Square Enix Teases an “Important Announcement” for Dragon Quest X

Strangely enough there wasn't any announcement on new quests for Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online this week, but big things seem to be coming for Square Enix’s cutesy MMORPG.

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Hadoukameha1767d ago

I wish this game was for PS3...

Baka-akaB1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I wouldnt be that surprised of the announcement was a ps3 version . or even a ps4 one (i'd call it on ms platform too , but it's a mmo so quite tricky...)

Hadoukameha1767d ago

Well, here's hoping it goes Sony's way at least!

lilbroRx1767d ago

It still wouldn't come to America. Nintendo's holds the license for overseas releases.

Its also a pay to play game, so good luck if you intend to import it as well.

IcicleTrepan1767d ago

perhaps finally a north american release?

Abriael1767d ago

Unlikely, the event is in Japanese, for a Japanese audience.

grimmweisse1767d ago

Played this game for a short few months last year, and it sorely disappointed me. Even Japanese fans aren't taking to it well.

Take your average JRPG(with lots of grinding) + a generic MMO + add more insane levels of grinding = DQX. The combat can be fun at times, especially because it allows free movement. But the insane level of grinding(more so than usual), with story progress being too slow kills it for me.

I wanted this to be so much like DQ9, wishful thinking I guess.

Wolfbiker1766d ago

DQ 1-3 have something to do with X?