A Hat In Time May Come To Wii U, Nintendo of America Interested

Gears for Breakfast:

As the Kickstarter campaign is shortly coming to an end we feel that it is necessary to clarify the Wii U situation as we know some of you are waiting to hear confirmation before backing us. We have been contacted by several companies who have expressed an interest in helping us bring the game onto the Wii U platform. However we are still in early talks with them and therefore we cannot give you a definite answer as these negotiations take months to sort out. We would like to add that people from Nintendo of America have shown an interest in our game due to your massive support!

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Eyesoffiction1801d ago

Good, i really want to see this game on wii u.

3-4-51801d ago

game looks really fun.

Reminds me of LoZ WW + Super Mario sunshine/64

Hadoukameha1801d ago

Not a fan of this game but Wii U needs games...well, beggars can't be choosers.

Smashbro291801d ago

I'm getting it on PC anyhow!

kwyjibo1801d ago

It's a shame that UDK doesn't support console platforms. Having to fork out for a full Unreal Engine license must really hurt independent console development.