PlayStation Plus: Saints Row: The Third Free for Members

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

After an incredible week at E3, we’re back in action with our noses to the grindstone, so to speak. You likely saw the announcements that touched on PlayStation Plus, and we’re looking forward to sharing more news with you in the coming months on PS Plus and the benefits of one membership across PS3, PS Vita, and now PS4; of which we confirmed will have an Instant Game Collection.

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Larssonio1774d ago

Is this Europe as well?

Emilio_Estevez1774d ago

No. Not to say it won't be, but this pertains to NA only.

xHeavYx1774d ago Show
ABizzel11774d ago

I haven't played any of my handhelds in a while and was surprised to see a nice collection of Vita games on PS+. Love the service.

despair1774d ago

been waiting for this game, nice, another one to add to my backlog.

Ares84HU1774d ago

It's strange that every game they give for free I already have.

Lovable1774d ago

You didn't know? They check your library and release the game you have just to troll you lmao

Ares84HU1774d ago

I knew it!!! hahahahahahaha

Soldierone1774d ago

I haven't been buying a lot of games lately due to cash limits. This was one of maybe 3 or 4 games I bought.... lol

Krew_921774d ago

This has happened to me also, I just learn to wait. I know not all games you might wait for will not end up on PS+, it has helped in my case.

Sometimes even games you might have missed might end up on PS+ one day. I have Deus Ex on Steam, and I'm happy it's on PS+ now since I can now get trophies for it on my PlayStation 3, since I nearly got 100% on Steam.

Sharius1774d ago

lol, i think i will just add that game for my backlog, don't have enough time to play all of them, still stuck with TLOU (maybe for long time)

and not mention J&D vita version will come out this week too (gotta grab them for my vacation will come next weekend) hope they will put nice discount for PS+ member

turgore1774d ago

I have it on disc. Its terrible. A huge dissapointment compared to the second one.

ricochetmg1774d ago

I liked it one of my favorite games of all time..

Krew_921774d ago

I agree, maybe it's not as good as the second one. But I sure had a blast playing through it.

It's not a game that is meant to be taken seriously, it's just for good fun and laughs. It's especially fun when you play with someone online.

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The story is too old to be commented.