The Last of Us - Opening Week Sales Estimates

First week sales for the biggest title of 2013 to date, The Last of Us (PS3), are in. The game sold around 1.3 million units worldwide making it the biggest launch of 2013. This is nearly 200,000 units above BioShock Infinite which sold 1.16 million units in its opening week across the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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JarqueMcLark1803d ago

Deserves every single one of those sales.

Mario181803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

1.3 million worldwide on one platform... Awesome!

This would probably be a bit higher due to places being sold out of them.

I wonder what Naughty Dog feels about this

Testfire1803d ago

If it's true, congrats ND. Not even a full week either. I haven't bought my copy yet so that number will go up +1.

AsimLeonheart1803d ago

I agree. I am glad that the game got the sales it deserved.
Where are the haters who claimed it will not sell? When the game was revealed, they were doubting the graphics. When the graphics were confirmed, they were doubting the gameplay. When the gameplay was confirmed, they were doubting the reviews. When the reviews were perfect, they were doubting the sales. Now the sales are blockbuster; I wonder if they can still find something to criticize. Maybe they will just start calling the game "over-rated". Actually, I have already seen one or two comments under the polygon and quarter to three reviews that believe that they are the only ones seeing the game for what it actually is.

Dee_911803d ago

wow congrats ND
i just beat it sunday.They really deserve all the praise they get.

Riderz13371803d ago

Yup it probably would. I went to like 5 stores and they were sold out so I bought it digitally. I wanted to play the game as early as possible so I didn't see any spoilers online.

shadow27971802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I don't want to be "that guy", but this is vgchartz, so take it with a grain of salt. It may have sold worse, or it may have sold better.

But Naughty Dog deserves the sales. I'm hoping the game becomes their best seller yet. I'm picking mine up this weekend when I'm done with a work project!

Knushwood Butt1802d ago

Game isn't out in some regions too, like in Japan it comes out this Thursday.

Seems to have quite high pre-orders here too for a western new IP. I'm guessing over 50K first week.

wastedcells1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

It will keep selling too, word of mouth from actual gamers is going to be huge for this game. My buddy can't even find this game in Canada. Completely sold out online and in store.

zeee1802d ago

Opening week sales? It's 17th today and the game was launched on 14th. I know the context of "week" here but the reality is that the number is only going to go up. By next weekend, this number will increase even more. And like someone said above, this will continue to sell on word of mouth.

Shadowolf1802d ago

1.3 million on one platform in a weekend is insane and well deserved as the game is a triumph.

badz1491802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

it has a tempting PSN offer too, remember? pre-order on PSN for day 1 download and 2 free DLC packs. and the game can be played while downloading too!

I almost gave in to that offer as I can get it cheaper that way too at where I live but I still want to have the disc no matter what and I'm getting the disc today! a little late considering I pre-ordered but hey...the greatness aren't gonna just disappear, right?

RedDevils1802d ago

Damn, I haven't yet play the game since my order haven't arrive hopefully it come latter :(

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showtimefolks1803d ago

It is so nice to see it as a top selling product on almost every ate, it deserves more and I hope it gets to at the very least 5 plus million

Also to haters who say ps3 exclusives don't sell yeh open your damn eyes

Testfire1803d ago

I believe it's been debunked years ago that PS3 games dont sell. Maybe not Halo numbers but I know GT5 is up there, 8 million+ last I saw.

Prophet-Gamer1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

@Testfire, GT5 is actually on it's way to 11 million units lifetime

That's better than every Halo game except Halo 3 (which was the peak of that series at around 12 million)

Testfire1802d ago

@prophet, wow! That's some serious sales!

LoaMcLoa1803d ago

Darn right!

This is the best game I've played in years.

And what Mario18 said is true, I've heard many complaints that the game haven't been avaible in many stores (Probably due to the sudden high demand of it)

Y_51501803d ago

@Mario18 Lol I had that moment back in the day with Mario Party 3.

liorishot1803d ago

gimme gran turismo 6 and my collection is done

Godchild10201803d ago

Does even include digital sales.

Thatguy-3101803d ago

Amazing since it's a new IP. Hopefully this motivates others to branch out of Same o' franchises. Give us a raviting story and we'll eat it up.

ajax171802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

So smart of them to sell it in June. Such a dry month for games.

wastedcells1802d ago

And the months to come. This game will keep selling thu summer.

gamedebater1802d ago

Proving single platform games are higher quality and more profitable.

Too much management and time is needed to dish it out on multiple platforms.

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ShugaCane1803d ago

Congratulation Naughty Gods. That's more than deserved.

Godchild10201802d ago

They deserve more sales than that.

Prcko1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

OMFG,this is really epic!!!
Gz Naughty DOG!!!!

Lovable1803d ago

"But But PS3 fans don't buy exclusives"...Oh how I miss that excuse...

rdgneoz31803d ago

There are too many to choose from, so we tend to get the good ones :P

Y_51501803d ago

Even though out of my PS3 library around %90 are exclusives. :P