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The PS4 Was Designed To Not Embarrass You - Make You 'Feel Proud About Including' It In Your Home

Your parents come visit your house. Or the person you're dating gets their first look at your living room and your entertainment center. They see your hot new PlayStation. Sony hopes their next console won't suddenly bring you shame. (PS4)

MariaHelFutura  +   845d ago
Correct, It was designed to await greatness.
NewMonday  +   845d ago
it's also nice that it doesn't always film you and may embarrass you in front of the whole world like that other thing.
jmc8888  +   844d ago
Or give it to someone so they can exploit you with it.

eXploitbox One with the magical power of Kinect.

Only suckers need apply.
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ABizzel1  +   844d ago
It actually looks pretty good in that pic.
JuJuRMJ  +   844d ago
What would bring me shame is having a Xbone in the living room instead of a PS4. I will not dishonor my gaming privileges and the future of gaming with that POS in the living room! PS4 will look stunning for all to see in my home!
Riderz1337  +   844d ago
It was also designed to do this!

Krew_92  +   844d ago
I've never seen that one, LOL.

That's a good one, now that I look at it, it does look a lot like an eraser... At least the shape.

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3-4-5  +   844d ago
At first I was like ehh it's ok..

The more I look at it, and especially with the other colors thread that is around here......it looks beautiful in a simplistic Japanese kind of way.

If that makes sense.

It reminds me of a futuristic building
TXIDarkAvenger  +   844d ago
The design is terrible in comparison to previous Sony consoles. Hey, fanboys send me some that shit your on so I too can believe this console looks good.
RavageX  +   844d ago
So the PS1 was quite the looker to you eh?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   844d ago
Yes, at the time it was even though I owned an N64.

The PS4 is practically like Xbox One except on a slant. They both look like cable boxes. Not that it matters about what a console looks like but for people to say it looks amazing is just absurd.
RavageX  +   844d ago
I can't really agree or disagree, I don't hate it or particularly like it, I'm just...ok with it I suppose. As far as the Xbox goes...I feel the same way.

It fits it's name IMO. xBOX.

(Please note I'm talking about looks only, as far as which I'd own...it would be PS4 and that is not based on looks alone, that's based on everything else)

On a performance level, if the PS4's shape and everything helps stop it from overheating and such, then I love it, lol.
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Moonman  +   845d ago
Sleek, most powerful, awesome price...WIN!
hazardman  +   845d ago
Ill give you powerful and awesome but sleek nah...PS4 one of the ugliest consoles ever.
GamersRulz  +   845d ago
designing a console that is more powerful than your competitor in a 65% smaller form factor is engineering marvel, oh also it has internal power brick!!

also the design is pure art, something you can't say for a shoe box or a DVR.
hazardman  +   845d ago
Dude dont get me wrong man im gonna enjoy my PS4. I just dont think its as sexy as most are making it out to be.

Funny how when it was revealed most everyone was put off by looks now thats its getting all this praise. Its the most beautiful game console ever...ok!
I thought the Playstation 4 was kinda ugly at first, but after closer inspections the look really grew on me. It has a futuristic Ps2 sorta look. The Ps2 console was legendary, truly one of the best consoles ever made (at the time) :P It makes sense that they'd design this hunk of beauty to look a bit like it's older bro
Polysix  +   844d ago
come on! it's a great design considering the power insde! MS couldn't come close and didn't even try - they just took a box and threw stuff into it along with a gigantic fan and called it a day (hence their over heating problems) - they couldn't even fit the PSU inside that giant VCR casing!? WTF?

PS4 is the best looking playstation yet, easily, you have to see it in reality to appreciate that. #nobias

and no , nothing to do with praise making us shift opinion. The fact is on first reveal it didn't look great due to how the guy was holding it, and it doesn't photograph well due to it's angles (like some cars). In reality or moving video you can see how nice it looks and it's much better finished than Xbone which has really cheap looking plastic!

The Jack Tretton "drops the mic" GTTV interview where the camera keeps sweeping back and forth shows it well.


I personally will have it horizontal and I know it'll look sleek and fit in well under my tv. Love it!
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Mario18  +   845d ago
Joe: Do you want to come over and play some video games?

Friends: Yeah bring it ON!
(They enter the room)

PS4 version:
Friends: Wow what is that thing?
Joe: Its the new PS4
Friends: ....Pee Esss Foooouuuurrr (all hypnotized)

Xbox One version:
Friends: Doritos and Mountain Dew. Your trying to kill us aren't you?
Joe: Ehh whatever just eat it. It tastes good
(Examines the room)
Friends: Uhhh.. Cable box? Were not here to watch cable TV!
(Friends run away and one of them trips over the Xbox One power brick on the way out)
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Raf1k1  +   845d ago
I thought the comment was 'meh' until I got to the power brick :)
TXIDarkAvenger  +   844d ago
The comment was meh when he said "Doritos and Mountain Dew. Your trying to kill us aren't you?". Like a majority gives a shit.
Convas  +   845d ago
I have both a PS3 and a 360, they sit on my desk sandwiching my LED-LCD, both are black.

The PS4 and XB1 will occupy the same space eventually and there will be damn sexy in my all-black line up.

If you think that casuals will really give a damn what console is sitting under your TV, you've lost the plot.
YNWA96  +   845d ago
The PS4 will also emit old spice deodorant too when these gamers get sweaty, and project a holographic display of some friends mom... awesome... add that to the list.... is there anything else left for people to drool over? You would think this machine is the messiah...
jmc8888  +   844d ago
They'll care when they figure out they are being spied upon.

They'll care when they paid $100 more and the graphics quality and frame rate are severely lacking comparing to the PS4.

They'll care when the console they overpaid for, decides it doesn't want to run, just because it the console kill switch and it's microsoft mommy won't calm its temper tantrum.

Casuals will care.
YNWA96  +   844d ago
If casuals ever EVER cared, the world would be a better place, but they do not, and never will...
Convas  +   844d ago
Yo homie, pay attention, we're talking about people who come to you place and see your consoles.

RavageX  +   844d ago
I wonder what the casuals will say when they find out they have to have internet to play, they have to install all their games, they have to have Kinect, and they have to trade their games through "certain" retailers...for starters.

Casuals want simplicity, this system does not have it.
reko  +   845d ago
designed for greatness.. yes!
from the beach  +   845d ago
Boo.. I want someone to make a console that's just this giant gold sphere that spins when it's on and shoots confetti all over the place.
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DivineAssault  +   845d ago
It looks sexy to me.. The blue light adds some swag to it too.. Laying flat is better than standing to me but i still prefer it over wii u & xbox one.. Its going to fit nicely in my entertainment area
Thomper  +   844d ago
Ooh it's got a blue light?? How f**king naff! Like those dudes who put blue neons under their rust-bucket cars, or those shite Kenwood all-in-one hi-fi's with illuminated spectrum analysers!!

Cheap and tacky
DivineAssault  +   844d ago
Dont hate cuz your xbone is dry.. Looking like a 1970s alarm clock radio
Thomper  +   843d ago
it looks like one of my Yamaha and Sony AV receivers, one of which cost double what the PS4 will.
your point?

as i have said a million times, I am getting both- pre-ordered them on the 2nd June. I just prefer the look of the xbox one.

that's my personal taste. Get over it
Wolfbiker  +   845d ago
I still think the Wii was the sexiest console ever lol Wii U looks nice too.
torchic  +   845d ago
the PSone was the best looking console ever made.
Wolfbiker  +   844d ago
the little white one witht he screen? yeah it was neat lol i remember seeing it for the first time and thinking it looked so cool...but i love how compact and slim the white will looked and when that blue disc tray light lit up it was so beautiful lol

but im sure people wont get past the Wii being the Wii to see how cool the actual physical console looked lol
Thomper  +   843d ago
nah - the Star Wars 360 is the best console ever designed... it's geektastic
Mr-SellJack  +   845d ago
sorry to correct u my friend but it's not to
there's nothing called to not but still cool read
insertnamehurr  +   845d ago
This PS4 is looking sexy as fack! Its going to stand/sit/whatever next to my 1 inch thin samsung led tv.
YNWA96  +   845d ago
oh, did not see the next line.
sonic989  +   844d ago
or the 40 inch 3D bravia
bravia TVs have a very very nice picture quality
DarthJay  +   845d ago
It looks like someone hit italics on an Xbox One and put a blue stripe on it. They are practically the same thing. Both are ugly. I'd say that I am absolutely baffled as to how people are saying one looks better than the other, but I'm not. Par for the course.

PS - I'll be owning both and super stoked about it.
PositiveEmotions  +   845d ago
Well it does look like a eraser but thats ok i still love the ps4
threefootwang  +   845d ago
Yup, to erase the Xbox One from history.
sashimi  +   844d ago
Did someone say erase? lol

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Alos88  +   845d ago
It was designed to embarrass Microsoft.
IcicleTrepan  +   844d ago
By looking just like the Xbox One except slanted and with less exhaust holes
Alos88  +   844d ago
You know what I meant.
solidboss07  +   845d ago
Yeah, PS4 is a miracle of engineering and design, those guys back in Japan have really made a statement.
Was Microsofts console designed to embarass you, to break your self esteem? Seems easier to controll a person that way. XBone is watching you................. always watching................ always on. Maybe the Pyramid with Eye of Horus on Dollar bills will be replaced with Kinect ha ha.
sonic989  +   844d ago
my thought exactly
MWong  +   845d ago
I love the sheer size of the console. It's about the same size of the PS3 Slim, with about 3 times the power and $200 cheaper than the original PS3.

Too bad Sony Electronics couldn't pull a page from Sony Entertainment and listen to what the audience wants and at a resonable price.
Death  +   845d ago
Just wow...

Microsoft was busy wasting time on an HDMI in which Playstation fans say is useless. The next great feature the PS4 has is "feeling proud to include it in your home".

Microsoft adds the ability to use your console as a library and giving access to all your games to 10 "family" members online. Sony made a cute video showing how you can hand your copy to a friend and hope they give it back next time you see them.

hazardman  +   845d ago
Drekken  +   845d ago
Good to know the die hards will never give up.
YNWA96  +   844d ago
Whats a die hard? This the end of the world?
jmc8888  +   844d ago
You forget that there's time limits. That you can only trade games once, and the PS4 will allow people to game with you that don't have the game (it was in the reveal).

Have fun when you lose your job 20 years from now because of the video logs spied on you with Kinect. Or you life insurance is double because they can tell you or someone you know is a big guy/girl. Or you house or business gets robbed because they know your patterns. Oh yes, Kinect will give blackmailable info. Your info will be given to advertisers. Did you miss work or school? Want your principal or boss checking the logs?

You do realize that's what Kinect is for right? To spy on you. The internet of things, of which, this thing, is crazy.

Microsoft sells you down the river every chance it gets, and has admitted to it.

1. Backdoors in Windows since Windows 95 (pre 9/11 people)
2. They'll give your info with any lame unconsitutional document like a Kangaroo FISA court warrant, or a 'letter of national security'.
3. They've admitted to giving away your web/email stuff
4. They and thousands of companies trade their data freely.
5. The gov't can go far beyond whatever Microsoft actively gives them. Think of the gov't actions as spying on you in triplicate. Only one of which is actually getting data from Microsoft. Kinect will be a great tool for them
6. Microsoft JUST announced that they let the gov't know of exploits and bugs in their software, and held back in fixing it so the gov't could use the exploits against people.

You want to trust Microsoft with a device that has a camera, microphone, can tell your mood, your body style, heart rate, etc, etc, etc.

Anyone that feels that way is downright nuts or naive and uninformed. But then again, most people who are exploited, generally are marks like that.
Death  +   844d ago
Reynolds make a nice high quality, heavy duty and non-stick foil roll that will be perfect for your tin-foil hats. The kicker is it is still made here in the U.S.A. If you live outside the U.S. change that last part to "The kicker is it is still imported from the U.S.A."

Seriously though, I'm a little relieved I won't be running into you on Live. God knows what you would do with the information you gained.
ThaBlackBaron  +   844d ago
LMAO really? The Daym thing is Ugly LOL
Dark_Overlord  +   844d ago
I'm not really liking the look of it :/

But i'll still be picking one up at launch :)

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