Killzone: Shadow Fall co-op campaign confirmed by GameStop

The only PS4 bundle on GameStop that includes an extra DualShock 4 controller is the Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle. This seems to indicate a second controller is essential for the game.

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Makasu1640d ago

Would kill for a online co-op campaign.

BiggCMan1640d ago

I don't really understand why people love co-op story modes, especially in a shooter. I much prefer that added splitscreen multiplayer so you can hop on with a buddy. The story modes of shooters, are very often only played one time, maybe twice for some trophies/achievements.

They aren't content heavy enough to warrant me playing with a buddy all the time, they are basically straight up story, and gameplay that leads up to the next cutscene.

I want to see multiplayer splitscreen, it would be much better.

cpayne931640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Just look at the recent gameplay for this, open level designs, strategic gameplay, and multiple objectives at one time. Co op would work great.

NewMonday1640d ago

this feature should be available, the PS4 supports multi-PSN ID log-in, I imagine it's for something exactly like this.

also wish Destiny and the Division can be played like this.

mi_titan271640d ago

Some of the best played Co-op campaign ive played would have to be Gears of War 2

thechosenone1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Online co-op? That would be so awesome. I'd much rather play campaign with a friend than solo.

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MizTv1640d ago

People have been asking for co-op in kz forever so I think there could be a good chance

Karpetburnz1640d ago

Nice, KZ3 had co-op campaign as well, I wish they added online co-op though.

Makasu1640d ago

Yeah, really hope they do!

gijsbrecht1640d ago

If there is indeed a co-op campaign, then I believe it's an online one. On Guerrilla Games' official site there is nothing mentioned concerning 2 players off-line. Ofcourse this can change in due time. I hope this bundle will show up in Europe also, by the way.

o-Sunny-o1640d ago

This is the best news for me! I hope both online and offline coop. ^~^

sashimi1640d ago

Fantastic news, i thoroughly enjoyed playing through Kz3 with my friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.