Why G4 TV isn't about games anymore: Money

The first show I ever watched on G4 was Filter. I admit, I enjoyed it, as any top ten countdown involving games and a remotely attractive Asian woman is going to be enjoyable, but I also wondered how long could it go on for and still be watchable. I mean there were only so many countdowns the show could run through and still be interesting. This problem was kind of emblematic of the entire station though. Not enough content to keep on maintaining interest from the general public. Ratings plummeted and the station reformatted itself.

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HighDefinition3735d ago

Xplay is better now than it`s ever been.

-More Hands-on gameplay previews
-Less Jokes
-Less making it seem like they hate videogames


All big companys are all about $$$, look around you. (McDonalds,BurgerKing) all sh!t quality foods, but you eat them.
When you get big you start caring less. ex. McDonalds used to actually be "beef" burgers when they started.

It the natural evolution of having lots of $$$.

they way it is (right now) - YES.


Filter was great, Diana Mizoto(i think that`s how it`s spelled) was a great host in MANY MANY ways. Dressing up like game character we know and "love" didn`t hurt.

The Lazy One3735d ago

Xplay is better, the rest of the station sucks.

They should have sponsored tournaments since the beginning tbh. Endless supply of new content.

GnuUzir3735d ago

Is all about the $$$, G4 is to gaming what Mtv is to music...

They occasionally mention their topic, but then back to 5 striaght hours of road rules vs big brother vs real world vs superman

Kholinar3735d ago

Sorry, the channel mostly sucks and has mostly sucked since they bought TechTv and re-branded it as G4/TechTv and then to G4. The content sounded promising, as a game focused network with other related shows could possibly bring in more revenue. But they fired everyone who cared with the exception of the X-play hosts.

Before G4, TechTV was a marvel of the industry, a bunch of people doing what they truly cared about, amazed that they were getting paid. They were largely responsible for introducing common folks and young techies to things like Firefox (Firebird at the time), Linux, and many other alternative, but superior software. They also helped a lot of common people learn a lot more about computers.

Gamer TV is great, but G4 (in spite of it's focus) is a sad way to get it.

IntelligentAj3735d ago

100% agreed. When G4 bought Tech TV I knew the station was going to change but I didn't think it would be as bad as it is now. Hell I can barely watch G4 now.

patb3735d ago

I stopped watching a year and a half ago. I only watch when they have the e3 conventions on.

Cerberus_Hunter3735d ago

I've stopped watching G4 many years ago and i'm glad i did. I do not miss then one bit.

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