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Submitted by Zir0 966d ago | news

MS: You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One

Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb - better known as Major Nelson - has revealed that you can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One using the new HDMI-in port on the console. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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mistertwoturbo  +   966d ago
That makes sense. Plug your offline device into the always-on one.
JoGam  +   966d ago
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abzdine   966d ago | Trolling | show
DARK WITNESS  +   966d ago
so if i plug my xbox 360 into it, how then does all the TV stuff work?
The_Con-Sept  +   966d ago
Does it support the master drive add on? Or the 32X
GrieverSoul  +   966d ago
User: Xbox!
Xbone: Yes? *excited*/
User: Turn ON Xbox360.
Xbone: Ok.. *sobs*
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ShinMaster  +   966d ago
How is it different than pressing the input button on your TV remote to switch between the two?
Wenis  +   966d ago
Reminds me of this... (and we know how that ended..)

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Kleptic  +   966d ago HDMI-in port is amazing...not only can you plug in your dated can also plug a PS4 in to it...

at this point...MS should be putting that in bold text on the One's box...
wishingW3L  +   966d ago
LoL worthy indeed. LooooL
EVILDEAD360  +   966d ago
@ Griever. LMAO + Funny BUBZ

OT. H3ll Yeah! I saw that interview and didn't really catch that at all.

If this really is true that I can plug my current 360 until the back of my ONE and get the UI and overlay like it was actually on the console then MS literally just solved the hole backwards compatibility issue.

Not only that now they are hinting at the PC as well? Which would be absolutely bananas if they one upped Steam box at launch.

It would be3 crazy if the Xbox One had some sort of Multi HDMI-IN adapter that allowed your cable box, your 360, and your PC/LAPTOP to be plugged in and used at will through voice like they showed at the reveal.

THAT would actually be revolutionary for a console.

We will see if this really comes true.

SecondSon  +   966d ago
You plug an Xbox One into the back of your Xbox One and continue plugging in more Xbox Ones until you reach the Microsoft office where they will plug in a emulation machine that is a 360 with live TV!

Of course the latency lag would add up till it takes an hour for the live broadcast to reach your screen so it won't be live and the 360 won't run games without a disc so you will need to post your games to Microsoft so they can place them in your 360 and they won't let you put your hands on your games again.

You will also need to make sure that all your HDMI cable extender Xbox Ones are connected to a working internet connection for DRM purposes!
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Gamer1982  +   966d ago
Only point of plugging 360 into Xbone is to save on a HDMI slot on your TV.
Foliage  +   966d ago
Get ready for Kinect +
justastranger10  +   966d ago
Bad ass. 360 BC Hdmi in. Very cool.
SilentNegotiator  +   966d ago
"If this really is true that I can plug my current 360 until the back of my ONE and get the UI and overlay like it was actually on the console then MS literally just solved the hole backwards compatibility issue"

That's like saying that Ps4's lack of BC is solved by having a Ps3 -_-
Kevin ButIer  +   966d ago
OMG game changer! One day One confirmed, cannot wait to plug my 360 there just to say:


malokevi  +   966d ago
Thats so sick. I was actually thinking about this a few months back... now that its confirmed, cool!

I wonder if there is a way to have more than one device through the HDMI in? If I had to choose between my 360, my DVR, and my PS4, I would probably opt for the PS4.

But, it would be great if I didn't have to choose.

I wonder if the Xbox would listen to the command "Xbox, play PS4"... *SYSTEM ERROR, SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE INITIATED*
vikingland1  +   966d ago
I agree this is a good feature. It would give you an extra HDMI port. My TV only has 3 HDMI inputs. But no matter what features the xbox one has the sony fans are going to try to down play as useless or dumb. If this Feature was on the PS4 it would be cool also because I could plug my PS3 into my PS4 and free up an HDMI input. It is a neat feature.
Gohadouken  +   966d ago
It is a feature ... but you guys sounds more like desperately trying to find positive stuff , when it's neutral , at best .

I mean are you guys serious ? You can find a 10-15 dollars hdmi switch in every electronic store , or 35 for some fancy one with 4-6 ports . And that's with at least some warranty it wont induce much input lag .

And the rest is done by smart tvs . But no as long as people aint in awe , you'll call them shills and trolls
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malokevi  +   966d ago
" But no as long as people aint in awe , you'll call them shills and trolls "


Shills and trolls? Where, pray, did any Xbox supporter call you that?

Pot... kettle... black. The only ones around here charging anyone as "shill" or "employee" are the Sony vultures that wouldn't admit Xbox had cool features if it could launch you into space.

Suddenly our enthusiasm for what is bound to be an awesome piece of hardware is a serious threat to you... I wonder why that is? Hmmm?

"desperately trying to find positive stuff"

This is genuinely cool, and something I have been curious about. I enter the article, surprised by the headline, express my honest opinions in the comments... and you interpret that as me calling you a troll?

What a sad, limited perspective you seem to have. Rife with hypocrisy, you are. Cynical, you seem to be.

Nobody's trying to sell you on anything. Its pretty clear that the people around here have long since made up their minds, and wont be persuaded by any amount of great software/features.

I'm merely happy to put in a good word where it is deserved, before a bunch of cynical Sony fanboys come storming in yelling about how "xbone is totes lame and DRM iz way ghey.... yada yada".

Yeah, we get it... you all hate Xbox and Microsoft. How about instead of trolling the boards like a bunch of little boys brimming with teen angst, why not take to the Sony comments and expressing support for their console/games?

Or is what Xbox is offering so good that you feel obligated to come in here and trash it to make up for the shortcoming of your chosen platform? Or is Playstation's offering so weak that there is no enthusiasm for it?

My money is on teen angst.
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Death  +   966d ago
Yes, it is much better to get up and switch the HDMI or buy an adapter for more money. As stated above, if this was a PS4 feature, the XboxOne would get another $40 tagged to it's price since the PS4 did it for free. Gotta love it.
JokesOnYou  +   966d ago
Gohadouken, Are you serious? the first top 3 posts are sonyfanboys trolling....NO this is not like the invention of the wheel but you can bet if this was about the ps4 there would be a bunch of high five-ing going on. Instead what we have are sonyfanboys showing their envy as more positive info is released about X1.

On topic this is a nice addition to keep my 360 revelant for a bit longer under my hdtv.
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nukeitall  +   966d ago

It means you can instantly switch from an Xbox 360 game to a Xbox One game. It also means you get all the benefits of Xbox One multi tasking, including Skype usage, matchmaking in the background and so on.

You can't really do that with a switch, which by the way is a clumsy way of adding inputs to your TV.

But I'm sure you weren't interrested in the first place to take the time to learn.
CCninja86  +   966d ago
Agreed, it is a good feature for people that don't want/don't care about the new features of Xbox One, but like the new look of the UI. This doesn't really bother me anyway as I am going to be getting an Xbox One and keeping my Xbox 360 at the same time, but at least there is some form of BC for the people that are really that desperate.
SniperControl  +   966d ago

Dude I am 100% sure that I can find you and HDMI extender bar cheaper than $499.
avengers1978  +   966d ago
If it only has one HDMI in you have to make a choice, do you want to plug your cable box in and do all the TV stuff, or your 360 to play that...
blacktiger  +   966d ago
a_squirrel  +   966d ago
You can also plug a PS3 into the Xbox One... Anything with HDMI Out can be 'plugged into' the Xbox One.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   966d ago
The choice is hard!

kinder is all in one btw!.
s8anicslayer  +   966d ago
Hryb tackled other thorny subjects such as how long Xbox One game licenses - your new Xbox games library - will last for. Will they outlive the Xbox One?

"We haven't even started this generation so it's kind of early to talk about the end of the generation. That's certainly something that we would not do," he said, referencing ending support at the end of the generation. "That's not the way the system is designed - it's designed for flexibility. Let's get this system out there first."

Shouldn't they have an answer on that by now? I mean are you kidding me? The possibility of buying a game and it expiring come the following gen is retarded and anyone who is willing to "Jump in" on the Xbone without knowing every tidbit in complete detail is a damn bafoon!
RavageX  +   966d ago
I don't understand why this company has so much trouble with giving straight answers to questions.

We STILL don't know who these "retailers" are that will buy your used games or whatever.

HOW do you get to play your games if your account is banned? Is the license on your account released or something? EXPLAIN.

The talk about the One's UI being accessible with the HDMI "feature" isn't clarified either.

"He stopped short of explaining why you'd want to do that, but the inference from the question was that you might want to use the Xbox One UI, or perhaps make use of its multi-tasking while playing."

That sounds like a guess if I've ever heard one.
S_C  +   966d ago
I thought MS were marketing the xbox one as the ONE box for your living room, i guess not. PS4 on pre order ;)
BABYLEG  +   966d ago
Humorous, you are not
S_C  +   965d ago
what are you talking about Humorous ?, watch their reveal conference, listen to insten to interviews thats exactly how they are marketing it. before you go on about me being a ps fanboy or any other rubbish like that i own a 360
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CCninja86  +   966d ago
*facepalm* by plugging your Xbox 360 into your Xbox One using the new [HDMI In], you get to continue playing all your games and continue playing with the existing features on the Xbox 360. You do not make your Xbox 360 always online by plugging it into the Xox One, the Xbox One simply acts as a pass-through so that you can play your existing Xbox 360 games with the existing Xbox 360 features, but with the new Xbox One UI. For a more detailed explanation, read this article:
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mossman  +   966d ago
The downside, of course, is that you are still running two gaming systems in your entertainment area -- and you can't play the X360 without running both systems at the same time, sucking up twice the power when only half of it is needed.

The big advantage is that TVs have limited HDMI ports, and a lot of devices can only connect via HDMI. So this helps that congestion problem.
brave27heart  +   965d ago
Are we really that lazy that instead of people getting off the sofa and changing the lead in the back of the tv we'd rather run a second console at the same time?

Im guessing the people who think this is a good think are either still living with their parents and dont pay the electricity bill or have too much money to throw away to care about the environmental impact of needlessly running two consoles.
rainslacker  +   965d ago
Unless you can actually control the 360 through that connection it seems like you're just adding another layer onto the UI of the 360.

I mean, will the X1 pause the 360 game for you? Will it allow you to jump to other menus on the 360 for multi-tasking purposes? If you decide to instantly switch to a X1 game, does the 360 game pause, and automatically switch controllers...or do you have to put the 360 one day, then pick up the X1 controller?

From the description, it just acts as a pass through. You will still need your 360 controller. I imagine you will still need a separate Kinect...since that seems to be so awesome now.

I guess it's useful if you want to retain some of the features on the X1 while playing on your 360, but realistically you could plug in your PS3, PS4, Wii U, or any device with HDMI out to retain those features.
EaziG  +   966d ago
What would happen if you plugged the PS4 into it?
...No seriously.
condemmedman  +   966d ago
You would be able to have the best games at e3 on the Sony ps4 lol
TheGrimReaper0011  +   965d ago
Considering that it is would just send a video signal like any other HDMI, I think it would work as well. I mean, how can the Xbox One know which system is connected via the hdmi? Imagine if there is also a command for that.
Xbox, PS4 on! =P
Nah, if it has voice commands, it'll probably be like
Xbox, secondairy system
KwietStorm  +   966d ago
Daisy chaining is so next gen.
mistecheese  +   966d ago

file:///C:/Documents%20and%20 Settings/Kevin/My%20Documents/M y%20Pictures/Yo%20dawg.bmp
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Coltrane_C  +   966d ago
@Mister You Win Sir...Take a bow
Relientk77  +   966d ago


if you plug your 360 into the Xbox One, it probably like explodes lol
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SDS Gamerfiend  +   966d ago
wastedcells  +   966d ago
Will my 360 have DRM and no used games ?
Jockamo  +   966d ago
So what happens when you plug two Xbox Ones into each other...??
MRMagoo123  +   966d ago
they join and become close to the specs of the ps4
TheGrimReaper0011  +   965d ago
Omg! Imagine what happens when you just hook like a 100! They would get a mind of their own and destroy the world! =P
VaporCell  +   966d ago
Yo dawg I heard you like playing Xbox, so we plugged an xbox on your xbox so you can get your privacy violated while you play.
infamousinfolite  +   966d ago
"THE XBOX ONE FEAT. XBOX 360 (product sold separately)"
BABYLEG  +   966d ago
Sold separately? Every single person I know, that my friends know, and people that those friends friend know, whether gamer or not.. Has an Xbox 360.

dont let the internet fool you children. Xbox Will win next Gen solely because of the US. Dont let 100k fanboys speak for a country. Thing is, America loves Xbox. Sit and let it sink in. Just like Japan loves Nintendo.

Europe's a toss up. Poor Sony, no place to call home. Africa maybe, they wont have to worry about being connected. But dont expect to sell too many games
gameonbro   966d ago | Spam
millzy102  +   965d ago
this is microsofts answer to backwards compatibility, plug a box into another box that needs to be connected to a tv subscription box then plunged into the internet, though it was ment to be an all in one entertainment centre, there's 4 boxes involved including modem.
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Cueil  +   965d ago
Using that analogy it's their answer to playing your PS4 games on the Xbone
gameonbro   965d ago | Spam
mmj  +   965d ago
"How is it different than pressing the input button on your TV remote to switch between the two?"

You can say "Xbox on" or whatever and impress the IRL friends you don't have.
solidt12  +   965d ago
it has hdmi in on it. you can plug anything in it. I can plug a PS3 in it too.
Dannehkins  +   966d ago
So you can plug it in but he doesn't give any explanation as to why someone would want to do that...

Come again?
Software_Lover  +   966d ago
Xbox one overlay on the 360? You can also plug in your ps3 and ps4 or whatever else you want to. All Kinect features there. You can skype while playing a ps3/ps4 game. Multiple uses.

Sounds some. But it's there none the less.
NeoTribe  +   966d ago
So the cool features that xbox one does have are useless? Interesting.... Man now that I know I can uselessly plug stuff into my xbo one im gonna have to cancel my ps4 preorder. What an epic feature. Ty Microsoft for caring!
T2  +   966d ago
So instead of plugging all my devices into my yamaha av/receiver, and control it with my logitech harmony remote, I could plug a device into my xbone, and do what exactly?? say "xbox auxillary port?" How is this feature in any way useful?
rainslacker  +   965d ago
But the overlay isn't on your 360. It's on your TV. The 360 will still have it's own UI that you have to go through, and you'd still have to control your 360 through the means available now to control it.

I mean, I guess it's an option and all...I just think he missed the point of the question. I think it was meant more along the lines of the Xbox Mini rumors that came out a while ago, where you could use the 360 using the X1's interface/features. Maybe not though. That video annoyed me because I kept looking at that thing on his head.

OT but if you want to be taken seriously, it's best not to have a dead animal on your head and act like a buffoon.
Rainstorm81  +   966d ago
I guess to have the ability to play something game related if you have no internet, or fake backward compatability.

All i know is Xbox One is looking less and less like the All in One device its advertised to be...(X360, Cable Box, external HDD.etc)
OpenGL  +   966d ago
There's no real reason other than to access Xbox One features with your Xbox 360 game running. The reality though is the HDMI input will probably introduce a lot of extra input lag like Google TV, so you would never actually want to plug another console into the Xbox One.
Jdoki  +   966d ago
I suspect it's just for daisy chaining HDMI devices.

So if your TV / Amp runs out of HDMI ports (for example if you have a PS4 connected ;) ) you could just chain your 360 through the XBOne instead of having to unplug devices.

Edit: And it could also have functions like many electronic company's add where devices 'talk' to each other - so for example I can control a Sony TV and amp through one remote. Controlling the 360 via XBOne is definitely feasible - especially if the new controller could work with the 360 via this - saves having two controllers / headsets around.
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malokevi  +   966d ago
Lol christ, you people are so set in your ways that you don't know a good thing when you see it.

Basically, you won't have to switch inputs. You want to access your TV/Xbox360/PS4, issue a voice command and BOOM, instant switching, no waiting, no controller.

Absolutely necessary? No! A nice feature... yes.
theoneb   966d ago | Trolling | show
christian hour  +   966d ago
Malokevi we can do that already, its called hitting source button on your remote control to switch the source on your tv or 5.1 decoder, and it happens instantly also :)

Or if you're fortunate enough to have a brand new Smart TV you can switch sources using motion gestures and, possibly, (I'm not too savvy on SmartTV's right now) using voice commands. If it's not a feature in smart tvs now, it will be down the line. In fact, (or it might just be my opinion, I honestly am an Idiot :P) everything microsoft showed the xbone doing is something smart tvs will be doing eventually, and at some point smart tvs will be cheap and available for everyone when they're replaced by whatever comes next.

I just don't see the point of it in a gaming console. And if getting an extra HDMI-in is some sort of blessing in disguise for those lacking extra HDMI ports in their tv, you know you can get a hdmi hub for cheaper than 499?

edit: @theoneb haha you beat me to it :)
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malokevi   966d ago | Immature | show
aLucidMind  +   966d ago
Dafuq? You responded to your own comment and directly disagreed with and insulted yourself lmao.
NeoTribe  +   966d ago
We understand you can talk to the xbox. Im not willing to give up my consumer freedoms for a cheap lazy mans gimmick. People act is if pressing the input button on your tv remote is such a time consumer. Lazy corporate American company at its best...
meatnormous  +   966d ago
My Onkyo amp switches automatically when I turn a device on. I don't need a 500.00 device to switch inputs for me.
T2  +   966d ago
@meatnormous - hey my yamaha amp does that too, i just realized the other day, every time I turn on the ps3, it switches everything over automatically, boom! xbone you were almost relevant......... 6 months too late i guess...
Cueil  +   965d ago
people don't want convenience!! Who are you to throw logic in the face of blind loyalty!!
airgangstarr  +   966d ago
they dont give a explanation about much an its why people are so pissed we have a new used game policy but we wont tell u how it work etc etc
CaEsAr-  +   966d ago
yo dawg, we heard you like xbox so we put an xbox over your xbox.
KwietStorm  +   966d ago
Lmao dammit I thought that meme was done with
UNGR  +   966d ago
Ok, but why would I do that? What's the advantage? Don't tell me I can just so I can say I did it, it's rather pointless. Will it bolster 360 games somehow? Will it give the 360 the X1 UI? What's the bonus besides freeing up an HDMI port in my TV? I can already see the "You can play an Xbox, in an Xbox, in an Xbox, Xbox-inception!" Memes.

CaEsAr beat me to the meme, I knew it would happen.
#4 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
KillrateOmega  +   966d ago
I imagine it's so that one wouldn't have to switch imputs, creating a fake, perverse form of BC. If you want to play a 360 game, you just have the One switch to the 360.
#4.1 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
UNGR  +   966d ago
You couldn't even call it fake backwards compatibility. It's straight up not backwards compatible. I really can't see the benefit, it can't make the games better, it's just an HDMI connection, it might have a UI overlay that could do extra things with an update, maybe, but I doubt it. I'd like to see the benefit of this, otherwise it's just a "look what you can do" kinda of deal with no real impact, or improvement.
noncompos  +   966d ago
I think that no matter what the input is you have through HDMI in, you can split the screen between HDMI in and Xbox1. So I could play 360 games while Im being matched in an X1 game. Or vice versa. I could watch a tv program (unlikely) and play 360 or X1 games during commercials. All within the X1 ui. There are some nice benefits imo. Still not sure if it justifies all the other bs.
#4.1.2 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
KillrateOmega  +   966d ago
Yeah, man. That was the best that I could come up with atm; otherwise, I'm in the same boat as you: I don't see a clear and significant benefit to it.
#4.2 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   966d ago
Isnt that somewhat necrophilia ?
InTheLab  +   966d ago
Plug a superior product into an inferior one? How backwards can MS get?
sashimi  +   966d ago
2 xbox on at the same time..because our electric bills aren't high enough already.
#7 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
SecondSon  +   966d ago
Just wait for Xbox 2 and 3 Then you can plug all of them in to one another while they form a console **cktrain around your living room!
aiBreeze  +   966d ago
But you can't unplug your kinect device and still have the Xbox One working..F-A-I-L
NeoTribe  +   966d ago
Krosis  +   966d ago
Wow I remember when that word was cool.
Bathyj  +   966d ago
I assumed you could plug anything with HDMI into it. even a Ps4.
grimmweisse  +   966d ago
Lol! Pretty sure Xbox One will self destruct with that command!
hesido  +   966d ago
On a serious note, I think Xbox One would add some latency to the input, so I wouldn't connect any gaming console to it.
Hadoukameha  +   966d ago | Funny
Maybe you'll get an Achievment for it; "Fool Me Twice."
a_adji  +   966d ago
Comment of the month :-)
NeoTribe  +   966d ago
Epic comment. Ten dollars Microsoft hands out tons of gamer points just for buying there garbage console.
Jakens  +   966d ago
Where the points don't matter.
ziggurcat  +   966d ago
@ jakens:

and nobody wins.
marchinggamer  +   966d ago
Sounds good
ginsunuva  +   966d ago
Too bad no one's buying a One
Themba76  +   966d ago
wow this so called console is starting to look more complex than most pc's. I mean c'mon the reason behind a console is simplicity.

step1: plug console into tv

step2: put game in console

step3: play game

I mean c'mon sony gets it nintendo gets it. Why is microsoft trying to be something that it isn't. I mean that is the worst thing you can do in life in general. It's like a nerd trying to be a wanna be gangsta.
#12 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
malokevi  +   966d ago
You forgot to plug your console into the wall, tool.
#12.1 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   966d ago
Why don't you unplug the Xbox from your anus and stop defending them like your flesh and blood. Nowhere near necessary.
#12.1.1 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
NeoTribe  +   966d ago
Exactly. Xbox one is like steams retarded brother.
MRMagoo123  +   966d ago
the ONE that lives in the attic/loft (delete as applicable depending on which country you live)
#12.2.1 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
dazzrazz   966d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
from the beach  +   966d ago
Need more info on what happens when you do, but yeah..

Don't keep that powder too dry MS.
coolbeans  +   966d ago
The only thing that went through my mind upon reading this: "Can you imagine those two bundled?"
TheGrimReaper0011  +   965d ago
The size of the box would be gigantic!
And that would be 700? 800 dollars?
Belking  +   966d ago
This is actually cool.
CalibriSerif  +   966d ago
For what? Why cant Microsoft directly tell us the reason? Is the answer coming in the next few months also?
MRMagoo123  +   966d ago
They havent got that far into the plan yet , prob still talking it over as to why anyone would want to do that lmao MS is just a joke at the moment. I am guessing they will tell ppl that if you combine the xbone with the 360 then add that to the "infinite power" of the cloud it will turn into a super pc that can control games with telepathy
willjoea  +   966d ago
And we can do it without having to spin in a circle three times and ask 'Mary may I '. Wow how nice of you Microsoft.
eclectified  +   966d ago
You can play one of those silly kinect games (like the one with the raft) on the 360 while you take a video call on the one!

If you got some kind of hdmi splitter could you watch tv while playing ps4?
Benchm4rk  +   966d ago
I made a comment a couple of weeks ago in a thread saying that it would be possible to plug the 360 into the ONE and people laughed and the disagrees came flooding in. Whos Laughing Now huh lol
JamieL  +   966d ago
They don't care man. It doesn't matter what the XBone can do, they already messed up by making an internet connection mandatory, and the used games thing. It doesn't matter if it completely changes and revolutionizes the way we play games they will still say how bad it sucks and how much better Sony is for repeating the same thing gen after gen after gen.
Benchm4rk  +   966d ago
Yeah its obvious they don't. Just look at my comment above. People still clicked disagree. To the ones who disagreed tell me what is it that you are disagreeing too. Are you disagreeing to the fact that I made a comment about connecting the 360 to the ONE. Check my comment history its there. Or are you disagreeing about being able to connect the 360 to the ONE. Read the headline. This whole thread is about connecting the 360 to the ONE. So why click disagree. Instead of being blind ass fanboys and clicking disagree cause a comment speaks about something other than the PlayStation. Why not try being intelligent or at least acting as such and read and think about a comment before just blindly clicking the disagree button when in fact there is no logical statement in my comment that warrants a disagree. If I was to say the Xbox ONE is better than the PS4 then yes that is a comment where you can voice your own opinion and disagree and sing to the high heavens against it. But if I was to say last night I played my Xbox or Sony then there is no reason to disagree. Cause who are you too know what I did and didn't do. Can you see the difference. END OF RANT
Imalwaysright  +   966d ago
So what happens if a 360 RRODs when plugged to a Xbone? Does anyone know if the RROD is an infectious desease?
T2  +   966d ago
yes I think it is an STD of some kind... if you plug your 360 into the BACK end of your xbone, bad things WILL happen.
k2d  +   966d ago
Thats awsome. Thats the new xbox mantra.

So connected - you'll catch STDs.
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LKHGFDSA  +   966d ago
Their solution for backwards compatibility.
LKHGFDSA  +   966d ago
Can I use it to play PS4?
greedybear88  +   966d ago
haha brilliant :)
LKHGFDSA  +   966d ago
"You will always have access to the games you've purchased.

To which the interviewer commented: "Yay."

To which Hryb replied: "Yay - really? Come on! You had to expect that."

Unless you lend it to someone though.
solidboss07  +   966d ago
Ha ha haaaaa. Great, Sony go for an energy efficient console with dedicated hardware to perform tasks such as downloading, and charging of USB connected peripherals and devices, while the beautifully sleek PS4 is on standby.
In complete contrast Microsoft want everything powered by electricity in the home to be connected to the XBone, and always on, burning Kilowatts - or judging from the immense Bulk of XBone Gigawatts - of energy.
You could not make this stuff up.
strigoi814  +   966d ago
If they can do that as a host. Then im pretty sure i can connect any device on it
H3ADWOUND81  +   966d ago
Can I connect my toaster?I want hd toast...
Morgue  +   966d ago
My Xbone is connected to my, hip bone.
Stoppokingme  +   966d ago
My hip bone is connected to my iPhone...
Morgue  +   966d ago
My Xbone is connected to... Wait. I don't have the Internet.
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greedybear88  +   966d ago
"whoop de doo Basil"
a_adji  +   966d ago
This is so dumb because my 360 will still have to be on in order for the xboxone to stream or access it's content so why dont I just turn it on and plug it into my TV and be done? why have both devices on?

grimmweisse  +   966d ago
Don't fall for this shit! MS is trying to use misdirection so they can keep the spotlight off the DRM issues. Sure it's a feature, but nothing to brag about or change people's mind.

And he needs to stop with that "join us in the future pose" it's ridiculous. He done that same nonsense with Angry Joe when pushed with difficult questions. Answer the questions, don't use some shitty gesture that even a 5 year old wont fall for!

He definitely needs more media training.
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