Destiny: Graphics Are Different from Platform to Platform

NowGamer: Bungie president Harold Ryan says the 'graphics are different, platform to platform' for Destiny.

What isn't clear is whether this means between the PS4 and Xbox One (as is asked in the question Ryan's responding to) or between the next-gen and current gen versions.

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US8F1587d ago

That's good. Ps4 graphics vs. Xbox one graphics. May the best one win.

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Mystogan1587d ago

They didn't say it was the PS4 lol.

They obviously meant from the current generation (360/PS3) compared to the next (One/PS4).

The X1 and PS4 have comparable power.

mario191587d ago

Omg mystogan. You are very defensive. You used all your bubbles up posting the same thing

thechosenone1587d ago

XB1 is sporting a weaker GPU, will only use 6 out 8 cores the other two will go to OS/Kinect; will only use 5 of the 8GB of RAM for games the rest will be taken by OS.

TRUTHFACT: MS having eSRAM yield problems on Xbox One, RUMOR:downclocking GPU

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Caffo011587d ago

comparable doesn't mean equal.. :P

Montrealien1587d ago

After last gen being completly dominated by the WII in sales, are we really gonna start thinking that 2% power difference (completly made up number, but you get the point) is going to make a difference? come on people, we are better than that.

AngelicIceDiamond1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

OMG these dense ass fanboys...

The PS4 maybe 50% faster so lets make it sound like it will be night and day PS1 graphics X1 vs PS4 graphics super duper high end graphics.


"The graphics are different, obviously, platform to platform."

From platform to platform use your your little brains this is a current and next gen game geniuses. So I would expect the game to look different and better on next gen consoles on X1 and PS4 than on PS3 and 360.

You can insert this same statement here regarding Watchdogs. "The graphics are different, obviously, platform to platform."

Whaaat? Reeeally? Oh yeah that's right Watch dogs engine designed to be scalable just like Destiny's.

baby steps fanboys, baby steps.

And its obvious a misleading headline for more hits. No where in his statement did he say PS4 will look different, nor imply look better than the X1.

You can mold and sculpt any kind of fanboy logical fiction you you all want. Its a misleading title.

@bzdine "Tretton said that during one of his post e3 interviews. Destiny looks better on PS4, most powerful and easy to develop for."

OMG did Sony really say that? You'd give in to any PR by Sony. Well damn MS said the same thing about its games also.

So it has to be true right, Right? Why in the world would Sony say otherwise?

Fanboys don't know nothing, nothing at all...

MysticStrummer1587d ago

"Fanboys don't know nothing, nothing at all..."

You just said fanboys know something.

; )

BallsEye1586d ago

Yep, but of course sony fanboys want to believe it's about ps4. How disappointed they'll be. You guys are making fools of yourselves. This site became hilarious.

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UNGR1587d ago

It's the game that matters, not the graphics. When did graphics matter? Sure they're nice, but it's all about gameplay. I would rather have both versions be functional than be pretty.

SpinalRemains1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Me too, man.

Hey if you want to play a fantastic-playing game, download Vanquish from the PSN store if you haven't played it yet. Its free and its a total pisser to play. Very fluid and all around fun.

It has the perfect mixture of character cheese and great gameplay. Now it's free :-D

Why o why1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Not for me....if that was the case I wouldn't be spending money on a new systems. If I didn't want better graphics, amongst every other improvement, I would of stuck with the ps2 and many wouldn't be talking about next gen consoles.

Graphics alone don't make a game but they sure as h*ll improve many of them. Good graphics + physics + story better than only having 2 of the 3 depending on the game type obviously.

Montrealien1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

having a comment like that get 4 dissagrees and 0 agrees reminds me how shit this N4G community can be. Lots of great people with balanced opinions, but a crap tonne of people ruled by hate.

wait I take that back, a half dozen rotten people with many accounts.

@spinal I bought Vanquishe on my 360 the day it came out, great game, glad more people can enjoy that gem. :)

@why oh Why

gameplay>story>graphics and I will takegood gameplay and good graphics over good graphics and good stroy anyday.

Why o why1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Way to miss the point montrealien. I wasn't using '>' because I wasn't putting them in any order even thought I stupidly forgot gameplay, I was just saying I would prefer all features if possible ie the last of us. Of course there are games where only gameplay is needed, tetris, puzzle fighter, or story like ico or whatever. A healthy mix of the 4 would be great. Thing is the most important improvements, from a hardware standpoint, from gen to gen are those to the physics, graphics and AI. I'm not sure where the hate or dislike for better graphics or the celebration of them is coming from. Do you still rock a crt or something....smh

Montrealien1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I was just pointing out that two together is just fine as long as gameplay is one of them.

jmac531587d ago

If I am spending $400 - $500 on a new console, I expect some damn good graphics.

hadouken0071587d ago

Graphics always matter, because no one is buying these big screen TVs with the best picture quality for Nothin, though game play is first in my book but Yeah I doubt anyone's still using an 13'' TVs or slightly larger, and nowadays any gamer has a TVs just for gaming.

jmc88881586d ago

Except you're going to have the same game, and the worst looking one is on the Xbox One which happens to be more expensive.

At least you'll be able to see that's it looks poorer only if your and MS's internet is working, and Microsoft via the Kinect will be able to tell if you're happy or not.

BLAKHOODe1586d ago

Graphics are the backbone of modern gaming. Why do you think next-gen consoles have so much RAM? The majority of it is for graphics. That's why we pay hundreds of $$$ to have the latest consoles.

Don't get me wrong - game play and innovation is important, too, but you can get that playing old NES games.

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MizTv1587d ago

Is this game on pc?
If not I think the best version will be ps4

torchic1587d ago

they are "considering" a PC version

Simon_Brezhnev1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Probably means between PS4 to PS3 in the interview.

s8anicslayer1587d ago

And being that they showed the game running on the PS4 I'm guessing that it looks better on the PS4. Just a hunch

Heartnet1587d ago

It will look identical if the developers are smart economically..

THere is little point creating 2 seperate versions of the game for near enough same spec Console, as it would be a waste of money unless Sony paid em to do it.

They probz means for current and next gen console.

limewax1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


They won't be making separate version of the game, that would be ridiculous. They also won't look identical either.

They will optimize the code across the platforms and see what can fit into what systems, not unlike this gen where sometimes AA may be in one version but missing in another, just this time it will be a more exaggerated gap.

They never have built separate version unless they literally rebuild the game from the ground up. It's literally just optimization and turning the settings up.

Ju1586d ago

In all honesty, I don't actually care if it looks better. What I have seen so far it looks just freaking awesome. The best video I've seen was the behind curtain presentation from Bungie themselves - not so much the quality, but because it is a full hands on at Sony's "dark room":

Jump to 2:10 and listen what he's saying. Most impressive that he actually turns around and shows the world which just looks incredible.

thezeldadoth1587d ago

sony trolls. its gonna be another 5 years of looking at lens of truth articles to spot the minuscule differences between the games, with very obvious differences between the ps4/xbox one tier, and the PC.

insomnium21586d ago

Well since it was the x360 people who laughed at PS3 for the lousy ports it got and used LOT it is guaranteed that we will hear all about PS4's better graphs. Ain't payback a bi*ch?

thezeldadoth1586d ago

payback to who? I owned both consoles and haven't played either one of them in over a year. I don't know why you guys need "payback" and all that. What the hell is with this war between two mildly outdated electronic boxes.

LoveSpuds1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

"I expect multi plats to be better on the PC like they have always have with graphic settings, no limit on resolution, mods and no limit on framerate."

Who the hell mentioned PC's in this article? I have a pretty sweet gaming rig but have never felt the need to be a complete bellend and mention it in articles about consoles.

Doctor_Freeman1587d ago

"'Graphics Are Different' Between PS4 And Xbox One"

Have they ever been the same?

JohnS13131586d ago

The PS4 definitely should have the better graphics. All of that fast RAM will make a big difference.

Doctor_Freeman1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I'm sure graphics will look good, what I'm hoping for is a great all around game.

I was hoping with a new gen comes new game development philosophies, but it looks like "graphics" is still #1.

showtimefolks1586d ago

Xbox one
Xbox 360/ps3

I hope more developers actually take what each console does best and run with it, I know each developer isn't gonna get bungie sort of time and resources but I don't want to see the same exact games on every system

If ps4 is more powerful than take advantage of that

Anyway can't wait

This is borderlands with loot, much better story hopefully and a much better,bigger diverse world

RedHawkX1586d ago

ps4 already won then lol. not only will ps4 version look the best but you will be able to sell it when you are done with it or let your friends borrow it so they can get into the series and buy the game later. ps4 is the only next gen console choice. greatness awaits

Triforce0791586d ago

Problem with devs always treating microsoft and sony like their just the same is what makes most the games lackluster in my eyes they make games with lower frame rates and hardly and colour just to show better graphics and all you end up with is the same games over and over.

I really hope Wiiu just sits back and carry's on getting special 3rd party games like Beyonetta2 ect and the best 1and 2nd party support that would suit me fine i'm sick of all of EA's yearly sports games now anyway a year comes around quick these days.

fermcr1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I think they might be referring to last gen consoles and next gen consoles.

As for Destiny, I'm only interested in a PC version. I like Mouse and Keyboard for my FPS's.

Would be great if next gen consoles supported USB Keyboard and Mouse.

Triforce0791586d ago

I know they mean last and nextgen,you cant put a dx11 capable console like wiiu with lastgen ?? just i'm sick of most of these shooters and yearly sports games with updates ect these days how's about just a $20 dlc pk every year that updates all the stuff you normally get in a retail copy,and every 3 years a proper improvement in AI and graphics ect for retail ??

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Walker1587d ago

Of course, PS4 version will be better in terms of graphics !

The Meerkat1587d ago

And probably frame rate too, which is more important.

UNGR1587d ago

Hypothetical here. If, lets say, Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 60 frames per second on the PS4, and 60 frames per second on the Xbox One, which one runs at a higher frames per second? Oh that's right, they're the same. That's about as silly as a pound of lead weighing more than a pound of feathers. The only version of a game that would ever get a higher frame rate is a PC version of a very demanding game, compared to a console version. IE Battlefield 3 on the PC, VS the PS3, and 360 versions. Console wise they'll be nearly identical. If one starts getting special treatment fans of the other machine are going to be furious.

The Meerkat1587d ago

Unless when things get busy the PS4 stays at 60FPS and the XBone drops to 45FPS.

One may have torn frames etc. Look at Darkisers 1, the 360 tore frames all over the place and had lots of slow down. The PS3 was fine.

MizTv1587d ago

Is it 30 or 60 fps on ps4?

Heartnet1587d ago

@ the meerkat

u do realise they lock the framerate so it cant drop? well if the develeopr is decent.

and darksiders on ps3 was not fine xD it had issues to :P and it was because of the bad programming and not because it was to graphical immense

lots and lots of testing is done to achieve this.. aka max effects on screen possible etc

Metfanant1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


you do realize youre completely wrong about "locking" the framerate on the vast majority of games right??

look at a Digital Foundry, or Lens of Truth comparison...say what you want about each sites biases, but the hard numbers are not debatable...rarely do games (especially ones that push limits) stay locked at their target framerate...

when the game engine starts to choke (for whatever reason) you get dropped frames, or torn frames...

jmc88881586d ago

Don't forget resolutions.

PS4 will be able to keep things at or closer to 1080p.

Xbox one will have to be lower.

PS4 900/1080p at 60 FPS
One 720/900p at 30 or 60 FPS

PS4 will have better visuals with the power for a notch higher in textures.

Expect higher AA.

Expect more of the DX11 features such as tessellation.

Now if you had a PC the last four years, you know what to expect.

I once had an ATI 5850, which is more powerful than an Xbox One.

It gave me basically medium settings at 40 FPS down to 20's in Battlefield 3.

Then I got a GTX 670, and it went up to ultra at 60 FPS, at 1080p (same res as earlier) with a few slow downs to like 53 FPS.

0.8 TFLops would be a disaster. Even 1.2 pretty much is.

Remember people some PC's will push 15 TFLops this year.

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Bgibbs1587d ago

Comparable =/= the same. Sure you can compare the fact that they both have an AMD gpu with 8 gb of RAM. But when you get into the specifics of the parts used, the PS4 is the clear winner.

sashimi1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Get ready for PS4 multiplat footage representing all of gen 8.

PS4 has better and more ram fact!
PS4 has better GPU with 50% more power fact!
but they are comparable? lol

Thunderhawkxbox1587d ago

How do u know from early dev kit Microsoft could change a spec anytime they wanted so stop talking crap

Heartnet1587d ago

lol that means jack if they dont max it out 100% on every game ever.

Hell even now devs state not all the power of ps3 has been used..

I doubt early lauch titles will even reach 75%...

My Pc has more ram does that mean my copy of CoD will look better? Ofc not lol..

ps4 multiplat will look identical to the X1 as developers and publishers are smarter than people like you :) dont waste resources on petty things like that

Metfanant1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@ Thunderhawkxbox

No, MS cannot change spec at this point without setting themselves back probably a year...its WAY too far along on the game to change just about any of the major hardware components...unless of course they want to push the launch back to late 2014...


you really don't understand how games work do you??...

ALL games...i repeat ALL games use 100% of the power of both the PS3 and 360...what games do NOT use 100% of is potential...because as time goes on developers become more efficient at coding...let me explain this to you...

you have to think of the "power" of a console as a bucket...and your game is going to go inside the bucket, and its different assets (code) will be represented by the stuff you put in the bucket...if your game spills out of the bucket you will have framerate drops, and torn frames, and other performance problems

launch games: The bucket is filled with large rocks...100% of the power is being used...but its not very efficient, you cant fit a lot of large rocks in the bucket, and there is wasted potential...

2nd gen games: The bucket is filled with smaller rocks...still 100% of the power, but you've gotten better at writing your code...more rocks now fit in the same amount of power...

3rd gen games: The bucket is filled with gravel...still same 100% but you've improved greatly over even the last game...

4th gen games: The bucket is filled with sand...console still has the same power...but you've nearly maxed out the potential of the hardware...the power has not changed, but you are now able to do things that might have been thought impossible with launch or 2nd gen games...

so on and so fourth...

as for the games looking identical...they often do not look identical this generation...close, and in some cases identical..but there are often minor differences in assets and technical areas...and often there are differences in performance as well (native resolution, or framerate)...

it will be the same this generation...the Xbone will likely struggle a little bit to keep as steady of a framerate as the PS4...OR it will render at a slightly lower native resolution and be upscaled...or you can tone down lighting effects, or use less AA...or something along those lines...

nothing game breaking, but the differences will be there...

brave27heart1587d ago

Difference will be minimal on multiplats, once Naughty Dog enter the fray though...

torchic1587d ago

Naughty Dog, Polyphony, Sony Santa Monica.

take your pick.

Heartnet1587d ago

Naughty Dog yes but Polyphony are the same as the people who made forza... you can argue the details but in game footage of games are identical in terms of graphics imho

MizTv1587d ago

Playing the last of us and I keep thing what can nd do on the ps4?!

MooseWI1587d ago

Hopefully PS4.. since that's what I am getting it for, but if it's Xbox One congrats to you guys. Graphics don't move my gameplay really.

Heartnet1587d ago

THey dont on many gamers but in these parts of n4g people make it out that graphics make games... not ya know the storytelling or the design of the game..

Metfanant1587d ago

graphics dont make games...but if youre talking multiplat games then the story and gameplay is the the comparison then becomes the graphics...

if im going to plunk down $60 for a game...i want the version thats going to look/perform better...

jmc88881586d ago

No, but the difference between Xbox One and PS4 users buying the same game is this.

PS4 buyers got their system for $100 less

PS4 buyer gets better graphics

Xbox One guy gets restrictions, spying, and less...and it was all 100 percent knowable from day 1.

You're choosing crappier gameplay and paying more for it, meanwhile letting restrictions make you jump through hoops all the while Kinect is watching and laughing at you.

Personally I want to see the Kinect file for how the users mood reads the first time their console can't connect to Microsoft's Borg Queen center.

Benchm4rk1586d ago


Since when has anything been said where the ps4 will have better graphics. Yes it has more power and theoretically should have better graphics but there is no proof which one is better. How about we all just wait til next year and decide which one looks better. Cause we all know once the consoles come out there will be tons of side by side comparisons on n4g, gamespot , ign etc etc. Then you can all come back on here and actually have proof. Not that it would matter. Come november/december if there is proof the xbox version is better all you fanboys will come out and say microsoft paid them and so forth. There is no convincing fanboys