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Games are usually all about the here and now, it’s never really been about the journey. The “30 seconds of fun” quote from Bungie designer Jaime Griesemer reigns true for hundreds of games. Those quick, fulfilling moments where trepidation, fluidity, anger and relief can all rush through the player multiple times in completely different games.

It’s a quote that became more famous than it probably should’ve done, but if that thirty seconds of fun shouldn’t be applied to one game then it’s The Last of Us.

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Fishermenofwar1678d ago

this game is siiiiicccccckkkkkkkkk!!!

that is all *goes to room without diner*

ceballos77mx1678d ago

I'm at my ng+ and that prologue got me again even knowing what was coming.

DrChickenII1678d ago

Truly one of the greatest intros to a game that I think I have ever played!

Xieldos1678d ago

Awesome game, really enjoyed it from start to finish. Just imagine what Naughty Dog could do on the PS4...