D-riders  +   964d ago
Id pay $100 a year to acces all the ps3 catalog, and you don thave the include new releases.
BitbyDeath  +   964d ago
Not sure if it'll work that way or if it just lets you play your existing discs with the help of Gaikai.
spacetoilet  +   964d ago
Pay to play is scandalous. I mainly online game on PC because controller is full retard (if your a PC gamer) but I do love fighting games so they have me over a barrel if I want to okay a freind online.
90% of rented games (no they are not free you don't keep them) are crap and I give no shits about, nor do I care about early betas or demos.
I do understand the share button etc will have huge server back end and eat ca$h though.
#25 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Lvl_up_gamer  +   964d ago
So...Paying to play online is now ok that Sony is doing it but made MS the Devil when they were doing it....

ThatsGaming  +   964d ago
Yep, we will say the same in 5 years about DRM. Sony is the flip flop king!
BlaqMagiq24  +   964d ago
Last I checked Microsoft wasn't offering free games years ago.
#26.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lvl_up_gamer  +   963d ago
Oh so now it's all about what was being offered? Before it was "it's wrong to have to charge to play the portion on the game that you have already paid for when you bought the game"

Now it's ok that you have to pay to play because Sony is doing it.


You Sony fanboys never change. It's bad when MS charges for multiplayer but ok when Sony does it.
brave27heart  +   963d ago
I think you'll find the views are split between:

1 Those who have plus anyway so mp being behind the paywall makes no difference

2 Those who dont like it but will buy it because they want to game online

3 Those who dont like it and wont support it

How many people here who arent plus members are saying its ok? Im guessing not many. If they thought it was ok they would have bought plus already.
ThatsGaming  +   963d ago
Agreed, MS flip flops to improve the gamer experience...

Sony flip flops to backtrack on previous promises that they would never do something like that...

MS gives you the bad news and improves over time, Sony sells you the moon and takes it away. If any other sales person did that to you, you'd return the product or sue them. Sony does it and Sony fanboys bend over for Sony to stick it up their butt..

- Removal of dual boot
- Never going to charge for multiplayer gaming
- Removal of PS2 backwards compatibility in the PS3
- Every game on the PS3 would be in HD (1080p / 60 fps)
- Using the cell processor

And on BC they double-whammed gamers. Not only did they removal BC, but they also re-released the games for gamers to re-buy them!
#26.2.3 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
BlaqMagiq24  +   963d ago
@ Lvl up gamer

You are STILL missing the point of the value between Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus. They are a package of services you are entitled to when subscribing to either one. However, with Xbox Live not only do you have to pay just to play online you have to pay just to use apps like Netflix while still paying for Netflix itself. Sony on the other hand does not charge for Netflix and be watched without even being subscribed to PS Plus.

PS Plus on the other hand not only offers free games but offers discounts that has a FAR better value than anything Xbox Live has to offer.

So yes if you make it worthwhile for gamers then it is okay to charge. However not only has Microsoft NOT made it worthwhile they show no intention of making it that way anytime soon.
#26.2.4 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
McScroggz  +   964d ago
Considering that with Xbox Live Gold you didn't get any incentives for having to pay online, and worse things like Netflix required XBLG.

With the PS4 you are required to have PS+ for multiplayer, but Netflix and Free to Play games won't require it. Also, it seems the service includes Sony always recording your data like a DVR and whatnot.

Oh yeah, what about the 12 retail games included with PS+, the countless other games included (3 others plus Driveclub at launch), as well as free themes/avatars, access to betas, cloud saves, lots of discounts, etc.

Yeah, I see how they are the exact same thing...
Lvl_up_gamer  +   963d ago
The argument was, MS was bad becuase you are having to pay to play the online poriton of the game, SONY is now forcing you to have to pay in order to play the online portion of the game.

Yes, they are the EXACT same thing, you just don't want to admit that they are so now it's all about features that you get with the paid membership...meanwhile when MS was offering the best online features compared to PSN, it didn't matter, it was only about having to pay to play online...

You Sony fanboys just keep moving the posts when it's convenient for you.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   963d ago
Yes, Microsoft stated this pay, pay, pay,.. b$... That's why Microsoft is a Cancerous tumor to the video game industry,. that must be cut before it grows larger. Maybe sega can come back..
Lvl_up_gamer  +   963d ago
Well seeing as Sony was on the boarderline of bankruptcy, it would appear that even Sony sees the benefits of charging so that they can stay in business and be able to give you a better service and quality of that service.

Why don't you read the article so you can see for yourself that Sony is doing it because it makes sense when you consider the size and magnitude it takes to upkeep and provide these types of online services....

Oh let me guess, you think products and services just grow on trees right?

yankolo  +   964d ago
This fools dont know xbox live jejejejejeje....psn they say jejejejeje...
MikeyDucati1  +   964d ago
I guess charging you for multiplayer was going to happen some time or another. But the outline for what all they doing with their network such as allowing Netflix and other apps to be used without the Plus is definitely likeable. Hey I want the option to pay for the extras too instead of paying for the mandatory (if you want MP, and who doesn't?) but I don't mind it because yet and still they are still looking out for the console gamer.
brave27heart  +   963d ago
Whilst Im dead against it I do applaud Sony for their openess. Theres no secrecy, no hiding information, no confused messaging. Whatever your thoughts on the matter you have to say Sonys being very transparent about everything.

And allowing a range of features to be used outside of plus, even games like Planetside 2, is at least some silver lining.
theWB27  +   964d ago
It's funny the same people who BS microsoft about having TV features built in and other entertainment options complain that the systems should just be about games. The applaud Sony cause you can watch Netflix on the PS without PS+.

Tease and berate Xbox people about having more entertainment options built into a gaming machine then praise Sony for entertainment options on a gaming machine. I'm not trying to figure out the blatant hypocrisy on this site cause that's basically what it's come down to. But it still provides a good chuckle when pointed out.
McScroggz  +   964d ago
There is a key difference between Microsoft building a console around the idea of Kinect integration and TV/entertainment services on a fundamental level - to the point where the console needs three operating systems and 3GB of RAM to function - and Sony allowing apps like Netflix to not be behind PS+ paywall that way it is for Xbox Live Gold.

Do you see the difference? The Xbox One literally is not as capable of a gaming console because Microsoft didn't focus on games while the PS4 was built for games and just happens to do everything else.
theWB27  +   964d ago
Im sorry but I didn't see one game that the PS4 outshined the One on, graphically. Kojima has been PS centric his whole career, he didn't put MGS4 on the 360 because it wasn't capable but MG5 is. If the One was really that much less powerful, I fully believe he would skipped it, and especially not shown it at the Microsoft conference. Another expample, it's handling Battlefield 4 just like PS4 is.

So no, I don't see the difference in the games. Not yet at least. Being that the One is built around those principles, that makes it all the more perplexing to me that the PS4 games didn't outright look better than the One titles.

When you say the One literally isn't as capable a machine, I say look at Forza 5, Dead Rising. As big as the Witcher is, it's still coming to the One. Can you show me a PS4 game, that was playable, that looked better than the One titles?
Melankolis  +   963d ago
I think MGS4 could be released on Xbox360 if only Xbox360 has Blu-Ray. Remember lower-quality movie Xbox360 version of MG Rising? i think if Kojima was the director, he won't make the Xbox360 version either...

Or maybe the game developers (not only Kojima) want to release their games to all platform if possible to support their console's life.

I remember back in the earlier days of Xbox, it gets Genma Onimusha, MGS2, etc....but didn't get the sequels...
McScroggz  +   964d ago
At launch there probably won't be a significant difference in graphics. Maybe there will be, I don't know. However, an important distinction I feel needs to be made is the games shown for the PS4 were running on a PS4 devkit while the Xbox One games were running on a PC.

Regardless, if you honestly think the 5GB of DDR3 versus the 7GB of GDDR5 isn't a significant gap, along with the other ways in which the PS4 is more powerful, I don't know what to tell you. I'm not saying there will be a bunch of games that the PS4 will run that the Xbox One cannot, I'm saying there is a clear difference in power and the Xbox One's lower performance possibilities can (to some degree) be linked directly to the console's focus on entertainment and, specifically, Kinect.

If you disagree with this premise then I won't be able to talk sensibly with you. A PC that is more powerful, built better and is simpler isn't going to run worse than one that is all of those things. That's the comparison of a PS4 to the Xbox One.
theWB27  +   964d ago
There won't be a ton of games that the PS4 runs that the One cannot...I agree with that comment. I just don't believe it's as big a difference as some people make it out to be.

See...I'm sensible. If you run into one of my comments again...know that it won't be a blind debate.
N8  +   964d ago
Another example of people voting with there wallets. You show that you will pay for it then you will pay for it from now on.
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