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Submitted by CaptainCamper 895d ago | opinion piece

The Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Pay-To-Play

Blaine Smith of Camelot Post writes:

There was a huge variety of exciting announcements at E3 and many members of the gaming press had their first opportunity to sample the world of The Elder Scrolls Online, however it’s not all good news. The question on everyone’s lips “Will The Elder Scrolls Online be free-to-play?”. If you asked me a week ago, I would have said yes. The current success of pay-to-play titles is under question and even the biggest names in the P2P genre have been transferring to alternate subscription models. However, after an interview with President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, I’m fully expecting The Elder Scrolls Online to be pay-to-play. (PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online)

manageri   895d ago | Spam
GentlemenRUs  +   895d ago
As long as it don't cost the same as WoW, Then it's fine...

But make sure that the game is fixed before shipping... Exploits ruin MMO's...

Also, No MTX crap please!
NioRide  +   895d ago
Wow really isn't that expensive though. :/

Well if you aren't living off your parents paycheck its not.
GentlemenRUs  +   895d ago
Yeah... I'm not going to be paying £92.28 each year for something which gets boring after 3 months...

And if you must know, I get £486 per month but £300 goes on bills... The rest on the shopping... So yes it is expensive.

FYI, WoW is the most expensive MMO out there.
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NioRide  +   895d ago
Sounds to me like you should stay away from gaming in general...

you are living beyond your means.
kwyjibo  +   895d ago
How many MMOs have said this, and then cratered and gone F2P?

I think The Elder Scrolls has a better chance than most at making subscriptions stick though.
MysticStrummer  +   895d ago
Ah well I guess I'll be skipping it then.

@GadgetGooch - You're right. This article doesn't confirm what the headline claims.
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GadgetGooch  +   895d ago
Are you for real? All the guy is saying is that you will need a PS+ subscription to play these games online not that you will need to pay another subscription for these games to be played, All you have done is manipulate the quotes and your heading to get hits, Sort it out guy.
CaptainCamper  +   895d ago
Why would they make it a premium title on console and free on PC? It makes no sense. However, it makes sense for them to make a pay-to-play MMO a premium feature on console. Basic logistics.
coolmast3r  +   895d ago
I don't care about this pile of crap. They've ruined the Legendary Elder Scrolls franchise with the announcement of this "game". TES is not meant to be an online game!
They should just start developing TES VI or it's all over.
GadgetGooch  +   895d ago
This game is not developed by Bethesda but by Zenimax, The next elder scrolls game will no doubt be in early development already so this game is just going to be there alongside the main series. Chill guy.
coolmast3r  +   895d ago
I'm just worried that this way TES series will be assosiated and constantly compared with WoW and other MMOs (which isn't a good thing).
cleft5  +   895d ago
Sony has already confirmed that F2P games don't require PS+ to play online. If the game is F2P then PS+ won't be an issue, if it isn't than thats Bethesda's decision.
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CaptainCamper  +   895d ago
They haven't confirmed this. They have said that PlanetSide 2 will be free, without the need for PS+. However, they have also said other titles will require PS+, including FFXIV. Check the article, it's in there :D
MysticStrummer  +   895d ago
You're right, but as it stands now Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, and Warframe will be free on launch day and playable even without PS+.
cleft5  +   895d ago
Sony has confirmed that not only do you not need PS+ to play F2P games online, you also don't need PS+ for their video services. They confirmed this and here it is in this Joystiq link. Had to search a bit but I found it for you.
Honest_gamer  +   895d ago
if only they went the way of guild wars 2, pay once -'-
NioRide  +   895d ago
What? You mean how all the mid level zones are dead empty and you can't do events?

Because that's how GW2 right now, only the starter zone up to 20 actually has people in it, after that nothing till you hit the max level.
sorane  +   895d ago
Sounds to me like you need to get off your low population server. My server is packed all over......
NioRide  +   895d ago
Considering my server was always full and I had to wait to get in from the temp zone, I'd say not.
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--Onilink--  +   895d ago
Reading comprehension of this author = 0 (A VERY BIG 0)

All they said is that it's up to publishers if F2P games will require PS+ to work, since it was said that you would need it to play online.

"...and there will be some free to play titles that you’ll be able to play without needing a PS Plus subscription..."

KEY WORDS: FREE TO PLAY ( as in i can play it for FREE)
Adronicus  +   895d ago
I prefer pay to play over lots of microtransactions that can, unless done right, distort gameplay.
silvacrest  +   895d ago
the best model i have seen is in guild wars 2, i dont know how they manage it though
kaozgamer  +   895d ago
reading the confused at how he got to that conclusion...
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jamz4  +   895d ago
and how 1 guys random guesswork is worthy of an article on a gaming site...
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CaptainCamper  +   895d ago
Current free-to-play PC games will be free on PS4. However, current pay to play PC games (FFXIV) will only be available for PS Plus users.

Free on PC = Free On PS4
P2P on PC = PS Plus on PS4

Very simple conclusion lol
kaozgamer  +   895d ago
yea well i don't get how you got that the elder scrolls online will be p2p, from those quotes
Rynocirator  +   895d ago
Good, then I won't play it because I have played it and it isn't worth 60 plus 15 a fact I don't think it's even worth 30 and buy to play...the game is horrible. And this is from an elder scrolls fan too.
Adronicus  +   895d ago
I'm glad that it isn't pleasing Elder Scroll fans. This isn't a single-player RPG. MMOs are different and really need to work as an MMO.

What should excite Elder Scroll fans is getting to experience some of their favorite settings with other people. However, almost all the complaints seems to be about how the game requires people. Well, MMOs are all about community.No man is an island unlike what we might expect from single person RPGs.
Rynocirator  +   895d ago
To me it felt like there were too many people trying to kill the same quest objective and open the same chest, and looting the same corpse and use the same door. It felt too alive. There are no instances except the 5 man dungeons. It didn't feel like an elder scrolls game at all, it felt like one of those cheap knockoff pokemon games in that it feels like a single player game but theres too many chosen ones. I feel like if I play an elder scrolls game that has online capabilities I shouldnt see anyone except the people I want to, and public quests or in towns.
silvacrest  +   895d ago
i bet any amount it goes free to play within 6 months
Rynocirator  +   895d ago
If other elder scrolls fans, and mmo fans such as myself have the same first impression I did, I would say less than 6 months.
silvacrest  +   895d ago
if star wars fans couldn't stop the old republic going free to play, this has no chance
SatanSki  +   895d ago
I fear consoles clowns will keep this medicority alive far longer.
Adronicus  +   895d ago
Ugh. MMOs are massively multiplayer online games. I get the fact the single-player RPG fans want one experience, but the problem with most of these online games today is the ability to instance all the content and never truly experience a virtual world---a world full of people and possibilities. Oh, and the chance to cyber with elf chicks. ;)

Edit: I did agree that too many people clogging up the area makes the experience seem forced. There has to be a middle ground between excessive instancing and a traffic jam at quest points.
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Rynocirator  +   895d ago
I get that, but the problem is that nothing is instanced meaning that the chest that 90 people are trying to open? yeah you gotta wait in line for 20 mins to get it because no one else can activate it while others are...that quest objective you gotta kill but can't get close enough to hit it? well gotta wait until it respawns and hope you can kill it with everyone else. It's a terrible way to make an mmo.

Sorry didn't see you acknowledged my problem with the game after you posted.
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Adronicus  +   895d ago
I meant to include that when I hit post to explain that I get how traffic jams spoil the fun. I've been in those traffic jams and hated it too.

I'd like to see anyone in the area get credit for things like that. I hated Warhammer Online, but the public quest system was a great innovation. I'd expand that to include all quest goals, so, if you get within a certain range and someone opens that chest, you get credit for it.
Ineedtacos2  +   895d ago
Although I am excited for this game I cant help but feel that it could be better, my primary objection (and really only objection) is the class base system they are using. While this system will incorporate things from the Single player series such as the ability for all classes to use all weapon/armor types the ESO will limit other skills such as restoration and enchanting to specific classes. I wish they would incorporate the system of Skyrim and allow players to fully customize their players skills. They can even use oblivions class system which only governs the initial stats but allows players to freely develop all skills as they choose no matter their class (pretty much the same as Skyrims but with initial classes, which I think will be more suited for an MMO than Skyrims). This will give the MMO a unique feel to it compared to other mainstream MMOs such as WOW, SWTOR or Guild Wars. This will also appeal to fans of the series while further connecting it and staying true to the Elder Scrolls Series. They probably will implement this later on down the line once people start complaining its not enough like the original series or start calling it a WOW clone.
Adronicus  +   895d ago
You might be right. That after launch there will be so many complaints that it gets redone sort of like Star Wars Galaxies.

I think this is far more like Matt Firor's Dark Age of Camelot than WoW. As such, with an end game realm vs realm combat, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to balance a game that was not class driven. While it may not satisfy people to say this, I think it is just easier to balance because if we let people pick the best abilities/talents then it will limit the requirements to form groups, etc.
Ineedtacos2  +   895d ago
I completely agree, I think that the class base system would be far easier to balance and thats why tehy implemented it. Just looking at some MMOs that use free progression rather than classes, they are usually plagued with balancing issues. Having said that I think Bethesda did a good job balancing Skyrim(took a few patches), but since this is an MMO its a entirely different ball game. Also I agree with the Dark Age of Camelot comparison, I was just using WOW because its the most recognizable/mainstream MMO and thats the one every MMO gets compared to. Its funny how some people call every other MMO a WOW clone, even ones that are older than WOW. Perhaps Zenimax Online can find a way to implement free progression post launch that is very well balance, that would be the key. Also I would like for them to implement a Creation tool for mods and player developed content, Neverwinter is doing it and I think that is a very interesting premise. Also the single player games have a very vibrant, active and creative modding community. Maybe even allow for ports of Skyrim mods, could lead to some interesting cross game content as well as lend a very unique feel to the game.
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PlayStation_4  +   895d ago
Flop inbound.
SatanSki  +   895d ago
lol, i probably wouldnt play this crap for free. The only reason they can get away with p2p with this game is low amount of mmos for consoles.

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