PS4 used game instructional video passes 12M views on youtube

With over 12,648,633 views on Youtube the instructional video is breaking records left and right. The video has over 303k thumbs up, compare this to the Xbox One unveil video with 5,8M views, 50/50 split on approvals AND disabled comments. Not pretty.

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Walker1771d ago

One of the best trolls i've ever seen ! lol

Moonman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Because it's a clear, honest and very effective message from Sony. Microshade or Shaddysoft (pick one) has turned into spin doctors that can't answer a direct question without mentioning some lame "family plan" excuse. Because if their policies are not BS, why not just answer directly? Because it is some BS. :)

abzdine1771d ago

haha i can't get enough of this shit!

PS2 is back
Greatness awaits

The_Con-Sept1771d ago

Raywilliamjohnson will have this on his show for sure. You'll see that view count quickly get up to 15 million.

despair1771d ago

Shuhei must be happy :)

miyamoto1771d ago

Shu has the most infectious chinky eyes out there!

Sony PR dept sure knows how to go viral on a low budget


And cheap cheap ass gamers love it!


SpinalRemains1770d ago

Please, dude....Asian is the preferred nomenclature.

We're not talking about a guy who built the effin railroad, here.

stage881771d ago

It gets funnier every time I see it.

UNGR1771d ago

This isn't news. Hilarious video, but this particular article is not news, not even close.

grimmweisse1770d ago

Then go watch BBC news, Fox or something. You knew exactly what you clicked on when you came here.

UNGR1770d ago

So you like it when a site does exactly what it's not supposed to do? And worst of stir up hate for the videos competitor? It's flame bait, it's a troll. The video was great but the pointless article is exactly that. The first time this was posted it was news, in a sense. Now it's just pointless YouTube stats. Should I be posting how many views the Xbox conference had? How about Nyan Cat? No? Those aren't utterly pointless things to call news? You clearly don't know what news is, you seem to think Fox is a news channel. I knew what I came into, and I hoped a moderator would see it and take down the article. It's not news.

Moonman1771d ago

I just added like 10 more views. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.