MS: You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One

Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb - better known as Major Nelson - has revealed that you can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One using the new HDMI-in port on the console.

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mistertwoturbo1526d ago

That makes sense. Plug your offline device into the always-on one.

JoGam1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


abzdine1526d ago Show

so if i plug my xbox 360 into it, how then does all the TV stuff work?

The_Con-Sept1526d ago

Does it support the master drive add on? Or the 32X

GrieverSoul1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

User: Xbox!
Xbone: Yes? *excited*/
User: Turn ON Xbox360.
Xbone: Ok.. *sobs*

Wenis1526d ago

Reminds me of this... (and we know how that ended..)

Kleptic1526d ago HDMI-in port is amazing...not only can you plug in your dated can also plug a PS4 in to it...

at this point...MS should be putting that in bold text on the One's box...

wishingW3L1526d ago

LoL worthy indeed. LooooL

EVILDEAD3601526d ago

@ Griever. LMAO + Funny BUBZ

OT. H3ll Yeah! I saw that interview and didn't really catch that at all.

If this really is true that I can plug my current 360 until the back of my ONE and get the UI and overlay like it was actually on the console then MS literally just solved the hole backwards compatibility issue.

Not only that now they are hinting at the PC as well? Which would be absolutely bananas if they one upped Steam box at launch.

It would be3 crazy if the Xbox One had some sort of Multi HDMI-IN adapter that allowed your cable box, your 360, and your PC/LAPTOP to be plugged in and used at will through voice like they showed at the reveal.

THAT would actually be revolutionary for a console.

We will see if this really comes true.


SecondSon1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You plug an Xbox One into the back of your Xbox One and continue plugging in more Xbox Ones until you reach the Microsoft office where they will plug in a emulation machine that is a 360 with live TV!

Of course the latency lag would add up till it takes an hour for the live broadcast to reach your screen so it won't be live and the 360 won't run games without a disc so you will need to post your games to Microsoft so they can place them in your 360 and they won't let you put your hands on your games again.

You will also need to make sure that all your HDMI cable extender Xbox Ones are connected to a working internet connection for DRM purposes!

Gamer19821526d ago

Only point of plugging 360 into Xbone is to save on a HDMI slot on your TV.

justastranger101526d ago

Bad ass. 360 BC Hdmi in. Very cool.

SilentNegotiator1526d ago

"If this really is true that I can plug my current 360 until the back of my ONE and get the UI and overlay like it was actually on the console then MS literally just solved the hole backwards compatibility issue"

That's like saying that Ps4's lack of BC is solved by having a Ps3 -_-

Kevin ButIer1526d ago

OMG game changer! One day One confirmed, cannot wait to plug my 360 there just to say:



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malokevi1526d ago

Thats so sick. I was actually thinking about this a few months back... now that its confirmed, cool!

I wonder if there is a way to have more than one device through the HDMI in? If I had to choose between my 360, my DVR, and my PS4, I would probably opt for the PS4.

But, it would be great if I didn't have to choose.

I wonder if the Xbox would listen to the command "Xbox, play PS4"... *SYSTEM ERROR, SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE INITIATED*

vikingland11526d ago

I agree this is a good feature. It would give you an extra HDMI port. My TV only has 3 HDMI inputs. But no matter what features the xbox one has the sony fans are going to try to down play as useless or dumb. If this Feature was on the PS4 it would be cool also because I could plug my PS3 into my PS4 and free up an HDMI input. It is a neat feature.

Gohadouken1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

It is a feature ... but you guys sounds more like desperately trying to find positive stuff , when it's neutral , at best .

I mean are you guys serious ? You can find a 10-15 dollars hdmi switch in every electronic store , or 35 for some fancy one with 4-6 ports . And that's with at least some warranty it wont induce much input lag .

And the rest is done by smart tvs . But no as long as people aint in awe , you'll call them shills and trolls

malokevi1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

" But no as long as people aint in awe , you'll call them shills and trolls "


Shills and trolls? Where, pray, did any Xbox supporter call you that?

Pot... kettle... black. The only ones around here charging anyone as "shill" or "employee" are the Sony vultures that wouldn't admit Xbox had cool features if it could launch you into space.

Suddenly our enthusiasm for what is bound to be an awesome piece of hardware is a serious threat to you... I wonder why that is? Hmmm?

"desperately trying to find positive stuff"

This is genuinely cool, and something I have been curious about. I enter the article, surprised by the headline, express my honest opinions in the comments... and you interpret that as me calling you a troll?

What a sad, limited perspective you seem to have. Rife with hypocrisy, you are. Cynical, you seem to be.

Nobody's trying to sell you on anything. Its pretty clear that the people around here have long since made up their minds, and wont be persuaded by any amount of great software/features.

I'm merely happy to put in a good word where it is deserved, before a bunch of cynical Sony fanboys come storming in yelling about how "xbone is totes lame and DRM iz way ghey.... yada yada".

Yeah, we get it... you all hate Xbox and Microsoft. How about instead of trolling the boards like a bunch of little boys brimming with teen angst, why not take to the Sony comments and expressing support for their console/games?

Or is what Xbox is offering so good that you feel obligated to come in here and trash it to make up for the shortcoming of your chosen platform? Or is Playstation's offering so weak that there is no enthusiasm for it?

My money is on teen angst.

Death1526d ago

Yes, it is much better to get up and switch the HDMI or buy an adapter for more money. As stated above, if this was a PS4 feature, the XboxOne would get another $40 tagged to it's price since the PS4 did it for free. Gotta love it.

JokesOnYou1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Gohadouken, Are you serious? the first top 3 posts are sonyfanboys trolling....NO this is not like the invention of the wheel but you can bet if this was about the ps4 there would be a bunch of high five-ing going on. Instead what we have are sonyfanboys showing their envy as more positive info is released about X1.

On topic this is a nice addition to keep my 360 revelant for a bit longer under my hdtv.

nukeitall1526d ago


It means you can instantly switch from an Xbox 360 game to a Xbox One game. It also means you get all the benefits of Xbox One multi tasking, including Skype usage, matchmaking in the background and so on.

You can't really do that with a switch, which by the way is a clumsy way of adding inputs to your TV.

But I'm sure you weren't interrested in the first place to take the time to learn.

CCninja861526d ago

Agreed, it is a good feature for people that don't want/don't care about the new features of Xbox One, but like the new look of the UI. This doesn't really bother me anyway as I am going to be getting an Xbox One and keeping my Xbox 360 at the same time, but at least there is some form of BC for the people that are really that desperate.

SniperControl1526d ago


Dude I am 100% sure that I can find you and HDMI extender bar cheaper than $499.

avengers19781526d ago

If it only has one HDMI in you have to make a choice, do you want to plug your cable box in and do all the TV stuff, or your 360 to play that...

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a_squirrel1526d ago

You can also plug a PS3 into the Xbox One... Anything with HDMI Out can be 'plugged into' the Xbox One.

TRU3_GAM3R1526d ago

The choice is hard!

kinder is all in one btw!.

s8anicslayer1526d ago

Hryb tackled other thorny subjects such as how long Xbox One game licenses - your new Xbox games library - will last for. Will they outlive the Xbox One?

"We haven't even started this generation so it's kind of early to talk about the end of the generation. That's certainly something that we would not do," he said, referencing ending support at the end of the generation. "That's not the way the system is designed - it's designed for flexibility. Let's get this system out there first."

Shouldn't they have an answer on that by now? I mean are you kidding me? The possibility of buying a game and it expiring come the following gen is retarded and anyone who is willing to "Jump in" on the Xbone without knowing every tidbit in complete detail is a damn bafoon!

RavageX1526d ago

I don't understand why this company has so much trouble with giving straight answers to questions.

We STILL don't know who these "retailers" are that will buy your used games or whatever.

HOW do you get to play your games if your account is banned? Is the license on your account released or something? EXPLAIN.

The talk about the One's UI being accessible with the HDMI "feature" isn't clarified either.

"He stopped short of explaining why you'd want to do that, but the inference from the question was that you might want to use the Xbox One UI, or perhaps make use of its multi-tasking while playing."

That sounds like a guess if I've ever heard one.

S_C1526d ago

I thought MS were marketing the xbox one as the ONE box for your living room, i guess not. PS4 on pre order ;)

S_C1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

what are you talking about Humorous ?, watch their reveal conference, listen to insten to interviews thats exactly how they are marketing it. before you go on about me being a ps fanboy or any other rubbish like that i own a 360