DFC: "The entire future of the Xbox business is in question"

Interactive entertainment research firm DFC has delivered a scathing verdict of Xbox One’s market chances in the wake of last weeks’ incredible events at E3.

In fact, it even goes as far as to question whether the scope of Xbox One’s PR failure to date could jeopardise Microsoft’s entire games operation.

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SilentGuard1556d ago

Not surprising, MS made a jack-of-all trades console but master of none. The price point alone will seriously hurt it, especially with the casuals, since casuals won't buy the most expensive console. Nobody at MS even seems to understand how their console works, we can never get a straight answer to anything. Confusing, headache inducing DRM and online restrictions combined with poor design choices show the PS4 to the more user friendly easier to understand console. MS truelly has made a mess of its Xbox brand and they better quickly fix it, even if it means postponing its release. The Wii U isn't selling well but a least Nintendo hasn't lost its core fan base. Without the support of the core Xbox fans, the One is DOA.

6DEAD6END61556d ago

This whole tv stuff that they are trying to pull with the Xbox One is not new the PSX(in Japan) tried it and so did the PS3 but no one took it seriously. I understand their version is all about multitasking but more and more people are trying to drop their cable service all together so its not going to do them any good. Plus we all know Sony will come out with an add on for the same function but it will be cheap and not forced. So M$ isnt doing themselve any good and thats not even adding all this drm used game rental crap that people are worried about. I just dont understand what they were thinking when they were desighning their box.

abzdine1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

that's good to hear!
they should adapt or gtfo the gaming industry. i advice them to start working on xbox2 from now!

PS2 is back
Greatness awaits

user55757081556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

they overcomplicated everything about their new console to the point where it seems they lost a huge chunk of their fan base.

at this point the hardcore aka the informed buyers will not deal with DRM and not having ownership of their purchases.

the casual will simply flock to the cheaper console thats is more accessible

their only buyers now are people who love new tech who will buy anything, fanboys who will lie to themselves and convince themselves that they need DRM(derpppp its the future), and the ignorant consumers who don't know what they're buying

right now they're only hope of doing well with the current policies lies in the ignorant uninformed buyers

pompombrum1556d ago

What I think will be interesting is to see how the Microsoft bigwigs react to all the negativity.. like will it effect their marketing budget? I'd expect Microsoft to be throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the marketing but with all this backlash, they could be set to lose ridiculous amounts of money if they fail to convince the general public which at this point is looking quite likely.

bicfitness1556d ago

Interesting to note (thank Neogaf for the digging), but DFC are the ones who wrote this scathing reprimand for Sony when they entered last gen with the PS3:

And they were right on almost every point. Still, Sony turned it around, but we can all admit that it wasn't easy. These DFC guys are decent analysts.

jmc88881556d ago

It's basically impossible.

Kinect will spy and exploit you on day 1 as it will year 7.

PS4 is between 50 percent and 125 percent more powerful. The gap is massive.

Their DRM policies are absolutely bs and complete unnecessary for what they are doing. You gain nothing for giving up everything.

At least with PS3 the price would eventually come down, and unlike the Xbox One had a revolutionary new disc format that allowed for HD movies that alone cost twice as much as the unit.

If you wanted a blu-ray player you were paying $850-$1000.

So you could get a PS3 AND have a blu ray for far, far less.

You don't have that advantage for Xbox One. They aren't giving you anything but low specced crap that is the ultimate spy device to exploit you, meanwhile the console only works when it decides to let you.

Microsoft's problems aren't going to go away with time...they are only going to magnify.

Hadoukameha1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

If they want to stand a chance now, go back to the drawing board andvlaunch next year. Change everything from the shitty name the the strength and features of the console. There are so many issues facing the damn thing, it'd be a fool's errand to launch that mess any time, especially against the beastly PS4.

Drakesfortune1556d ago

but just imagine how much money and resources have gone into this would be financial suicide to postpone now and go for redesign

sashimi1556d ago

Well people are always bragging that M$ has so much cash to throw, would it be more expensive than rrod?

Hadoukameha1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

It's even worse to send out a turd and keep it on life support for the better part of a decade. They may break even if they redesign, otherwise count this thing as a total loss.

longcat1556d ago

yeah, they need to take the hit on the console cause if sony gets a year head-start then its exclusive contract time for devs in trouble and MS will never recover

jmc88881556d ago

What they are doing now is an even larger financial suicide.

Oh and there's legislation in congress that might even make the Xbox One illegal.

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Moonman1556d ago

They keep talking about this "future vision". All I see is a sinking ship.

MysticStrummer1556d ago

Maybe the future vision is a tax write off.

mcstorm1556d ago

@Moonman how do you see a Sinking ship. MS are the only company growing out of the big 3 in Apple, MS and Google.

MS are far from sinking and anyone who keeps an eye on the computing world knows this.

Microsoft are not the power they were but they are far from Sinking. As for the xbox side of things I again don't think it will be a flop plus no one knows what will happen. Look at the 3DS and PSV for example. Everyone on here was saying the PSV was going to walk all over the 3DS and that Nintendo were in trouble.

We need to wait and see what happens when both consoles have had 12 to 18 months on the market and people should know this on this site from the PS3 as sales were low when it 1st came out and as the gen went on picked up.

Its the same with the WiiU at the moment people thinking the WiiU will be a flop need to look at what drives Nintendo console sales and once games like Mario Kart, Zelda, Wii Fit ect are out Nintendo console sales will pickup to just like they did on the 3DS.

Im not hitting on the PS4 in any way as it looks an amazing console but so dose the Xbox One and I have a Wiiu already and know it is an amazing console to.

One thing we all know will happen is no one knows what will happen over the next 8 or so years as the technology market is a strange and always changing place.

from the beach1556d ago

These guys should stick to frying chicken

from the beach1556d ago

I thought it was a pretty good Zinger..

CalibriSerif1556d ago

KFC! lol it's DFC but I thought its funny

Honest_gamer1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

urban dictionary xbox one, this is golden

1) Micro$oft's newest gaming console. Side effects include: Kinect requirements, vomiting, diarrhea, required internet connectivity, upset stomach, acute homosexuality, paying to play used games, big brother watching you while you sleep, itching, loss of sleep, regret, DRM, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, homoerotic thoughts, mutations, loss of memory, guilt, shame, loss of social status, poverty, expired milk, rape, gender confusion, identity theft, pedophilia, the FBI at your door, Chris Hansen at your door, cancer all over, 25 years in jail, divorce, antisemitism, communism, herpes, failure in life, an inverted penis, autism, skynet, gonorrhea, daddy issues, irritable bowel syndrome, death, and squirrel AIDS. By purchasing this console, you are effectively signing a contract with Satan, Hitler, Cthulu, Nickelback, and Obama saying that you're a Jew and you hate babies and kittens.

2) Not the PS4. Which lets you trade games and doesn't dream about raping you while you sleep.


Serg1556d ago

I disagree, Skynet is more advanced and futuristic in every way.

This VCRbomination is not Skynet.

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