The Last Of Us: Not Making a Big Deal Over Sexuality

Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Last Of Us is currently sweeping up high praise from nearly every corner of the industry; critics love it, players adore it, and it’s proven to be a huge success. However, one part of the game that has gone somewhat unnoticed is how The Last Of Us dips its toes into something of a taboo topic, even in the modern day state of video games. That taboo topic is one of homosexuality. It’s so subtle and underplayed that the chances are most did not even notice it, and that commands respect to Naughty Dog and their writing team.''


* Very very minor spoiler, so minor it does not even effecting the plot or outcome of the game, those of a sensitive nature have been warned*

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jagstatboy1735d ago

umm, there are spoilers in this article, and no warning given. Thanks, I haven't played the game yet.

GamerEuphoria1734d ago

Got approved before we could add * Contains a tiny tiny spoiler that effects the game in little no way in the grand scheme of things*

But honestly, it's not really all that much of a spoiler given it's a brief section that plays little into the plot

jagstatboy1734d ago

Agree it is a minor spoiler, but like Dr. Seuss said, a spoiler's a spoiler no matter how small (or something like that) LOL.

Heisenburger1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

It's one thing to make an honest mistake(neglecting to put "spoilers" for a game that has only been out for five days), that is totally forgivable as we all make mistakes.

But it's an entirely different thing to have an attitude about it.

Your reply to this person and the update to the article are completely absent of any sympathy.

You are really smug about it, which is completely ridiculous given that you are in the wrong. You shouldn't be posting on this site(or any site for that matter) if you can't handle the tiny responsibilities that come along with it.

I suggest that you work on your social skills if you can't realize errors you have made towards others.

Now apologize to him.

Edit: typographical errors

Xof1734d ago


You're imagining things. Jagstatboy isn't having an "attitude" nor is he being "smug." But those adjectives do describe -your- post.

GamerEuphoria1734d ago


Not Smug at all, oddly you seem the one lacking social skills given your out burst

Xof1734d ago

Heisenburger has sent me... three private messages, composed almost entirely of profanity-riddled personal insults.

The one point he did make was that his comment was directed at GamerEuphoria, which strikes me as oddd, considering his/her post seems even more innocuous to me than jagstatboy's.

But beyond that... wow. Total and complete prepubescent, moronic (and homophobic) ravings.

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kparks1734d ago

Wow dont waste ur time reading the article everyone already knew joel was a homo and ellie a hardcore lesbian woops spoilers! Sike JK lol.. Game is awesome tho if u haven't got it yet pick it up!

OpenGL1735d ago

Absolutely phenomenal game, can't wait to play Naughty Dog's next release.

I've heard some people complain about the fact that rape isn't mentioned more in the game but can you imagine the outcry there would be?

GamerEuphoria1734d ago

Rape is implied (at least that's what i got from it) when over hearing a group of hunters talking. A lot of The Last Of Us is down to a personal interpretation, at least when it comes to background stuff.

Eldyraen1734d ago

Its could also be interpreted from a wall message during that or the next level over. I guess it "could" be seen from a positive perspective as well but given the setting and everything seen up to and after that point I naturally saw it in a darker light.

ND has done a great job thus far allowing for people to "see" the world that they created and a lot of it is optional and observation based.

OpenGL1734d ago

Well there's one part later in the game where it's directly mentioned but some people think it should be even more prevalent. I'm sure the fear of rape would be a very real thing for women in children in a post-apocalyptic world, but it's a video game, Naughty Dog is already pushing the envelope with this game as it is. If something as taboo as sexuality and rape in video games was included god knows the media shitstorm there would be.

04soldier1734d ago

I believe they did show an attempted rape in the game and had a very very subtle way of talking about it right afterwards

The scene Im referring to is where David is trying to kill Ellie and even though he has the upper hand he gets on top of her and strangles her..

Ellie confides in Joel right after about it and it was cutoff very subtly.

This is why this game is so awesome. because it really conveys the darkness that lies beneath that of most men and women when the system of a civil society were to be destroyed by an great unstoppable force.

GOTY hands down

Heisenburger1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Yeah I liked that part. Just an extra little layer that was completely unnecessary. That's part of their magic.

And the NOT so subtle (spoilers????)would be Ellie with that magazine.... *shudders*

When I saw that she had it I said "Godd**n it Ellie" aloud. I had to hold back my laughter at myself for getting as uncomfortable as I did.

The Last of Us is such a good game.

Edit: minor typographical error

Eldyraen1734d ago

I actually think Bill is a pretty cool character. He sort of helps Ellie come out of her shell a bit as well and there is a sort of love/hate relationship with them at times.

He's clearly quite gruff but the letter from his partner is in a way a last "love" letter given Bill's obvious demeanor and the way he responds to some of Ellie's dialogue. He grumbles a lot but in a sense comes across as caring at the same time (while trying to hide it). He's sort of the crotchety old hermit but likely was not always that way.

ND does a great job of allowing interpretation and realism to characters given a relatively small timeframe.

GamerEuphoria1734d ago

It's hopefully the start of more well written, more realistic, characters...though i don't see it becoming the norm any time soon unfortunately. But alas progress is progress

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