CD Projekt RED acknowledge "a lot of heat right now" on Xbox One DRM

The Witcher 3 is heading to Xbox One - but what about that all that nasty check-in DRM? CD Projekt RED has been staunchly opposed to DRM keeping it out of the titles, so why are they supporting Xbox One?

First of all, they "don't know what the final policies are." People are going to buy the console, accepting its DRM, so why shouldn't they offer the RPG to those who don't mind it?

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GortJester1798d ago

This should be simple... "Hey guys we are offering the game on all 3 consoles. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of DRM, buy it on PC where we have the freedom as the developer to offer it that way. Since we don't have control over DRM on a console, we will be offering it on there for the people that bought the Xbox One knowing full the confines of the device. You have your decision to make, we made ours so we could give you, the gamers, whatever you preferred.

badz1491798d ago

just "acknowledge"? HELLO? your home country is not supported during launch! doesn't THAT sounds like a good "BURN" already?

MariaHelFutura1798d ago

The developers of the Witcher 3 can't even play their own game at home on the Xbox One. The people developing Dead Rising 3 are in the same boat. If that doesn't give a clear picture on how restrictions are bad, I don't know what will.

GortJester1798d ago

I agree MariaHelFuture, but this isn't a debate on whether the DRM on Xbox One is right or not, its a matter of CD Projekt receiving *Heat* about whether its ok that they put their game on a system that has such heavy DRM. I don't think they are in the wrong to provide their game to gamers. It fairly simple really. They are a developer and obviously they want their game to be played by as many people as possible. Now whether that's for monetary gains or because they are nice people, who cares. The issue of DRM on Microsoft's console is on Microsoft, not a developer developing for the console. They are held to the standards of the console they develop on.

TL;DR Don't hate on CD Projekt, Hate on Microsoft for their DRM if you disagree with it.

For the record, I strongly dislike Microsoft's DRM and practices, although I will be buying their console, that doesn't mean I agree with the way they are doing their thing. I'm just a gamer with games to play.

Captain Qwark 91798d ago

they can easily play it, on ps4. people have options, this is why monopolies arent allowed. dont want drm or the system isnt available in your country, get it on another platform. stop whining

BattleTorn1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Um. Dead Rising 3 is developed by Capcom Vancouver. Vancouver Canada will be covered.

MariaHelFutura1798d ago

I didn't know that it was made by Capcom Vancouver. Thanks. The herion addicts in Surrey will hopefully find a new addiction w/ DR3.

cunnilumpkin1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )


"The developers of the Witcher 3 can't even play their own game at home on the Xbox One."

The developers of the Witcher 3 would never want to play their game on any console...think about it

imagine the gaming pc's these guys have!

heck I have a gtx680 with i7-2600, I would never play the witcher 3 on any console!

they probably have rigs with two Titans and dual i7-3970X......playing it on playstation 4 or xbox one for them is like you playing the witcher 3 on ps1

these guys are pc devs who make pc games, porting it down to consoles is just to grab more cash to make their next pc game

Linsolv1798d ago


> ...I strongly dislike Microsoft's DRM and practices, although I will be buying their console...

Oh, ok. So you support their DRM practices. Got it.

slayorofgods1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I don't see Dead Rising 3 coming out on PC or PS3... That means there is no such thing as Dead Rising 3.....

Speaking of which, could timed exclusives for XBO be financial suicide? If a game seems like it isn't popular when it first comes out, due to a console that has bombed, wouldn't that create the allusion that the game wasn't a very good one once it reaches the other consoles, and therefore not sell?

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YNWA961798d ago

For too long people have had it good when it came to console, video games in general, was only a matter of time before someone made the jump. If there was no competition for Sony, they themselves would have done this along time ago.... because what were the alternatives? And you know once Sony has a big user base on PS4... DRM.... you know it.

DeadlyFire1798d ago

DRM will only exist on digital titles on PS4. Nothing physical. The way it should always be.

Foxgod1798d ago

I agree with what i said in the article, not offering the game to those who accept the DRM, would be worse then not offering the game because of DRM.

Besides, MS their DRM isnt so bad as that of EA.
With EA games you need to be constantly online to play, for example Sim City, that i wouldnt like either.

But being online once a day to game, big deal.

Honest_gamer1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

i don't know, i'm 99% sure last night i played dead space offline on my ps3 but that could have just been an illusion and i was in fact suffering an always online drm policy to play it....
But being online once a day to game, big deal.

Lets say i move house, which i plan to do late next year, i have to wait 2/3 weeks to get internet in that house, oh dam i cant play my xbox one as i cant check in, what then? just sit there and look like an ass saying xbox tv over and over :'( no thanks.

edit @ fox god below
u said
With EA games you need to be constantly online to play, for example Sim City, that i wouldn't like either.

that's an ea game, maybe you should have been more specific and maybe Microsoft should have advertised the fact you can do it on ur phone more clearly

Foxgod1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Well, that must be because Dead space doesnt have DRM, Sim city is one of the fine examples of EA its DRM, aka DRM gone wrong.

And when you move into a new house you can use your phone to login.
Set up your system once for tethering, and you can login everyday by just flicking a switch on your phone, and flicking it off when its done logging in.
Costs you a few kb's only.

its time to end the, moving argument, how often does one move? and you can still use your phone instead.

And if you dont have internet on your phone i suggest you move to 2013 first, before moving to another location.

Foxgod1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Yes i did, but i didnt say all EA games, EA has used DRM for more then one game, once every while they pull off that stunt.

And you are right, they only mentioned it a few times, they do should advertise it harder, that it can be tethered trough the phone.
But sadly a lot of fanboys are screaming louder then MS can.

RavageX1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Even though you can log in on your phone or whatever(and I'm assuming a smart phone, which believe it or not some people don't have)the point is this shouldn't be a requirement in the first place.

If I want to play the disc games that I've bought I should just be able to turn on my console and play them. No internet checks or any other BS. If they couldn't figure out a way to make that possible then they shouldn't have bothered.

linkenski1798d ago

We can hope MS realises it's bad and completely remove it like EA removed online passes.

Foxgod1798d ago

Ea did indeed quit using the passes, but they did not give up on that horrible constant online DRM that they use in sim city.

RavageX1798d ago

BTW...I wonder what happens to Simcity when the EA takes the servers down? They do tend to do that with their games after a while.

IF you could play the game offline it would be a factor, but....

pompombrum1798d ago

Sorry but comparing one game to an entire console isn't even apples and oranges, it's night and day.

Neither is desirable nor should either be tolerated.

jmc88881797d ago

Foxgod, you do realize that Microsoft's servers have to work too.

People that accept this DRM are morons.

They are allowing the most advanced spying device ever into their homes and giving a bunch of corporate and gov't crooks the ability to outright exploit them. They will exploit you.

I for the life of me, can't see how someone could be so blind as to think it won't effect them. I mean it's like jumping out of a plane without a chute and expecting to land softly.

The entire console will be useless until you check-in. You gain no benefit. There is no reason for this.

So foxgod, next time you pass through a doorway, I want you to hop on your left leg and spin around 10 times, just because.

Then I want you to do that everytime you pass through a doorway...home or public.

Is that unnecessary and insane? It's more sane then Xbox One's DRM.

rainslacker1797d ago

You picked one game out of the entire EA library to base your argument off of?

Not saying EA are great or anything, but you can't get more generalized than that. Every EA game I own on the PS3 I can play without a net connection. Some of them don't have online modes available anymore though.

Most of EA's DRM was in the form of online passes, and then some crap with Origin on the PC, but overall they haven't been anywhere near as restrictive as MS is being with the X1.

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Jdoki1798d ago

Quote..."CD Projekt RED has been staunchly opposed to DRM keeping it out of the titles, so why are they supporting Xbox One?"

Answer... Money

GortJester1798d ago

Because not punishing gamers that buy a console to game would be dumb. I think CD Projekt has a brain.

Mr Tretton1798d ago

Well, CDP 'punished' PS3 users by not releasing TW2 on it. They could just as well not release it on XBO...

But I think they need the money, no doubt TW3 is their most costly game ever and they have Cyberpunk coming up, they are headed towards becoming a bigger company. The success of TW3 is important.

XabiDaChosenOne1798d ago

If you buy an Xbox one while having knowledge of the restrictions, you're punishing yourself.

jmc88881797d ago

Yeah but Microsoft is selling you the Xbox One to spy on you.

So no matter what you are being punished.

Grap1798d ago

every company wants to make money there's no wrong for that. CD Projekt RED aren't money hungry like the other companies. for god sake they offer a great RPG with no DRM + free Expansion that have hundred of improvement.

cleft51798d ago

The DRM thing on the Xbox One is what it is, I personally don't care for it but whatever. However, seeing CD Projekt RED on stage at Microsoft's E3 press conference just didn't seem okay. If these guys didn't really get on the anti-DRM train the way they do with PC I wouldn't mind so much. But they do tend to make a big deal out of this.

I don't know, the whole situation just seems a bit weird. Either way I am glad that Xbox One players that don't have a problem with the DRM can enjoy the game and I want CD Projekt RED to be successful. I want them to be successful the same way I want Remedy to do well with their next game.

Not really sure how to feel about this issue, but at least they are on the PC and PS4 as well.

BattleTorn1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Well, aren't you just a breathe of fresh air!! +

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