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Xbox One can treat a spine as a third thumbstick, says Microsoft

Xbox One can treat a player's spine as a third thumbstick, it has been revealed.

A behind-closed-doors presentation at E3 2013 revealed a tech demo where players leaning while using a controller can be incorporated into a game.

Inspired by how people naturally lean into turning corners when playing racing games, the tech demo had the player shift their torso to the sides while holding an analogue stick in order to avoid advancing enemies. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Neoninja  +   707d ago
If true then that is impressive. I said in another comment that I'm still skeptical of the new kinect, but man the things they're claiming it can do.
I hope to see demos kinects functionality before launch.
MariaHelFutura  +   707d ago
That real question is....Who even want to use their spine as a 3rd thumbstick? It sounds uncomfortable and painful TBH.
Shadonic  +   707d ago
Only thing your spine or back should be used for with kinect is for moving backwards or turning from left to right if you dont want to use your hands for that.
Dee_91  +   707d ago
lol.. I tend to try to keep my back straight when playing games, because I dont want a bad back when I get older.But this could be incredible with forza, moving around cockpit and stuff
Elit3Nick  +   707d ago
You're probably overthinking how this will be used, buta really good use for this feature could be peaking around corners in BF4 or COD: Ghosts
Shadow Flare  +   707d ago
"Xbox One can treat a spine as a third thumbstick, says Microsoft"

Unfortunately this can't be used with Don Mattrick as he is spineless
PtRoLLFacE  +   707d ago
that's another way of saying you can use your body, i get how they talk about racing i my self lean when cornering, obviously is unconscious natural body movement if they can incorporate that in a game i ll look forward to it
Heartnet  +   707d ago
Yeh if its done as a main controller but if a game is immersive you will/might move without you knowing and if kinect can pick up on that... crazy
CrossingEden  +   707d ago
so now leaning forward is uncomfortable -__-
MurDocINC  +   706d ago
Better thing would be kick up your feet and use them as joysticks or car pedals.
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Serg  +   707d ago
They didn't deliver on half the promises of what the first Kinect should've been able to do.
Elit3Nick  +   707d ago
Ya the first kinect was a shadow of what they originally envisioned. At least this time they have videos showing how it actually works. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
malokevi  +   707d ago

This is the news I've been waiting for. Proof-of-concept that MS can incorperate the Kinect into AAA hardcore titles such as shooters.

Ideally, when I round a corner and come face-to-face with a tank, I should be able to lurch/scramble backwards/sideways by using my body. That's basically been my dream for the Kinect... and apparently it can deliver.

Great news! I wish they had demoed this stuff on the show floor/publicly.
rainslacker  +   706d ago
I tend to lay down on the couch or in bed when I play games. But yeah, the idea behind it is sound.
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jmc8888  +   707d ago
All the better to spy and exploit you with my deary.
SilentNegotiator  +   707d ago
Woah, wait a minute....so not only does Microsoft cooperate EXTENSIVELY with the US government to spy on us and has a requirement for Kinect to always be connected when playing games that tracks faces and must also be connected to the internet every day....

But they're ALSO tracking my spine?!?!
*jumps out a window*

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3-4-5  +   707d ago
Let's see that idea, not on paper, but in practice.

It could be useful for FPS games so you could lean around the corner.

But I honestly don't want to have to be doing side bends and crunches while I'm playing games.
WeaseL  +   707d ago
Sounds good but I like to sit back and relax when I play.
EasilyTheBest  +   707d ago
Things like this make it good that Kinect is standard with the X1. There is a lot of good new stuff to look forward too.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   707d ago
its like the wii... it was cool, innovative, and new at first then it gets boring and annoying after a while
mcstorm  +   707d ago
@EasilyTheBest I agree one of the biggest issues with Kinect, Eye toy/move and Wii Motion + is they were not standard with the console so developers overlooked them where just like the WiiU is bundled with the Wiiu controller and Kinect 2 is with the one more and more developers will look to use the technology where the PS Eye and Move will not get as much attestation as it is an add-on.

I know a few people don't want the PSEye, Kinect or WiiU controller but they cerate new ways to play games. Yes most games will use a controller but having the other devices in the industry adds to how we can play games and to new types of games and imputs. Project sparks showed this in impressive ways using Kinect and smart glass and for me its Kinect, WiiU controller and PSeye/Move that gives a lot of people a reason to own more than one console as they all offer something different.
WeAreLegion  +   707d ago
I enjoy more immersion in games. I like the racing game example. They used head tracking in Gran Turismo 5 via the PS Eye to look around. It was nice. :)
tucky  +   707d ago
If I look around while playing, guess what... I don't see the screen anymore :-) A useless gimmick in m'y opinion
WeAreLegion  +   707d ago
No, your head moves. Your eyes don't move. You just turn your head slightly and the screen pans over. Try it out sometime.
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Soldierone  +   707d ago
Lets see it in action in a retail released game. Sounds cool, but so did Milo.....
Nicaragua  +   707d ago
Nothing about Milo was cool...
Themba76  +   707d ago
even if this is impressive sony does have the OPTIONAL playstation eye to suit those racing needs not like the mandatory kinect.
ricochetmg  +   707d ago
Creepy...I think kinect will be the same as last gen...LIMITED...
SniperControl  +   707d ago
Jesus, what happend to just sitting on a couch and playing a game? If you wanna move ya whole body, get outside and do some sport or go paintballing?
SpinalRemains  +   707d ago
giving business to neurosurgeons all over Mairika.

Kinect will lead to structural spinal damage, yay!

Your hands can get tired when gaming. What the hell is this gonna do? Its a sciatica inducing nightmare waiting to happen.
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Kyur4ThePain  +   707d ago
Sorry - that's just beyond stupid.
DivineAssault  +   707d ago
Just stop M$, nothing you can say will help the situation
GreenRanger  +   707d ago | Funny
Here's a fourth thumbstick for you, Microsoft....
Kingthrash360  +   707d ago
before clicking on the link I just KNEW what was coming...lol classic.
Shadonic  +   707d ago
wow ha
WalterWJR   707d ago | Immature | show
Imalwaysright  +   707d ago
Useless feature.
NewEra7  +   707d ago
torchic  +   707d ago
Robert Kubica is an F1 driver (currently not in F1) and what made his driving style particularly interesting was that he would turn his head away from the corner, like if he was turning right he would move his "spine" to the left

I'm not sure if he would enjoy this Kinect feature :/
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easternbalboa   707d ago | Offensive
KillrateOmega  +   707d ago
The title made me lol XD

Even though I refuse to get an Xbox One, I'll give Kinect this: there have been some impressive claims concerning its capabilities so far. How many will come to fruition has yet to been seen.
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KillrateOmega  +   707d ago
devwan  +   707d ago
buttons. win. every. time.
Kingthrash360  +   707d ago
TRU3_GAM3R  +   707d ago
solidboss07  +   707d ago
I don't think this nonsense will work. Children and Grannys might lean, tilt their bodiies or heads, and steer their arms while playing a racing game ect, but after an hour or two our brains just stop this wasteful and off-putting behaviour.
XBone - 'wasteful and off-putting', yes it seems more so with each passing day and more gimmicky talk..

Off topic: Microsoft, "you can use XBone as a T.V. controller, you can use XBone as a 360 controller, We can use XBone with Kinect, always on, DRM to controll you".
Please stop, have a good hard look at the competition, and change the upcoming piece of crap console. Not the hardware, its good enough for 2nd place, just forget 3 operating systems, ban on used games ect ect.
RAPCHAMP  +   707d ago
if it can see my spine then it must have X ray vision so that would mean it can see me naked
pkb79  +   707d ago
Do we not already have this on the PS3. The DS3 controller has built in motion sensors that act as a third "stick". For the most part its just a gimmick like moving Sackboy's head around with it.

The interface is different but game play wise you get the same results. I thought Kinect was all about controller free gaming anyway?
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Foxgod  +   707d ago
Well, it doesnt surprise me they chose the spine, if they went for another part girls would be left out of that particular kinect feature.

Then again, they could always release a strap addon for kinect girl gamers.
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Snookies12  +   707d ago
If it turns out to be a good peripheral, I'll think about buying one for my PC. Just don't want it always connected to a console...
Loki86  +   707d ago
This is subtle optional feature, what is the problem. I swear people just type to sound important, but really just making yourself look ignorant.
jmc8888  +   707d ago
Nothing about Kinect 2 is subtle.

They take your data
Exploit you
End of Story

Watergate in a box.
Loki86  +   707d ago
So you have physical proof of this or just what a bunch of rumors say. I'm getting a PS4 at launch but the X1 is just annoying at this point.
SpiralTear  +   707d ago
Leaning was damn near impossible for Kinect to recognize with the 360. I honestly don't see it getting fixed this time around.
hazelamy  +   707d ago
but can it now handle movement and actions at the same time?
so could you make a game with free movement about an environment and allow the player to perform actions at the same time?

how would that even be done in kinect?

unless you go for a hybrid solution like that mech game where you use the pad for actual movement, but then that pretty much invalidates the point of kinect, reducing it to a gimmick.

i guess we'll see, if all the kinect 2 gets is on rails games and dancing games then i must be right about the kinect being the Heisenberg uncertainty principal of gaming.

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